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  1. Could last patches affect this? 🤔 I delivered all his orders and got him maxed out before last couple of patches. He has no lost cargo nor prepper orders.
  2. The road goes from South Lake Knot City to Lake Knot City on the right, and near Craftsman it makes a turn and goes across the left side till Mountain Knot City.
  3. I haven't heard anything about it so far yet ):
  4. This list is for the Prologue (full title -> 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Prologue) which serves as sort of a demo (paid demo though - available in Japan since tomorrow), letting you play first 3 hours of the game (as far as I've read). I'm actually surprised they put trophies for the prologue. The actual, full game, is rumoured to be released this fall in Japan. I'll be getting a physical edition of the prologue because it comes with mini-OST and mini-artbook, but it'll arrive only next month :/
  5. You need to level the green fairy to level 12 and go sit somewhere (i.e. in the Royal chapel) and she will sing once you wait a bit.
  6. Regarding 2 Richter's boss fight trophies - it is done in 1 playthrough; if you don't equip the Holy Glasses and defeat Richter, you'll get the bad end, but it's not a game over. Once credits finish rolling and you're back on the game screen, just load your save and equip the glasses and fight him again. Just remember that you should hit the green orb and not Richter, otherwise you'll get the bad end again 😅 You'll need 2 playthroughs for the platinum though, one for Alucard (all SotN trophies except one) and one for Richter (Shafted trophy).
  7. The Vita part is exactly why I didn't do it yet - I wanted to play on both PS4 and Vita as it's cross-buy (even if the Vita version is reported to lag at the moment). But given the fact that the game won't ever be available in the Russian store (got a confirmation from the dev), I may as well end up getting it the way you described, but only when it goes on sale as my excitement for this game was ruined.
  8. I was rather confused to learn that Timespinner is not available on the Russian Playstation store. It's available in all or almost all European countries of EU region, except Russia. It is on Russian steam, but it's not on Russian PS store. Why? I managed to reach the devs and asked about it, but got only the statement that it's not available now and won't be available even in the future. It's quite sad as I really wanted to try it ):
  9. The only pre-order "bonus" is a discount on PSN: 20% off for PS Plus members and 15% off for the rest.
  10. From what I saw, NIS America is translating the game in English for PS4 and Switch. NISA even has preorders for it set now. It is scheduled for the next year.
  11. I guess my appreciation for Playstation started when I learned about the wide library of different games for it, as well as its exclusives - in fact, each console I own (PS3, PS Vita, PS4) initially was bought for an exclusive title I was thrilled for (Bayonetta/Persona 4 Golden/Persona 5), and later I've been picking interesting titles for each. I'm glad I chose Playstation.
  12. From the devs' twitter - Chasm should be available in the rest of EU stores on August 14th with a 10% launch week discount!
  13. I saw a twitter post from the devs where they said that they hope to get the game released in other EU countries by the end of this week (till August 12th?), and with the launch discount if it's possible. It would be neat if they succeed.
  14. It sucks to not be in the selected few countries for EU releases. I wonder how much time it will take for the game to hit the rest of the EU stores. Quite a bummer on the Chasm devs' side with the EU region.
  15. I didn't manage to download it from the store by using Vita as well, however due to owning PS3 I was able to download it on that console and then transfer to Vita. So if you have PS3, you can try this method.