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  1. I actually hope for more trophies if we receive those new Lost Tales quest.
  2. Dead Space. Niiice...
  3. I'm also one of those who enjoyed the game, a lot. If you enjoy a stealth game, this is a must play.
  4. That depends if people knows the mechanics. Best case scenario, it would take at least 1h I believe. But expect way more than that.
  5. I finished twice in discovery mode. First time we were 7 and I didn't get the trophy. Second time we were 8 and got the trophy.
  6. Nice, a plat trophy. It's not my kind of game, but I am glad that we got it for current generation anyway.
  7. Maybe the corrupted saves are broken beyond repair. Maybe the rest is safe?
  8. I had this problem at my time with the game, in the end it was because of the synth settlers. Save the game, kill your settlers and see if they carry synth components, then reload and kill the specific synth. They sometimes start a killing spree in your settlement, reducing your overall happiness. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps4/164592-fallout-4/answers/450476-do-synth-settlers-effect-you-settlement
  9. Some new online modes, like no itens or no turbo drifts would be fun.
  10. Finally beat N. Oxide on Crash Cove. Hard mode on that track was super easy now lol. Now for the other tracks... I'll beat Oxide and then hard mode, track by track. Better this way I believe.
  11. Dead Space 2 is definitely a good choice. I couldn't pass that part at the train wreckage where you were upside down. The pressure for "not to die" was insane during the game. Gladly I had a save before the eye thing. Demons Souls was the worse for me. I spent weeks playing daily to get that damn bladestone. The worst part was that, after a few months brake,after giving up, I tried again for some reason and got it with my first try. Life sucks.
  12. I would prefer some multiplayer throphies than beat the Nitros Oxide's time trials. It will be harder than Crash 1 relics. N. Oxide's times are all platinum relics.
  13. I don't like missables. I like to play my games and finish the story without caring about the trophies. I actually enjoy collectables. Makes me pay attention to those beautiful open worlds and scenarios.
  14. For this statistic to be meaningful, it must be with 50%.
  15. My 3 favorites this generation.
  16. Platinums of good games are far more important, IMO.
  17. This. Not every 2.5" will fit in your PS4 HD slot.
  18. There is always some games happening. Don't worry.
  19. That's why I did never let this trophy fever get over my head. Never played a game just for those easy trophies. My trophies are, before everything, just my gaming biography, things that I accomplished and things that I didn't.
  20. I could have waited for this patch lol. I really didn't like this mode.
  21. 39.07%. But this is a statistic that I don't care too much.
  22. Only one, Zen Pinball 2. I was playing a demo and suddenly a trophy popped. Now I have more than 100 forever unearned trophies because of that.
  23. Hey everyone, I found in a guide that you can use the Reviver Hive on yourself when someone used a call for help. Accept a call for help with a equipped reviver hive, throw a grenade and kill yourself. You would automatically revive. It didn't work in my first try, but I tried again for a second time and it just worked. Give a shoot.
  24. Some usual PC games that are a "niche" on consoles are ultra rare and quite easy platinums, like some management games. I played Tropico 5, Cities Skyline e Railway Empire and had a lot of fun time with them.