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  1. Why did they kill MAG? Poor sales?
  2. 1- No 2- Yes I feel that this game is not for you.
  3. A PS1 game running at 16fps in a PS4 is pretty shamefull for me.
  4. Is there a way to include info from trophy guides like time to complete or difficult? That would be great to choose the games I would play next. Great work by the way.
  5. VII, VIII and IX, the great triunviratu of the series.
  6. I actually hope for more trophies if we receive those new Lost Tales quest.
  7. Dead Space. Niiice...
  8. I'm also one of those who enjoyed the game, a lot. If you enjoy a stealth game, this is a must play.
  9. That depends if people knows the mechanics. Best case scenario, it would take at least 1h I believe. But expect way more than that.
  10. I finished twice in discovery mode. First time we were 7 and I didn't get the trophy. Second time we were 8 and got the trophy.
  11. Nice, a plat trophy. It's not my kind of game, but I am glad that we got it for current generation anyway.
  12. Maybe the corrupted saves are broken beyond repair. Maybe the rest is safe?
  13. I had this problem at my time with the game, in the end it was because of the synth settlers. Save the game, kill your settlers and see if they carry synth components, then reload and kill the specific synth. They sometimes start a killing spree in your settlement, reducing your overall happiness. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps4/164592-fallout-4/answers/450476-do-synth-settlers-effect-you-settlement
  14. Some new online modes, like no itens or no turbo drifts would be fun.
  15. Finally beat N. Oxide on Crash Cove. Hard mode on that track was super easy now lol. Now for the other tracks... I'll beat Oxide and then hard mode, track by track. Better this way I believe.