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  1. If anyone's been wondering how that The Stanley Parable port/upgrade-to-consoles-thing is going, *cough* @ChristIllusion12 *cough*, Crows Crows Crows recently posted an update:





    1. ChristIllusion12


      Best update ever xD 

    2. DaisyVilla102


      Right?!  I've never enjoyed disappointment more.

    3. ChristIllusion12


      Best reply ever xDxD 

  2. Doctor Zoidberg, I presume?
  3. Dollhouse for PS4 is now at version 1.2.5 (Update 1.06). Some updates on the previous notes, and an additional note: Previous patch note 1: Now when "MULTIPLAYER" is highlighted in the menu, there are no special notes, so it appears they've squashed the bugs. Previous complaint: I'm still experiencing glitches with the Chalk passive enhancements. Nothing game-breaking, just annoying. Three of them are mixed up, so that what you equip in the Safe isn't what shows as your loadout. Plus, the one of them that I REALLY want to use, doesn't work at all, even if I equip all three of them to cover my bases. Previous trophy note 1: It appears that playing the campaign in the "Voyeur" mode will not prevent you from getting any single-player trophies. So each of the "Become ______ at the end of the campaign" trophies*, and the "DOLLHOUSE" and "ONCE UPON A TIME" trophies, are obtainable in the no-death mode. Previous trophy note 2: The "7 REASONS WHY" trophy can be obtained while playing in "Voyeur" mode. *New trophy note 3: In my previous play-through I thought I had become Ivy, but when I started up the game last night for the first time after a three-month break, the "VESPER MARTINI" trophy popped during the loading screens, so I guess I was mistaken about that. I finished another Voyeur play-through today, getting "BLACK DAHLIA" this time, and got "ONCE UPON A TIME" and "INVISIBLE WOMAN", so it appears that some trophies require another play-through in order to pop, even if the requirements were met previously. @lordzeze --adding you here since you specifically asked for an update about the Invisible Woman trophy.
  4. I've played a game where you had to find 300 of one type of item and 500 of another, although that was in an open-world where you could keep on searching even after the main campaign was over. If you have to keep starting over from the beginning and playing through the whole game to revisit each area then, yeah, that creeps in to pain-in-the-ass territory. 🤔 On the other hand, if it's fun enough, replaying might not be too bad.
  5. I second most of the games mentioned already ("most" being the ones that I've played before, anyway) but I gotta say Nex Machina too because it's a really overlooked gem Also, -KLAUS- is quite good.
  6. I played it on the Xbox One recently, and the 2nd through 6th achievement didn't pop for me, even though they are unmissable. It may have been because at one point I left the game on for too long without playing and the console went into a standby state automatically. When I powered it back up, it started the game right where I left it, and I just kept playing. This could apply to only some or even none of you, but maybe if you put the Vita down and it goes into screen/power saver mode, maybe the game reacts (badly) to that as "standby" mode, too...?
  7. I get the same results, though: Settings > Account Management > Link with Other Services > Facebook > Publish Settings > Publish to this Facebook audience [still tells me this comes from the facebook settings] It's still at "Only Me", and I can't change it from there, either. 😣 I actually prefer it to be "Only Me"; it just bugs me that I can't figure how to change it to something else if I wanted to.
  8. I tried it, and it didn't work--immediately, anyway. I'll leave it set to public for a day or two and see if just takes a while to take effect.
  9. I... don't know. The posts to facebook are coming from "PlayStation Network", but I can't find that app in my facebook settings anymore. Even the PS4 tells you to look there*, but I'm having no luck. *From the PS4: Settings > Sharing and Broadcasts > Link with Other Services > Facebook > Publish Settings > Publish to this Facebook audience [comes from the facebook settings]
  10. @melodicmizery lol oops! I changed mine to "only me" a long time ago, so I just make 'em "public" or whatever afterwards if I want to.
  11. Not just you--it's happening for me now, too.
  12. Dollhouse for PS4 is now at version 1.1.2A. Some additional notes: Patch note 1: Now when "MULTIPLAYER" is highlighted in the menu, there is a message that reads, "[BETA] Bugs & issues are present in this version. Please report any issues you find to our Hub & Discord!" They are actively working on updates for the game, as today they just posted patch notes for version 1.1.4A for Steam, which was mostly Multiplayer fixes. Patch note 2: They patched the flashlight--now when you press the circle button to exit a menu, it doesn't turn the flashlight on or off as well. I've encountered a glitch with the Chalk passive enhancements. Nothing game-breaking, just annoying. Three of them are mixed up, so that what you equip in the Safe isn't what shows as your loadout. Plus, the one of them that I REALLY want to use, doesn't work at all, even if I equip all three of them to cover my bases. Trophy note 1: It appears that there are at least seven trophies that require playing the campaign in the regular mode, not as "Voyeur". I finished the campaign in Voyeur mode last night, and became Ivy, but the associated trophy did not pop. So each of the "Become ______ at the end of the campaign" trophies, and the "DOLLHOUSE" and "ONCE UPON A TIME" trophies, look like they will require running from the monster and dying over and over (at least it will for me) 😒 Trophy note 2: It's also possible the "7 REASONS WHY" trophy requires a regular playthrough. Unlockable mode: Completing the campaign, even in Voyeur mode, will unlock the "FINAL TAKE" mode. Now I have that option in the Campaign menu, and when I highlight it, "YOU WILL ONLY HAVE 1 LIFE. CONTINUE?" is displayed. The developers posted a "Dollhouse Survival Guide" on the Steam community page for the game. Helpful for getting you started
