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  1. Zebrahead HMP
  2. So I'm trading in my xbox 360 tomorrow and was looking at getting a couple games depending on how much I get I think I only get about £50 and I have about 30 in cash the games I'm looking at getting are Shadow of Mordor The Evil Within Borderlands The Prequel (PS3) So what do you guys think would be best
  3. Yeah I bought it about an hour ago as well as evil within but girlfriend is hogging the ps4 for don't starve so won't play it till later
  4. Well guys I got the 120 for the xbox today and went straight to the shops and got The Evil Within and Shadow Of Mordor
  5. Hmm my profile dropped from a five star to a 3 how does this system work?

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      Alot of people helped, and I thank them for that. Then just wait until someone decides to give me a 1 to send it back to 4. xD

      Also, out of my Halloween avatar, will maybe change it once more to Neptunia...

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  6. Borderlands and Fallout 3 plus Dragon Age Origins. Edit- Mafia 2 dlc is good fun aswell
  7. Upcoming titles I'm hyped for in order of hype Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Tom Clancy's The Devision The Order 1886 Witcher 3 Final Fantasy XV Silent Hills No Mans Sky Battlefield Hardline Uncharted Batman Arkham Knight Bloodborne Dragon Age Inquisition
  8. Think I might take some time to write out my first backlog and checklist tomorrow not sure how to do it as it will be first time I've done it but il give it a try and I'm going to take some time each week during my days off on Sunday Mondays to try and at least beat the main story trophies on my backlog

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      I group mine by console. You could also try this: http://www.backloggery.com/

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      Thanks taking a look now

  9. Got them both dude
  10. No il keep what ever I have left over Basically the games here are between £40 and £50 so it will probably cost me £100ish then il keep the rest for snacks or some shit
  11. I like the game don't get me wrong but I agree It was overhyped but so are most AAA tiles these days I mean in my opinion Watch Dogs was overhyped I fell for it and ended up not enjoying the game.
  12. So I just sold my xbox for 120 so will be getting evil within and Shadow of Mordor
  13. Hey everyone so I walked about all my local games shops and asked for quotes for my xbox and got offered about £70 which is an okay price I guess but then as I was on my way to trade it in at the shop I use the most I got a text saying that one of my family friends was looking for an xbox with games and would pay upto £120 so I'm going through with that waiting for them to pick it up now and get the games tomorrow.
  14. I watched someone stream it yesterday it looks hilariously fun but don't wanna pay full price for it. I'm on my way into the city now to pick something up
  15. Thanks for the replies I will let you know what I get tomorrow
  16. Exactly why I haven't.
  17. And this is why I hate country specific promo codes I'm in Scotland and we never get them I've had to buy codes for the Doctor Pepper Battlefield the Cheetos Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare Codes it really annoys me that they don't make it world wide promo because we get Mountain Dew here to be fair it's not the same stuff they reduce the sugar in ours but still.
  18. Like my shitty psn Id I would change mine to my fourm name
  19. Hey man welcome to the forums.
  20. So had my ps4 a week now and loving it got Drive Club today I always enjoy racing games on new consoles and selling my 360 on Monday and might pick up Evil within and shadow of Mordor.

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      Glad you are enjoying it.

  21. Is a sexy red head
  22. My psn profile says it's lights out on Mgs 2 but I know for a fact that's wrong as I pre ordered Metal gear solid HD and had a ps3 for along time before that came out But my first trophy was InFamous - Stunt Man Complete any one stunt from the stunt list. 30th Apr 2011 5:12:49 PM 92.43% COMMON 3 years ago
  23. I completely agree for a lifetime ban you have to do something pretty serious they don't just hand them out like cookies and I'm the same as you with owning actual copies of games I've gotten quite bad recently during the summer sales for buying digital copies but I still like sticking with cased games.This also scares the shit out of me but I agree with what everyone else is saying I don't know if I 100% believe this guy that his account is unrecoverable I work as an IT technician and know for a fact that data is hard to completely get rid off 100% and plus the fact what if they accidentally banned someone or god forbid someone breached Sony and lifetime banned everyone then they should have some counter measure to retrieve it
  24. Welcome