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  1. You guys are weird. Yukiko is the right answer.
  2. I'm a guy who usually goes for 100% completion. I would love some free UR trophies in my profile, but I use the % to have some notion of how difficult a trophy is. So I vote for keeping how it is.
  3. I also loved my time with Control, top 5, maybe top 3 for my favorite game of this generation. I really enjoyed the exploration, gameplay and how interesting the Oldest House lore is. Had a subpar boss fight, but fixed in the AWE expansion.
  4. I just went to Amazon and pre-ordered. It was really easy here. The hard part was get enough money.
  5. Let's wait and see what is coming. It's probably free for PS+ subscribers.
  6. But at the same time you have new IPs, games like Horizon Zero Dawn and Ghost of Tsushima, with huge success at launch. Days Gone is a great game, but was bombarded with average reviews and performance issues, just like another great game who had the same problems, Driveclub. At least the studio still exists, unlike Evolution.
  7. No need for a sale, just a 20% discount coupon (remember when Sony would give those periodically?) would be enough.
  8. I was expecting this rumour to be true, because it is a totally predictable move coming from Jim "Hate Old Games" Ryan.
  9. This "digital future" sucks.
  10. I liked the sad and melancholic story, very different from games nowadays where everyone is happy at the end and the bad guy is bad for doing bad things. Getting the full story planned for the game would be even better for sure.
  11. Monster Hunter World Iceborne is a DLC with a platinum itself. So I kind of would include in this category of "games that require you to buy DLC to get the platinum trophy".
  12. The trophies that I didn't get are part of my gaming history, just like the trophies that I got. So i don´t hide them.
  13. Why not white but with dark blue instead of black lines? Since the console is white, that would look cool in my opinion.
  14. Even when turned off?? Definitely a ghost.