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  1. Started a new PSN account with new PS4. Is there any way to add this new account to my PSNProfiles? I'm assuming a new PSNProfile account is required?

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    2. NotAFoxAnymore


      Yeah you'll have to ask sly

    3. Malfuras


      Ah i never saw that option at the bottom. I think that is what I was looking for. Thanks!

    4. NotAFoxAnymore


      I don't think that'll add your new one to your profile though

  2. Not entirely sure why I always get excited by the new PS+ line up. Just more games to add to the ever increasing pile of games I'll never get to. I miss the early days when there were barely any games to play!
  3. I'd trade the wife for one in a heartbeat. No, wait that doesn't work. I have a PS4, I just want a second one because the wife is also a gamer and I do not do sharing well! Guess if i traded the wife in i'd then be a lonely guy with two PS4's.....
  4. Exactly what my wife said when I wanted the Batman one. Quite true I suppose. Very much disliking this controller. Ugly. But then I, like Lego Batman, only work in black... or very dark grey.
  5. Probably end up playing through 3 times then! That's alot of slow paced wandering!
  6. Liking the fact that I had a few games on the go destined for Platinum status. The two games displayed on my trophy card are none of those games. Blasted distractions!

  7. I'm doing a natural play through first. Enjoying myself but not looking forward to coming back through later on to mop up all the collectables. Especially Completionist. Currently got 3 peoples story arcs open. No idea where they end! Yesterday I got bored. This morning i was awake at 6am eager to play again!
  8. I have to say I was disappointed to hear that they were changing the voice. People didn't seem to think much of Peter Dinklage's performance, saying it seemed a bit phoned in. After Game Of Thrones he can do no wrong in my eyes. Tyrion for president/prime minister/world overlord! However my interest in Destiny was short lived and after playing the Dark Below I realised I hadn't even noticed there was no ghost voice at all! Should I return to Destiny I will be intrigued to see if I notice the new voice talent. I do hear Mr North is rather good at what he does....
  9. The good old days.
  10. Watching my wife play this game now. So strange seeing a setting in a video game so close to home. ....Ale of the day 50p!? I need to find this pub! Really look forward to unravelling the mystery for myself.
  11. Feel like i'm a little late to the party for the Summer Backlog challenge but I like the idea. For me this is more like a yearly goal! My backlog is a 3rd of my collection and that's only counting the games I have started! So here goes my backlog games to finish.... in 2020..... 1. Batman Arkham Knight- Had already started trying to clear out some old games on my profile so I told my wife not to buy any new games for my birthday. This arrived. Awesome game. Will aim to finish asap. 2. Need For Speed Rivals- A return to grinding through the levels and gold medals. 3. Wolfenstein The New Order- Not sure I can beat it on Uber even with the patch trick but will certainly scream in fury at it for a bit. 4. The Last of Us- Probably won't finish as I won't put the time in on the multi-player but plenty of other Trophies to earn. 5. Killzone Shadow Fall- Same as the Last of Us. My oldest game and worth another play through after a year. 6. Dragon Age Inquisition- Nightmare... hmmmm..... 7. Final Fantasy X- Grind, grind, grind, GRIND!!! 8. Don't Starve- The wife added it. Don't like it. But i feel dirty that all Trophies gained from this game were not earn't by me. 9. Outlast- Scares the crap out of my wife and she's always sat next to me. Not sure when this one gets done. 10. Singstar Ultimate Party- Alcohol. Lot's and lot's of alcohol. It's a shame that out of that list i can personally only see 3 getting 100% but I can dream.
  12. I'd choose Armello. Looks like the one I'd be most interested in. In fairness it doesn't really matter, I still have purchased games yet to play. Time just slips away....
  13. So tired! Apparantly my time spent with Batman last night mainly involved him spinning slowly in a circle as I dozed off.

    1. Fatty_Fatness


      Apparently I watched the first 3 full episodes of Bojack Horseman last night, in much the same manner.

  14. Every game I've played has caused bad language and shaking of controllers at Tv's at some stage or another. Gaming brings all my rage to the surface when things don't go my way. Most recent was last night. Alien Isolation One Shot Trophy. Killed by a F***ING tram on the last level. Previous save then got screwed when I wasn't paying attention and got facehugged straight after. I don't get that much time to play and so that was my last three nights wasted because of the stupidest death ever. A tram..... Grrrr.
  15. My circumstances have changed somewhat since I bought my Vita. In the beginning I worked nights and it helped the down time fly by at 2 in the morning. Secondly because I worked nights my only Playstation time was during the day. This clashed with the Pepper Pig marathons and so remote play was a godsend. Unfortunately nowadays my poor Vita just gathers dust as I choose to play my PS4 when I get the chance. Still, there are occasions when the missus steals the PS4 and so trusty old FFX gets given a bit of play time. Was my Vita worth it!? Atm I'd probably say no but it is a fantastic piece of kit and would still recommend one.