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  1. I dislike it. Too many cheaters on PC.
  2. This was the guide that I used: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1607969704
  3. Some of my UR that I would recommend for everyone, offline only: -Cities Skylines (free with PSN+) -The Last Guardian (speedrun trophy) -Thief (easy game, don't know why is an UR) -Borderlands Pre-Sequel (need 4 controllers)
  4. Resogun Savior Save a human First PSN+ game for the PS4. This is probably the first trophy for many.
  5. I see my profile as my gaming biography. So.... no way.
  6. Unrelated, but can ou play this game using a wheel?
  7. Sid Meier's Ditchdigging Simulator Use two cities and the Panama Canal to make 7 contiguous land tiles passable by ships Only 27 achieved this trophy.
  8. Those 17k are great for the current situation of this site, where automatic updates are disabled. In the past, those would be rookie numbers.
  9. 2 months and more than 300hs in both Monster Hunter World + Iceborne already. Good thing that the game is great, but I still need at least more 200hs.
  10. I don't like trophies who makes me do things in specific ways. I hate missables. Hate the idea of having to play the game in a specific way and the fear of missing something and having to do an another playthrough.
  11. 1/10, a very easy game. I enjoyed my experience with it. Also great soundtrack.
  12. I really don't judge peoples profiles, but for me, quality of games, completion rate and number of platinums are important. I respect a platinum of a good game more than 100 of those 30min games.
  13. I'm still impressed with Driveclub rain.
  14. Tearaway is a must in every Vita list. Also a very easy platinum.
  15. The leveling experience in Division 2 was the best part about the game, exploring the city and the pretty good 1:1 recreation of Washington. I hope for more thophies related to that.
  16. I'm going for a 90%+, but without stress. I'm just focusing on maintaining less than 1500 unobtainable trophies for now.
  17. I choosed to play FFXIV instead of ESO because of that PvP trophy.
  18. Recently Sony made some "adjusts" in psn prices around the world, related to exchange rates. Maybe that is the case.
  19. Nowadays even DLCs have platinums, everything is possible now.
  20. Disco Elysium is coming next year for PS4. It is a great cRPG but with no combat, is more like a narrative experience.
  21. Vanquish. First time that I wasn't good enough for a platinum. Many others after that, but still, Vanquish was my first.
  22. There is nothing wrong with the world built for Andromeda. It actually has some potential. The combat gameplay was even great I would say. It just looked unfinished and poorly made.
  23. 2010 - 17 (Assassins Creed II 25,25% / Wipeout HD 1,05%) 2011 - 31 (God of War Ghost of Sparta 36,15% / Assassins Creed Brotherhood 3,95%) 2012 - 18 (Sly 52,60% / Shift 2 Unleashed 1,07%) 2013 - 9 (Dead Space 16,19% / LittleBigPlanet 2 3,36%) 2014 - 13 (Infamous Second Son 29,39% / Assassins Creed Black Flag 5,55%) 2015 - 10 (Murdered Souls Suspect 38,44% / Driveclub 5,20%) 2016 - 14 (Life is Strange 36,21% / Project Cars 1,96%) 2017 - 17 (Horizon Zero Dawn 32,38% / Dirt Rally 1,83%) 2018 - 29 (Wolf Among Us 63,52% / Wipeout 2048 1,31%) 2019 - 19 (Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice 33,76% / Star Wars Battlefront 2 3,51%) so far. Interesting info. I was unemployed in 2011 and 2018, with so much free time... 🙄
  24. Hoping for a Crysis trilogy remaster.