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Btw ignore my PsVita trophies i don't hunt for platinums on ot just play it on my way to work

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So hey my Name is Cameron everyone calls me Cammy, I'm 19 and live in 2 different countries due to my parents being divorced I live with my Girlfriend and work in Scotland as a Sales Assistant at Sainsbury's Supermarket. I also live with my Dad in Dubai for about 9 weeks a year it's not long but it's still home. I've been gaming ever since my severe eye injury as a young child at about 4 what basically happened was someone threw a stick at me and it ruptured my eye so I had to have surgery to remove the broken pieces of stick the doctors said I could be blind in one eye but luckily I got 20/20 vision back and had to wear an eye patch and use eye drops that required me to keep my head still for 5 hours a day and the only way was through gaming so my parents bought a PsOne with Crash Bandicoot and that got me into gaming and I've been gaming ever since on every platform I could get my hand on. The Hunting for trophies originally started when the Xbox 360 was launched and I bought one instead of a ps3 due to me being about 8 and couldn't save the money for a ps3 and I absolutely loved the Achievement system I loved having something extra to work on other than completing the game and I also loved being able to compete with my friends to have the highest score then in 2010 I bought a ps3 and have been hunting and playing between that and Pc ever since.

I'm not the biggest of trophy hunters as I don't put a lot of work into platinum trophies I wish I did have the time too but new releases pop up all the time and since I stared work I only really have about 10-20 hours a week to put into gaming.