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  1. You can't seem to block low attacks in this game so playing online is extra exciting right now.
  2. Does anyone have any idea which of Armstrong's French phrases people should be on the lookout to not miss? I'm heading into that case pretty soon and can't seem to find info on this, it's the only one I'm worried about at this point since I know where the others are.
  3. Does anyone have any specific tips for Route C of the Speedstar mode? I used Stylish Tager for routes A and B and cleared them with relative ease, but Route C is a huge step up. The AI is very aggressive and knocks Tager out of all his armor attacks. Characters like Amane and Terumi can completely shut me down, and Tager mirror matches are awful because the AI seems to be reading inputs and countering hard. Has anyone been able to beat it with a fairly easy strategy? Any good Tager moves to use other than forward special and back special w/ distortion?
  4. So is this secretly the most obnoxious trophy in the game? It seems like the damage requirement is highly disproportionate to the actual damage you would normally do in the game. Like even if I really loved this game and played training mode every day I think it would be a really long time to do this naturally. Yet I see that a few people have already accomplished it, so I have to ask what's the best grinding strategy? My current strategy has been to customize the Gougi so that I have a damage boost, the other side has super armor so I can avoid damage scaling, then spamming multi-hit supers and resetting (making sure that super is set to normal instead of regen because otherwise it wont automatically be filled) and even then I think this is still gonna take forever. I posted a video below in case this helps anyone, but I'd honestly prefer someone enlighten me on a better strategy, haha. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6KqoQ7Ykes Edit: Well I did it with this method at any rate, took a few hours on and off since I couldn't get myself to do it for long periods. If you have some podcasts to go through or something this strategy totally works though. I wasn't expecting the title screen to acknowledge the plat, so that was kind of nice! If anyone thinks of a better strategy though, feel free to let the people know.
  5. I'd like to join! I was kind of planning to do something like this anyway. I'll probably start after I finish the new MMX collection stuff which should be in a few days anyway. My list is in the order of priority. I'll put my personal estimated difficulty, but no idea if they will line up with reality. Keeping in mind I think they will all be challenging to a degree, these are more like tiers of difficulty relative to each other rather than a 1/5 or 2/5 ratings being easy. Purely based on my own intuition! 1. Devil May Cry 4 SE Rating: 5/5 I've been working on the series this past month or so after getting really hyped for the DMC5 announcement. The first three aren't really that bad and I finished them without much issue, but DMC4 wants you to do basically everything: Bloody Palace with everyone (and doing Bloody Palace well in some cases, like getting an S rank or beating Dante at the end with no damage), all S ranks for all missions in all modes, stuff like that. Even as someone who generally loves these games I think it will be a challenge and definitely a grind. 2. Nights into Dreams Rating: 3/5 I actually have one trophy to get here, but it requires getting A ranks in all the stages. I've always wanted to get really good at Nights so I figure now is as good of a time as any. Maybe it won't be so bad? But I've certainly never A ranked anything past the first level in my previous playthroughs. 3. Crazy Taxi Rating: 2/5 Really I kinda just wanna knock out as many old Sega games as I can, haha. Apparently this one isn't supposed to be too bad if you can get a hang of the drifting and its more advanced mechanics. It's just in my experience, getting a hang of the drifting is really hard! And so are some of the advanced things! But maybe I can surpass my limits and activate Ultra Driftstinct. 4. Rez Infinite Rating: 2/5 I love Rez and actually did all the achievements on the 360 version a long time ago. The PS4 list is pretty similar, but it's definitely a fairly challenging grind and I've forgotten a lot since then. Plus there's now an entirely new level that I know basically nothing about with its own trophy stuff tied to it. 5. Tales of Symphonia Rating: 4/5 This is one I don't think will be hard in terms of like skill level so much as a long and potentially tedious journey. I've read that this one takes lots of playthroughs and lots of keeping track of stuff across all of them. But I really loved this game growing up so I'd like to 100% it! We'll see! 6. Downwell Rating: 4/5 This is a really cool indie game that I fell in love with a few years ago. I wanted to finish it on hard mode but it was just too hard! There's some randomness to it as well in terms of the weapons and upgrades you get, but I think for the most part it will really boil down to gitting gud. Would really like to do this but who knows if luck is on my side. 7. Metal Gear Solid 2 Rating: 4/5 My favorite Metal Gear game, I've always wanted to do everything it has to offer. But I already know it will be a challenge: getting all the dog tags requires taking out virtually every guard in every difficulty, the VR missions are no slouch, and I'm pretty sure I have to do that Metal Gear Ray fight on Extreme and that won't be a fun time. 8. Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions Rating: 1/5 Maybe this one isn't so bad? I definitely never really heard anyone say its hard and the rarity on the site isn't too impressive. But for some reason I remember there being a lot of annoying stuff tied to like how the stages rank you. And I think there's lots of collectibles and stuff. It mostly just annoys me that this is the only Spider-Man thing I don't have a platinum for and I'd like to knock it out before the new PS4 one so maybe I'll move it up. 9. Sonic Unleashed Rating: 5/5 Kind of the same deal as Spidey on this one. I'm pretty sure this is the only real Sonic game I don't have 100% on so I'd like to finish it. This one I know is rough though, from all the collectibles and grinding to having to speedrun the hour-long last stage without dying 3 times. Plus the PS3 port is kind of crappy and likes to freeze and drop frames so that's cool. 10. Street Fighter V Rating: 5/5 Haha, we'll see about this one. It's mostly one of those long running goals I don't know if I'll ever meet. I play it off and on all the time so this one is kind of out of the order continuity. Technically I don't have much to do. If I reach gold league in the rankings then the platinum is basically assured since I just have to grind out some ranked wins and super finishes (assuming I don't get them on the way). But having enough good ranked matches consecutively to make my way to gold league will be a challenge, requiring lots of grinding and heartbreak. Maybe someday!
  6. Hey just to clarify, this is talking about the armor you need to enter a cheat code for anyway isn't it? Or is there another way to get the Ultimate armor? Or is it actually referring to the complete Fourth Armor? I'm kind of confused as to why this is a trophy since if it really means the Ultimate Armor it's basically giving you a trophy for not cheating, haha.
  7. Would definitely get the Symphonia plat. I think I might go for my own in the near future.
  8. Do the two bounty chests. Basically focus on killing the weak white name enemies until you get 225 or whatever then rush to juggernaut and kill him with signature+ultimate is how I usually did it. Make sure to omega prestige everyone available too so you get the XP boost!
  9. You should be ok, I did the Juggernaught Op over and over and from Rank 4 I think it only took an hour or two. Good luck!
  10. All I heard was early on the 24th. I would assume someone at Gazillion has to physically show up at the office or something to turn it off, so I would guess in the (reasonably) early morning of the 24th.
  11. It's hard to tell how tough it's gonna be because I don't know the details of the modes, but my first impression is it might be easy? If there's 10 missions per character like MVC3 and the SF games then 100 shouldn't be an issue. I read that the ranks 14 and lower are for beginners, so those ranked trophies might also not be bad either.
  12. I would probably pick Uncharted 1 Remastered, because I want to get all of the trilogy's plats but I'd rather just skip to playing U2, haha.
  13. I just did this a week or so ago. My advice would be to not worry about readjusting, the punches go surprisingly far. Just immediately hold the next direction and attack and you shouldn't move enough for it to be an issue. I think what makes a big difference is just practice and putting full concentration on the game, like you said there's a rhythm to it especially in the later stages. The main difficulty is being able to recognize the babies quick enough to not pull the "trigger," which I found simply came with practice. You probably also know this but if you start missing too many, just do a ground pound on the switch to end it early and do it again.
  14. Hey, so on the old site you were able to sort trophies on a list by having "100%" and "Platinum, not 100%" games together on the same list. This doesn't seem to have carried over to the new site. Is this on the radar to re-implement in the future? I realize it's not the most major thing, but this does personally bug me a lot and, as silly as it sounds, having that feature was one of the reasons I used PSNprofiles over other sites and eventually wanted to support it through a Premium membership. I still appreciate and enjoy the site a lot, just wondering if this has been officially noted by anyone in charge and if it's planned to come back.