  13. @BG_painter I doubt very much I'll get the plat, with multiplayer requirements involved. I'm just happy I'm getting some enjoyment out of the game. I had pre-ordered it from Best Buy and was beginning to regret it. @lordzeze will do! An additional note about the atmosphere in Voyeur mode: it's still creepy. The mannequins move unexpectedly, although I haven't had any show up behind me like they did when I was playing in regular mode. Also, you do still see the killer-mannequin show up from time to time. When she is in close proximity to you, everything goes dark and kinda woozy. It's spooky. If she shows up while you're unlocking a memory, you can see her silhouette in the light from the camera. And it's still unnerving to hear her talking to you while she searches you out.
  14. I'm playing in Voyeur mode now, and finished Chapter 1. Some things I've figured out: Voyeur mode does not disable trophies completely. I imagine "Invisible Woman" would be unobtainable, though. Even though changing to Voyeur starts a new game, you keep the photos and recordings you found when playing in regular mode. Chalk is more useful than I'd thought. When you "doodle" (the game's word, not mine) with it, it creates a marker that you can see no matter how far away you move from it. The story fragments that you find are used in a puzzle of sorts. One of the last rooms in the maze that you can enter contains a script that you have to fix, using the story fragments that you've found. I found all the fragments before starting the script-fix puzzle, and it auto-filled the fragments into the script for me, so... not much of a puzzle. Maybe if you don't find them all first you have to figure out on your own where they go...? Throughout the maze there are rooms in which you can find collectibles, supplies, and evidence to analyze. Once you've fixed the script, these rooms are closed off to you. Also throughout the maze there are corkboards on stands up against the walls. On these corkboards are fliers that give you little hints and reminders about gameplay. I would recommend playing with headphones on, as it makes it easier to hear the sound cues that you get. According to one of the fliers, the collectible albums provide more sound cues. The final room in the maze is the cutting room, which is also where you started. In it you will take the Memories that you have found in the maze and edit them together into a trailer. The memories don't seem to be connected at all, but each one has an enhancement that will apply to your abilities if you keep the memory by adding it into the trailer. Depending on whose memory it is, you'll get something like "Increases your Stock Inventory by +1", or "Decreases the amount of locked doors by 1%".
  15. I fired it up again this morning. I was incorrect; I needed to collect three more objects, but then I died and lost the first one so... back to needing four. Unless I get lucky and find where I died the last time. Also, in regards to the flash, you get one available to use if the flashlight is fully charged. The flashlight auto-charges slowly while it is turned off. Slight annoyance about the flashlight, though, is that when you enter the pause menu (using the options button), to exit the menu you must press the circle button, which is also the trigger for turning on the flashlight, so somehow they left it so that the flashlight gets turned on whenever you exit the menu. If you don't realize the flashlight is on, once it's been on for a few seconds it will drain the battery enough that you can't use the flash until it recharges again. Hasn't been crucial yet but I can see the potential for it. The killer-mannequin ("It") talks occasionally while she's searching for you. I've been wearing headphones, but I'm not sure I can really judge where she's at when she talks. I'm not even sure that's a mechanic they built in to the game. When she's close enough to me to trigger the "imminent death" music and the red border on the screen, I definitely cannot tell where she is. I was at a corner, took a guess, and started sprinting in one direction. I chose poorly. By the time I saw her it was too late. There's definitely a lot of tension because of that, so if that's what you're looking for in a horror game, this might be the one for you. I looked at the trophy list this morning, and I agree with @Cosmokeeper. From the trophy descriptions, it seems like the multiplayer is similar to Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th, where you can play as one of a group of potential victims (I think they are called "Nominees" in this game), or you can play as "It". If you're going for all the trophies, you'll have to play as "It" enough to kill 500 people, win 100 matches as a single nominee, and win 25 games with each nominee (I think there are 14 total). I don't know if they are using the words "match" and "game" interchangeably, either, so I'm not sure if one is harder to accomplish than the other. @BG_painter, I suggest checking out the steam page for the game. It looks like some of the bugs (for the PC version at least) are being addressed in a new patch, so complaints about most of those may no longer be relevant. However, it turns out the SP gameplay is definitely "fetch-quest in a maze while hopefully staying out of reach of some killer-mannequin". I'll probably play in voyeur mode to see the story, but I don't plan to play for any trophies. It seems like you get the story through collecting recordings, memory fragments, story fragments, and pictures. There are also albums you can collect, but I'm not sure what purpose they serve. The pictures are just that--they have no accompanying text beyond a short cryptic title. And if you pick up a recording, be sure to listen the first time it plays, because there doesn't appear to be a way to replay it from the inventory menu. The one memory fragment that I unlocked seems to be just a picture, but maybe it will mean more when I unlock the other three. Speaking of the story fragments, Marie is the first character you play as, and so far I have collected 6-7 of hers. They are somehow written in chalk on the leaves of the hedge maze, and you do not lose the number of them that you collected when you die. However, when I checked my inventory this morning, most of the phrases I had previously collected had changed into something else. The steam reviews state that the mazes are procedurally-generated, so now I'm wondering if the phrases are tied to locations dependent on the pre-fabbed areas that get generated after each death. That's... kinda weird. I guess maybe all the fragments are spread across all stages so that you can only collect all of them in a complete campaign as each character, meaning how each subsequent stage is built is dependent on the ones previous to it.