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  1. October: Spyro Reignited Trilogy AC Odyssey
  2. I hope Gran Turismo 7 continues this trend
  3. I would've liked Legendia and the Vita ones.
  4. See you in october, Plus
  5. The "Reach Player Level X" trophies are career-related?
  6. Spyro the Dragon - Gnasty's Demise I guess I'm number 8205.
  7. Cool, I'll join.
  8. Yeah, that can work too, but everytime I buy credits on the store is to buy something immediately after that, and it usually uses all the credits I bought, so I don't need to disable the auto-renew.
  9. If you don't register a credit card or don't have enough credits on your wallet, no.
  10. 65536, or 2^16
  11. My plus expired so i'm gonna guess some games I already have played šŸ˜‚ September 2020: Days Gone Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
  12. I just found out that Become a Legend victories on PES 2020 doesn't count for the 100 victories trophy. I did an entire season for nothing =l

  13. I have a secondary account on my PS4, one that is onĀ a different country than mine. When I enter the profile on my PS4, it automatically log in the PSN, I can even buy stuff on the store. Thing is, i forgot the password (and since is secondary, i also forgot the DOB). Is there some way to know the password/DOB of this account on the PS4?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. FinalFrank15


      I've seen on the internet the GT Sport method so I'm gonna do that first. But the EA account method sounds promising

    3. Kittet3


      I just checked and still shows the birthday so it should still work :)Ā Also don't be silly like me and forget to write it down after you find it

    4. FinalFrank15


      The GT Sport method worked, but now I realized have another secondary account that I forgot the password too, and it's not logged in the PSN, so the GT SportmethodĀ didn't work :(

  14. Well I did the grinding in Anor Londo. Got the final 4 in a hour. Funny thing is that the I got the four concords on the first five runs everytime I restarted the game, so maybe there's a trend.
  15. I'm finishing my NG+ cycle (soul level 137, with 1.5kk souls accumulated) and still have 19 concords. Since in NG++ I'll basically speedrun through bosses and collecting the rings, I don't think farming in Anor Londo knights on NG++ would be better than farming in NG+. So, players equipped with sentinel/darkmoon covenant gets summoned often in NG++? On what soul level?