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  1. What the hell is the point of trophy hunting if you aren't going to do it legit
  2. On item collecting trophies, so you have to have them in bank and invwntory or just collect them as you go and able to sell ?
  3. im assuming you are unaware of this game being offline?
  4. i think having a platinum isn't enough to justify how hard it must have been to get it offline i havent been able to find a list of people who completed plat'ing WKC qualifications: must have started the game after the date the servers shut down. i will add a honorable mention for players who didnt play much when the server was up and plat'ed the game after. drop me a comment below and i'll add you to the list! *i havent played WCK yet, but its in the mail and i would like to shoot for the elusive and rare offline WCK plat * Players: - - - - -