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  1. So i played this game through with 2 other people yesterday and SPOILERS got the Marney dies ending in the hotel and basement, i feel like this game could benefit with a chapter select as it is mega easy to mess up the tiniest QTE and fuck up the ending, and i feel many people who play this with friends will feel the same as we did where we wanted to get all the different endings and try different choices, but we don't have 4+ hours or the patience to go through the whole game multiple times. Me and all my friends work full time jobs and have family so chilling playing games together is usually short and rare. I understand that a game where most choices change the whole ending but simply working the save system the same way TT- The Walking dead, Heavy rain and Beyond two souls does where your choices are saved and if you wanted different ones fair enough start fresh. This is completely my opinion i just feel it would add alot more replay value to amend your mistakes without sinking another 2 hours into stuff we just did when we were happy with our choices up to that point. Thanks for reading my rant.
  2. They patched the glitch
  3. Resident Evil 7 because Madhouse is hella fun
  4. It happens man hopefully some games come up you've not tried yet. I know how you feel too i hvae 1200 games on steam and still subscribe to humble monthly i end up giving half of them away but theres always that one game thats a hidden gem that pops up from time to time
  5. This is a great line-up Deus-ex I've played through on PC will probably do again on PS4 always wanted to try Psycho-pass (Gonna have to find where i put my vita charger after my holiday) The other titles look cool aswell, all in all an awesome start to 2018
  6. I'm currently at 1st a prestige 38 with 11hours 30 mins gameplay had 2 days of work so decided to use them playing cod Shit sorry admins I didn't mean to make 2 really sorry
  7. Yeah most people buy Cod and only ever play online i know a few people who have never played a campaign on Cod but play online, myself i don't see the point you're paying £40 for game you don't even play properly.
  8. The Orange Box trophies would be awesome I've 100% it before on Xbox so PS3 would be cool
  9. I've looked up the trophy list and should at least have achieved 2 of them is there a full version I have to buy or is it glitched
  10. Welcome brother
  11. Welcome man I'm on two Platinums as well High five! Pretty much everyone around here is helpful this is one of the least toxic fourms I've ever been apart off
  12. Aaaaannnnndddd PSN is down......

    1. ShadowStar83x


      We got through the holidays with little issues, which was impressive. Still sucks, though. Going to do other stuff while I wait for it to come back. Hopefully it won't be too long!

    2. glassthursday
    3. Sigma999


      And now i have to play on my N3DS

  13. Just hit 1,666 trophies :D

  14. Can anyone help me defeat Shadow Of Yharnam on Bloodborne been stuck for 3 weeks now

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    2. Dragon-Archon


      Congrats, that happens a lot. Asking for help here always seems to work. I often post a status update for help when I'm stuck at a game.

    3. Condemned09
    4. WithAtelier
  15. Anybody want to do Crotas End with me on Destiny Ps4

  16. It seems that nobody likes vamp I'm happy with this the guys a dick
  17. From fave to least my list would go. Of course my number one fave is A DUD!? Soldier, MGS V ocelot, Solid Snake (Iroquois Pliskin so MGS2 Snake), Merly, Big Boss, Drebin and Mister Chimp (Real name Little Grey) , Psycho Mantis, Raiden (MGS4), Otacon, Sunny, EE, Fortune, Grey Fox, Mei Ling, Colonel Campbell, Johnny, Sniper Wolf, The Boss, Solidus Snake, Eva, Young Ocelot (he should probably be further up my list), Quiet, Rose, The End, The Fear, Ames, Liquid, Vulcan Raven, Running Man, Laughing Octopus, Screaming Mantis. I could go on all day here are my 3 least favourite Vamp, Zero, Liquid Ocelot
  18. Yukki paper scissors
  19. Be careful with scissors
  20. Chain smoking diamond dog
  21. Goat fu**er
  22. Basically the trophy cabinet is somewhere you can show off your personal faveourite trophies to use click edit at the top of it go into one of the games where there is a trophy you want to feature and click the trophy and there should be a green add button and that will add it to the cabinet
  23. Super excited for MGS V TPP cannot wait

  24. anyone here who plays csgo at all i play quite a bit but work alot so my rank is SMFC