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  1. I have always liked how Sly lets all the members know what is going on. Some sites don't say anything. Then you spend days trying to get on a site and don't understand why you can't.
  2. Thanks for letting us know.
  3. I remember seeing I remember seeing Jaws 3-D with the red/blue glasses. I was a kid and it was cool back in the day. Now I see the movie and im like wtf was I thinking, this is some fake crap. Plus I hate 3d stuff now.
  4. Seems a little shorter than I like in games but will give the demo a try.
  5. SSX it's just so fun that you can't put it down. When you do you are thinking about it. The story, RiderNet, and online is just fun. Trying to beat your friends times and points and the online is nice with no lobbies. You just go to the track run it and wait till the event closes. Then pick up your winnings!
  6. Also notice SSX was working this week and now it ain't the past few days.
  7. SuperBeast RZ
  8. Banned for making fun of me!
  9. The game is awesome and I will be buying the DLC for it also.
  10. I love The Walking Dead show and it leaves you hanging every week waiting and wanting more.
  11. Ban for all the pink in their sig. Fixed due to someone in pink!
  12. Welcome to the site!
  13. Well I played the demo for about 30mins and had to run out and buy it. It's so much fun even tho I ain't that good at this time. But more I play it better im getting. But I have to say SSX is awesome and fun.
  14. I enjoy FireFox. I haven't had any issues and like some of the features it has. I can't stand IE, it's looks like something that came from the stoneage.