  15. Has it? I don't see it on the list from skimming it, and if it's just somewhere in the posts that doesn't seem hopeful that it's been brought up to anyone official. I know the opposite of what I'm asking for was recently implemented, I guess I'm looking for acknowledgment that what I'm looking for is an issue that has been properly noted. Just to clarify, I'm talking about completed games showing up together, both 100% games and games that have been Platinum'd but DLC remaining unfinished.
  16. I think this is definitely true. The Telltale narrative is pretty effective once, but they've basically stagnated since Walking Dead Season 1 in terms of writing, decisions, animations, engine, etc. If you've played one of these games you have a pretty good idea how all the choices you make will turn out which despite the different setdressing, which makes the stories feel samey. You're basically deciding who you want to be nice or mad at you throughout the game, which doesn't really ever amount to anything. It's all a trick and the only thing really holding the narrative together is the quality of the writing, which I think for the most part has gone down since Walking Dead S1 and Wolf Among Us. Maybe it's their rushed schedule, maybe they've just run out of ideas, I'm not sure. Although I also think this last episode was written particularly poorly even with the above being true. The whole scene in the basement had me dumbfounded at how poor the dialogue, "hidden message" and origin story of the villain was.
  17. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but is there an option to see Games with 100% plus games with Platinums but not at 100% (i.e. missing DLC trophies) together? I liked that feature on lists previously, but it doesn't seem to be in this new update. Love the new look otherwise.
  18. I'll take it for Ps4Oops I meant Xbone! Messed up in my brain
  19. I want Viewtiful Joe more than anything. One of my favorite games of all time. But really, just about everything Capcom released on PS2 would be great.
  20. Honestly I think this is a strong 9 to 10/10. Very jealous of your Street Fighter and MK platinums. I'd love to get those someday.
  21. Not to join some of the people on this page facing the harsh realities of balancing games and real life, but I think I'm dealing with a similar struggle. I've had a pretty crazy past 2 weeks that resulted in my laptop dying, having to catch up on a lot of schoolwork I thought I lost, and now having to schedule an upcoming surgery! (It's nothing life-threatening or anything, but it means I'll have plenty of free time in the coming months ) So, haven't had a lot of time lately to focus on the games on my list, just a few minutes here and there to focus on smaller stuff. That said, I'm still going to focus on playing the games on my list and I guess we'll just see how far I can get by the end. I've made a little progress on the Nazi Zombie stuff in WaW, although heart-breakingly the server disconnected right before I was about to get some of the hardest trophies on Der Riese, which made me pretty upset. I think I may switch to a different game for a while and see where I can get. 1. Bastion (100%) 2. Resident Evil (100%) 3. Demon's Souls (2%) 4. Nier (5%) 5. Ratchet and Clank (100%) 6. Devil May Cry HD (8%) 7. God of War (8%) 8. Ys Memories of Celceta (7%) 9. Jet Set Radio (4%) 10. Call of Duty World at War (82% 72%)
  22. Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality
  23. Normally I've been trying to update on a 100%, but I think I will make an exception just this once since I think I'm going to have to sacrifice making any progress on my list for about a week while I take care of other things. Got the Platinum in World at War which I think going in I felt would be the trickiest one to get done. Veteran went surprisingly smooth, and I had some very easy and fun help with some people from here for the co-op trophies. Now I just need to do the zombie stuff, which is also tough, but I think I can do it with enough practice. 1. Bastion (100%) 2. Resident Evil (100%) 3. Demon's Souls (2%) 4. Nier (5%) 5. Ratchet and Clank (100%) 6. Devil May Cry HD (8%) 7. God of War (8%) 8. Ys Memories of Celceta (7%) 9. Jet Set Radio (4%) 10. Call of Duty World at War (72%)
  24. You might be, yeah. I think the MK game towers were the only ones that definitively had secret fights, at least they were when I played the game regularly. It looks like next week will be a character tower from the preview on the main menu, but maybe they'll go back to game towers after that. On the bright side, I don't believe there's any MK-celebrated holidays until 4th of July?