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  1. Looking into going after the RDR2 Platinum in the next few months... excuse my ignorance, as I haven't played online at all. Are you implying that the collectibles replenish after you collect them all? Thanks!
  2. Hey All - In my original play-through, I convinced Reed to leave... I think the guide I was following at the time said that was the right move, so I locked myself out of "Mightier than the Sword"... I've got all other trophies, but after completing everything, I'm not exactly excited for another go, so I'm hoping to get back to where I unlock Mightier than the Sword as quickly as possible. Anyone have a path for the fastest way to get there? I know what's required, but hoping to minimize time spent on the Monarch quests, for example. I'm ready to Plat this and move on to Death Stranding! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Awesome guide. Knocked out Supernova in about 2 hours yesterday. If only I hadn't missed "Mightier than the Sword" the first time through...
  4. Yeah it ended up popping for me after randomly maxing out the Lord class... I did try the "mastering the grayed out" class thing too, but it didn't work for me right away. I was glad it randomly popped though! Looks like it's officially glitched, but will eventually pop as you work towards other "Mastering Class" trophies. So, thankfully it's not impossible to work around.
  5. So, I’ve mastered all base human classes and this hasn’t unlocked. Im currently on my way to the 4th relic. Is there something later that causes this to unlock? Ive got the Wearer of Many Hats trophy, so I would think that by mastering all those classes I’d get Master of All.
  6. Thanks for trying to help! I reached out to the devs and they said they'd look into it. So, hoping for a fix at some point.
  7. I was able to find a gamefaqs post (linked below) about this same issue.... messaged the devs too. I even reverted to an old save where I had about 3 classes left to master. Upgraded them in different orders, tried a battle in between upgrades, nothing worked... I guess all I can do is hope for a fix at some point or that it pops randomly if I keep going. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/262203-fell-seal-arbiters-mark/77763203
  8. I don’t believe so. I’ve mastered all of the below. I haven’t mastered all badge, character or monster classes, but those are tied to different trophies. Gunner (Max), Gadgeteer (Max), Mercenary (Max), Ranger (Max), Scoundrel (Max), Warmage (Max), Peddler (Max), Duelist (Max), Fellblade (Max), Plague Doctor (Max), Knight (Max), Gambler (Max), Sorcerer (Max), Druid (Max), Wizard (Max), Reaver (Max), Templar (Max), Mender (Max), Assassin (Max), Alchemystic (Max), Hope I’m wrong... otherwise this is super disappointing.
  9. Hey Everyone - I'm about 10 hours into the game at this point. I've read in a few random places that the "Open Book" Trophy to view all optional dialogue events is missable. Others are saying no trophies are missable. Does anyone know which is true, if this trophy really is missable at what point certain dialogue events become unavailable? I want to say I've viewed two of the optional events so far, and I just finished the battle where you meet Yates. Anything I could have missed at this point? I'm loving this game so far, so I'd like to work towards the Platinum. I'd hate to start over at this point, but it would be way worse to find out I missed one of these 50 hours in...
  10. Really looking forward to picking this up soon. For those that have played it, ant missive trophies? Difficulty? Just looking for the usual stuff. Thanks!
  11. Hey all - I'm in chapter 2 and have completed both the robbery with Javier and the Hunting with Charles companion activities. However, when I look at the task list by pressing left on the D-Pad, both are still showing. I figured if they were complete, they'd disappear from the list. Just want to make sure I don't miss the "Friends with Benefits" trophy when I go on to chapter 3 because the game isn't registering. I was very thorough in looting Chez Porter and the campsite after the bison hunt. Both companions returned to camp... just wondering if I'm missing something, as there is no notification that anything is complete.
  12. Hey Guys Hoping to knock out the Arcade Enthusiast trophy tonight. Anybody have a suggestions for the current easiest map to do this? I finished Arcade Competitor last night and am honestly just sick of the Arcade part of this game, so any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Hey All, I absolutely love this site - fantastic work on all you guys do. Apologies if this has been suggested before, but one feature I'd love to see added is the ability to filter Games by region. I always like to check out games with potentially easy to earn trophies, but I have no interest in Japanese-only visual novels, of which there are hundreds. It would be nice to filter by a game's region, so that we could know what is readily available in our countries, without having to research on the Playstation Store or click on a game for info, only to see Japanese text. Again - it's great these games are on here for those who like to import or download from other regions' stores, (or are from said country) but most probably have no interest in doing so and would love to be able to fliter those from the games list if possible while perusing. Thanks!
  14. Anybody figure out a hole yet where it will even be possible to get a Condor?
  15. At the very beginning, immediately after the baby is born, when I press X to "Breathe," nothing happens. The video just loops over and over and I can't progress. I'm trying to re-install the game now, but has this happened to anyone else? And if so, is there a fix?
  16. Problem was I was holding down X, instead of just pressing it.... Holding it down literally makes it impossible to continue... terrible design, but at least it works now haha
  17. Thinking about grabbing this if I can knock out the Plat in a few hours mindlessly while I relax after work. Looks easy, I just don't want to waste a bunch of time on it. Any advice?
  18. I got the collection on Saturday (pre-ordered on BestBuy.com and it came early). I can confirm that, at least in BioShock, you can save at any moment.
  19. This is another example of why it would be fantastic if this site added a region filter to games...
  20. Yeah I can confirm it's one of the easiest Platinums out there... also maybe one of the worst games I've ever played... Just use a video to find the hidden locations - everything else is basically unmissable. But, man is it horrible... at least it only takes 2-3 hours to Plat.
  21. I have to say your method worked like a charm. I used Red Rocket as well. Got some basics set up - 2 clinics, 7 people, minimum green levels of water, food, defense, power. Left my PS4 on overnight and throughout the next day. When I came back from work, it was up to 89, but going down. Spent some time gathering caps and put in 4 more lvl 3 clinics. Assigned people and then hung around ringing bell and just standing there and crafting random crates/water pumps and other things to get the size up to yellow level. Within 2-3 hours of playing/just leaving the game running, I got to 100. Never stopped going up after adding the other 4 clinics. This should be the method touted in trophy guides. Sanctuary is way too finicky, as are many other settlements. I abandoned ship in sanctuary and less than 24 hours later, got the trophy at Red Rocket. Thanks for you guide! It's the best out there I think.