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  1. I think you'll still have to download it, but it will be free. After you've started the game and selected or created a saved game, you'll be at the main menu. From there you want to select "downloadable content", then select the "Online Pass LE" to download it.
  2. From what I'm seeing online, you'll just need to claim the online pass from within the game. Once EA stopped requiring the online pass, it was downloadable for free.
  3. I wanted to let everyone know that the WALK OF FAME trophy is currently obtainable. Dollhouse has not been patched recently, though, so as far as I know SOUND OF MUSIC is still unfortunately broken. A PSN friend of mine just won it on 15 August 2020, and I just won it today, 16 August 2020. ^^^ my friend's trophy screenshot. He ended up getting it by winning a match after he had merely played 25 matches with each nominee. ^^^ my trophy screenshot. I unlocked it after winning 25 matches with each nominee except for one. The trophy popped when I'd won 24 matches with the last nominees, but I had played additional matches with that nominee, so maybe one counted somehow.
  4. Oh, cool! I never played with it on there. I'd probably end up setting it from the PS4 rather than the app, since you can at least get "custom" colors based on the picture. So I guess I'd only prefer controlling it from here if we had lots of colors from which to choose. Of course it's all moot anyway since it's not tied to this border here anymore AND we can't change it here, but... now I know a new way to customize my PS profile. Thanks!
  5. It's really been not quite 2 years. The original post in 2015 was because they didn't know how to get it to change. The problem where the change no longer syncs to this website started around November 2018. It would be nice if we could just customise it here, since I assume there is no incentive on Sony's part to facilitate the syncing of PS3 or PSVita profile info. Or I wonder if there could be a way to pull the PS4 profile background color... I'd prefer controlling it here instead, since the PS4 color is tied to whatever cover image is being used.
  6. Up until last night I thought the "ROOM 1313" trophy was unobtainable at the current version, but happily I was wrong. Since I started playing again in May, I had been scouring the Hotel level every time, in both SP and MP, and could never find Room 1313 (except for one time when it was boarded up). I had never looked for it before because I didn't know it was a trophy requirement until then. According to the devs on Steam, they deliberately made it so that there should be a Room 1313 in the Hotel level every time it loads. This may only apply to the single-player campaign; I don't know if the same intent was there for multiplayer. After re-reading that Steam post last night, I uninstalled the game, unplugged from the internet, and re-installed from disc to play it at the release version (1.0.0). My save file was considered corrupted since the game version was regressed, so I deleted the local copy of it and started with a fresh one. Luckily I got the Hotel in Chapter 3, and sure enough, within 3.5 minutes I found an open door labeled "1313". I walked into the room (because that was supposed to be enough to get the trophy, according to the aforementioned post by the devs), but it was late and I didn't have the patience to wait more than seven seconds, so I closed the door. As soon as I did that, the trophy popped. The screenshot that was automatically captured seems to support my theory that you have to interact with door to get the trophy to pop. Then today, when I re-installed the digital copy of the game, downloaded my original save, and started up the SP campaign, the "MASTER OF ILLUSTRATION" trophy popped suddenly. The last thing I had been doing in that save file was playing the MP and making lots of chalk marks in there, so this is making me think more that my issue with finding Room 1313 in the Hotel level was my save file. I also verified with my alt account that I was able to find Room 1313 while playing the latest digital version of the game.
  7. Seeing a few news articles today about a single study, based on a questionnaire filled out by a single group of people, that is primarily focusing on the relationship between loot boxes in video games and problem gambling.

    I'm totally looking forward to the inevitable distillation of the findings and article headlines into overwrought cries ofย "video games cause gambling addiction!"ย ๐Ÿ™„

  8. BLUF: They appear to be working on a final patch for trophy-related issues at least, but they don't have a date yet. In a 19 May 2020 post on Steam the developer said, "We hope to get a final update out sometime this year to fix them as a token of our appreciation for the support." When I emailed them a bug report on 27 May, part of the Creazn program manager's response on 29 May was "...once we are able to get a date approved to roll out a patch, we cannot accept or fix anymore issues, so that is why we want to have as much as we can by then. We also cannot guarantee a fix for all, but we will make sure the trophies are a top priority..."
  9. Manual transmission is more fun. Makes me feel kind of... one with the car. When my car had to get repairs done and I had to drive a rental with an automatic for a week, it felt more like a video game where I was fake-driving The only time I sort of wouldn't mind an automatic is when there's stop-and-creep traffic. Gets kind of painful on the ol' clutch knee.
