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  1. Pillars of Eternity, with 123 achievers.
  2. Like everyone, weird numbers for me. Armor: 21 (19 unique) Weapons 23 (20 unique)
  3. Uhmm... mine are: 1- God of War: Well, one of the best game this generation, side by side with The Witcher 3 as the best game of this generation for me. 2- Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age: I rushed my playthrough of this game in the PS2 era, so it was great to replay this game again and finish almost everything in it. 3- Wipeout 2048: I really like the Wipeout series, but the servers were empty when I bought my Vita. With the servers shutting down, I took my chance with people playing again.
  4. Crysis 1 Crysis 2 Crysis 3 Would love play some Crysis with better graphics.
  5. Elders Scrolls V Skyrim
  6. 1442. I had way more a couple months ago, but now my goal is to keep under 1500 unearned trophies, or 85% completion. It was tough get 400 trophies from my existing game list and increase the completion rate, but was rewarding as well.
  7. Just a couple of games to do 100% with DLCs and stuffs.
  8. My favorite game of all time is definitely The Last of Us, with The Witcher 3 close behind. I'll work for the 50 posts lol.
  9. Not working for me either. It shows me 21 panel, different from the video. Apparently the glitch came with the Snowfall DLC.
  10. Assassins Creed Brotherhood
  11. Star Wars Battlefront
  12. Definitely Catherine. One day I will play that game...
  13. I was so happy to see my new platinum for Burnout Paradise, only took me 7 years to complete (lol), but unfortunately the game is on the bottom of my game list. Strange thing though, the only correct place is on the PS4, site and PS3 are showing the wrong order...