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  1. Ah, a pro waifu move I see... It's showing up as free on UK account but won't let me add it to the library (all dlc free though). US and Arg accounts still priced and on sale.
  2. Kinda disappointing for anyone with PS Now, at least I didn't played Stranded Deep and Wreckfest before my sub lapsed. Maybe will try to plat BFV if the online trophies aren't that bad. I really want to renew PS Now but not if we are getting the same games a few months later.
  3. Amazing news, I wonder if Sony will make some sales on PS3/Vita games in the future.
  4. You can download any PS4 game (including some PS2 ports with trophy support) but PS3 games are stream only, I think PS Now it's not supported anymore on PS3 consoles.
  5. DLC doesn't work on PS3 games because they are streamed on PS Now, you'll have to play the games from their consoles while the DLC will be on yours, so unfortunately that's not a workaround atm. I wish you could download these games to your PS3 at least.
  6. Not a good month imo, only 3 games and 2 are timed (and for a GaaS 3 months it's too short) I can wait for a complete version of BL3 on PS5. My sub ends this month and right now there's no reason to buy another year, I can see both games on PS+ in the future.
  7. I would say try the mp on a alt account and see if you like it but you'll probably don't, and even if you do it's probably dead by now. Imho the trilogy platinums are not worth it, the first one cause of mp, Rise has a really weird second walkthrough with cards acting as modifiers and Shadow climbing mechanics were a nightmare for me even on my first playthrough, and you're supposed to beat it only saving at checkpoints. I liked the trilogy despite the plats and the first game was my favourite followed by Rise, hated many things in Shadow though.
  8. That's it I just did it, getting the platinum on Road Bustle. Probably the platinum on RDR as I wasn't a mp guy back then, and still suck nowadays.
  9. Besides the slideshow fps at times and the confusing map Control was a surprise for me, and introduced me to Poets of the Fall which I love now. Still have to play through the dlcs but I'm sure I'll enjoy my time going back to it.
  10. I wish I could not expect a Legend of Dragoon and Vagrant Story remake/sequel, but I can't.
  11. Only one and peekaboo on post game, what really sucks is that you can't 100% without VR.
  12. Damn this trophy was rage inducing I got it after maybe 50 attempts, never could figure the touchpad so I did it kinda the hard way. It's mostly luck but if you shoot the enemies while they attack, or leave them one hit away from kill they stun and give you some time.
  13. I don't mind most people calling them free, it's just a way to simplify the way we name the PS+ games, but some people acting like they are really free are infuriating.
  14. True, here in South America I can only find games on dominion, and most people are higher levels. It's a shame cause the gameplay is nice, Ubi let me switch regions or make it f2p idk.
  15. I would stay away of 2k online games if you care for completion percentages, lots of grinding, servers shutting down early and mtx. The NBA games at least have one of the more toxic communities out there too.
  16. I still have flashbacks of the story of this game and it's been over two years since I played it, I highly recommend it for that reason alone, gameplay it's kinda meh but it's not a long game. To really judge Rime you'll have to finish it though, the best part it's the ending.
  17. Fall Guys, most trophies are too easy, but Infallible it's not worth it.
  18. I got it mostly with these but also works: Clothing - Lacoste Charity - Advantage Everyone Other - Toshiba If you're number 1 just simulate games and even losing will get you the best sponsors in no time.
  19. PS4: Strider - 5.50% PS3: Dragon Age Origins - 6.38% (hope we get a new DA on PS5)
  20. I loved this game, even when the combat it's a mess mostly on the pacifist run. If you like stories in games it's a really good one and there aren't many vampire games out there atm. Didn't have many issues with bugs.
  21. It's a really nice addition for any fantasy, puzzle or 2d lover. And also a lighthearted halloween themed game like MediEvil, I'm enjoying both.
  22. Do this glitch only work with vanilla edition or can you do it with the Aurora edition? I'm planning on buying it physical for the dlc but ranger hardcore doesn't sound too appealing to me.
  23. Really likes fighting games and has mastered the clunkiness of SoTC lol. Also saludos amigo tico!
  24. Wasn't expecting a good month after the success of Fall Guys, but at least they could give us one game that isn't on PSNow. Well my backlog can rest this month at least.
  25. Team games are fun the first times, after that they become a chore.