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  1. No challenges, YAY!!
  2. FFXIV is a great Final Fantasy, the best since FFIX in my opinion, great story, great gameplay against primals, etc., but the 1000 fates will kill your fun with the game. I leveled one job from 1 to 50 only doing fates.
  3. I became a happier person when decided to just keep my completion rate above 85% and below 1500 unearned trophies.
  4. Wipeout 2048 1,34% Just because the servers would be shut down. If not, this platinum would probably still be a dream.
  5. I'm happy with the news actually. Time to move on.
  6. The game director says that you can't.
  7. SE is launching a new client for COMRADES. The ingame client will no longer be accessible.
  8. The multiplayer trophies will also be unobtainable in december.
  9. My copy of Shadow of War Definitive Edition came with 2 discs. So RDR2 is at least the second game with 2 discs.
  10. I prefer those who reward you by just playing the game. Complete all quests, complete the map, reach max level... nothing like a specific condition with a specific ability for a trophy.
  11. Here in Brazil the Definitive Edition comes with 2 discs. Which is weird because we usually get what US got.
  12. Pillars of Eternity, with 123 achievers.
  13. Like everyone, weird numbers for me. Armor: 21 (19 unique) Weapons 23 (20 unique)
  14. Uhmm... mine are: 1- God of War: Well, one of the best game this generation, side by side with The Witcher 3 as the best game of this generation for me. 2- Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age: I rushed my playthrough of this game in the PS2 era, so it was great to replay this game again and finish almost everything in it. 3- Wipeout 2048: I really like the Wipeout series, but the servers were empty when I bought my Vita. With the servers shutting down, I took my chance with people playing again.
  15. Crysis 1 Crysis 2 Crysis 3 Would love play some Crysis with better graphics.