  10. There is a timer that is set at the beginning of each match. When setting up the match it indicates the timer will be set to seven minutes but sometimes it's more. I've seen up to ten minutes so far. So, if no player has 13 memories by the time 7-10 minutes has elapsed, whoever has the most memories is the winner. If it's a tie, even though a "Best Actor" is picked, it doesn't seem to be counted as a win in the nominee stats. If someone can collect 13 memories within three minutes, then the match will be over in three minutes. Being It during multiplayer does not let you see the memories*, but I think what you are asking is if the other players can Focus to see the memories through your eyes. While you are not It you can press (triangle) to Focus to see through the eyes of your pursuer; however, you cannot follow them, which is the same way it works in the campaign. As far as movement goes, the only thing you can do is turn in place, and potentially watch your pursuer track you down and kill you. However, while you are Focusing, you can track memories by pressing (R2 trigger), and the markers for all memories found remain as long as they do in the campaign. I think you can switch between other players as well, as I can see a prompt to press (up) or (down) on the D-pad, which doesn't do anything for me while I'm in a two-player match. As the scene comes to a close, tracking becomes unavailable, the view will change, and all you'll see is a screen reading: PLEASE STAND BY I'M CHASING YOU This is also what you see if you attempt to Focus while you are It, during the short breaks between scenes, and during the time remaining after you've killed your target and the end of the scene. *One slight exception is that one of the nominees, Stephen, has the ability to reveal a memory for five seconds. He can use this ability whether he's "it" or not, as long as he has enough stock.
  11. The match ends when one of these conditions is met: One of the players collects 13 memories (film canisters) The timer on the match runs out. The matches are about 7 minutes long each. When you kill someone, it just counts as a kill, so it will only count toward the HERE IT IS! and BACKSTAB trophies.
  12. I got the EVELYN'S SECRET trophy today, and DOLLHOUSE, so all the "Become..." trophies are obtainable. I had to play through the campaign twice to become Evelyn, but the first time may have glitched out on me because I was blacklisting all the memories for the HOLLYWOOD BLACKOUT trophy. I got to play multiplayer today, and learned some good stuff, so now I'm changing my assessment of the MP trophies. I thought the MP was asymmetrical, where one player was It, and all the other players were Nominees, but I was wrong. Here's the basics: All players are Nominees. At alternating times during a session, you are either a target, or you are "It" hunting down a specific target player that the game picks for you. You can only kill while you are "It", and you may only be able to kill the target which has been picked for you. (By the time I started to get the hang of what was going on, there were only two of us playing, so I'm not sure if you are limiting to killing only one target, or if being It temporarily makes everyone else fair game.) The session is over when a player collects 13 film canisters (memories). These are collected by picking them up in the environment, and by killing other nominees. So if you've picked up 6 and then kill a nominee who has picked up 7, you win. There may also be a session timer, where if it runs out before someone picks up 13 canisters, then whoever has the most film canisters wins. Based on these basic rules, it is theoretically possible to get all the MP trophies by the time you've played the 425 sessions required to get the nominee-based trophies. Assuming none of them are glitched, of course. This is the rough order in which you might win the trophies if you are just boosting them:: HOW IT BEGAN Finished a multiplayer match. HERE IT IS! Killed your first victim as It. ALL STAR CAST Won a match of multiplayer with each nominee. ROLE MODEL Won 100 matches with a single nominee. WALK OF FAME Won 25 games with each nominee in multiplayer. [I have 14 nominees in my gallery. So... 350 games?] BACKSTAB Kill 500 people playing as It. Again, this assumes none of the MP trophies are glitched, and I know it's been rumored that WALK OF FAME is. I believe it is still necessary to have eight people in one session from start to finish in order to unlock the JOIN THE PARTY (Finish a multiplayer match with a full party) trophy. For anyone who is interested in trying out multiplayer, consider joining the PlayStation "Dollhouse Together" Community. That was how I ended up playing MP today. Someone created an event a few days ago, and a couple of us joined up. It wasn't a boosting session-- they just wanted to really play-- but it was fun, especially since the event creator had a mic and was willing to explain the mechanics.
  13. Creazn are still trying to support this game. Posted by the developer two days ago on the Steam page for Dollhouse: 'Creazn [developer] May 19 @ 7:12pm "We are currently compiling an updated list of issues/bugs in regards to trophies/cheevos that are unobtainable. We hope to get a final update out sometime this year to fix them as a token of our appreciation for the support. When we have new info, we will let everyone know! Edit: Please keep reporting the issues and in great detail to reproduce. If it's a trophy/cheevo, give us much info as possible when reporting. Please send all the info to [email protected]com" Last edited by Creazn; May 20 @ 3:40pm'
  14. To be precise, the first time I finished the campaign in June, I had become Katherine, but the "Become..." trophies weren't working. I didn't get any trophy for it at the time. The next time I played the game again was in October, and the VESPER MARTINI trophy popped while it was starting up. That's why I've said it may not be the trophy that was glitched, but the update itself.
  15. I have two updates: 1) I just completed my fourth playthrough, trying again to become Katherine. I'm happy to report that I did get the HELLO KATHERINE trophy. ๐Ÿ˜Œ 2) The following is a tiny bit spoiler-ish, so I'm going to mark it as such. It's about the VINYLS I've found so far. And I have not unlocked the SOUND OF MUSIC trophy. ๐Ÿ˜’