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  1. Can confirm, got my missing rewards after closing the game and starting again.
  2. Persona 4 and 5, Metro series and Kingdom Come Deliverance.
  3. With disc of course, even if most of the purchases are digital I'd rather have the option of both, and also to support physical games on the future.
  4. Based on the reviews it's a great game, maybe not a masterpiece but there aren't many samurai games and it's always good to have a new IP.
  5. Titanfall 2, I just suck at FPSs and after trying a few times becomes the master I gave up.
  6. I'm just starting the game and it's quite confusing at times, it definitely could use some waypoint markers.
  7. US guess: PS4: Secret Ponchos or driveclub if finished. PS3: AC III or Far Cry 3 and another less important title (the PS3 INC has been better in the past months) Vita: Agree on TWD Season 1 and a cross buy indie or PSP game, don't really care about here. Just get me good PS3 games that i'm saving for the PS4!