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  1. This. Not every 2.5" will fit in your PS4 HD slot.
  2. There is always some games happening. Don't worry.
  3. That's why I did never let this trophy fever get over my head. Never played a game just for those easy trophies. My trophies are, before everything, just my gaming biography, things that I accomplished and things that I didn't.
  4. I could have waited for this patch lol. I really didn't like this mode.
  5. 39.07%. But this is a statistic that I don't care too much.
  6. Only one, Zen Pinball 2. I was playing a demo and suddenly a trophy popped. Now I have more than 100 forever unearned trophies because of that.
  7. Hey everyone, I found in a guide that you can use the Reviver Hive on yourself when someone used a call for help. Accept a call for help with a equipped reviver hive, throw a grenade and kill yourself. You would automatically revive. It didn't work in my first try, but I tried again for a second time and it just worked. Give a shoot.
  8. Some usual PC games that are a "niche" on consoles are ultra rare and quite easy platinums, like some management games. I played Tropico 5, Cities Skyline e Railway Empire and had a lot of fun time with them.
  9. Vanquish was the first game that broke me. I just couldn't finish that last challenge.
  10. With every update Tantalus fixes one thing and breaks another. The problem is, they only update the game when they launch an expansion. So wait for Park Life.
  11. About all this trophy hunting: -Worst case scenario: I 100% a game that I paid a lot and get the most value of it -Best case scenario: UN sees my profile and decides that I should lead the world. There is no guilt for trophy hunting, at least for me.
  12. You need a clan to do some of the trophies. Not easy for those lone wolf players.
  13. Only for premium members. For "normal" members, profiles are not been updated for ages. It means that the leaderboard is outdated for months and worst, imprecise.
  14. Right now the leaderboards are pointless since the profiles are not being auto updated.