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  1. In my opinion: WHM>>AST>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SCH WHM are more efficient, AST are more "fun" to play.
  2. The problem is that my country rank isn't accurate. There was a period when we didn't have Playstation Network, so we usually subscribed to a portuguese or north american psn to play online. In this site my country rank position is 220, but in some regional leaderboards here I'm 450. Probably those north americans rankings are definitely not 100% accurate also.
  3. I actually use the platinum achievers percentage to measure the difficulty of a game. Always worked for me.
  4. Weird that we have so many good games between january-march... For now, Ace Combat 7 and Anthem for me.
  5. Would this improve those blank trophy images, like this example? AFAIK, this is a internet connection problem. Recently a lot of my trophies are appearing without the trophy image.
  6. Seriously, how a game who won GOTY in 2014 and was Bioware best seller game at the time, is taking so long for a sequel? And with such a cliffhanger... DA is probably my favorite franchise, I even liked DA2...
  7. 5.300, but I would recommend Pillars of Eternity.
  8. God of War.
  9. No challenges, YAY!!
  10. FFXIV is a great Final Fantasy, the best since FFIX in my opinion, great story, great gameplay against primals, etc., but the 1000 fates will kill your fun with the game. I leveled one job from 1 to 50 only doing fates.
  11. I became a happier person when decided to just keep my completion rate above 85% and below 1500 unearned trophies.
  12. Wipeout 2048 1,34% Just because the servers would be shut down. If not, this platinum would probably still be a dream.
  13. I'm happy with the news actually. Time to move on.
  14. The game director says that you can't.
  15. SE is launching a new client for COMRADES. The ingame client will no longer be accessible.