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  1. DLC

    that is the problem in mission list I have just 2 side missions + races but nothing else no any cyan square with ! at all :/
  2. DLC

    Any tip how to start DLC??, I beat the game already. today I have downloaded dlc start the game and it said "if u wanna play faster baby go to the voice" but there is nothing on the map. the additional map is block and I don't know what to do now. any help please, just dont tell me that I have to start over again
  3. If u know english then it is easy. u have nice help guide in the game where is almost everything axpleined. + always if u dont know the goole will help with everything since the game is not first year out and way tooo many tutorials/videos are on the internet.
  4. Hi for those who is having problem I did video where you can find your first 10 gold nuggets, after that the rest (90) will appear on the map Hope it will help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0q9laDWDyg
  5. I was and Im using default on my PS4, PS3, PSVita. I only changing color to the darkest possible. I have try many themes for free or even for money but default is default :D
  6. ////////////// Dont know how many symbols was there (Dont know how to call that guy in a Rainbow 6 game ) + FatyCZ, People think that Im FAT but F A and T are first letters of my surname :D
  7. My trophy list is messed up already screw that Thank you for NBA 2K16 is impossible to plat this game but I dont care about that
  8. #43 Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (PS4) Hong Kong Legend Rarity: Uncommon (23.82%) Enjoyment: 5/10 Yesterady finally after 4 months- Last mission (Death by A Thousand Cuts) was terrible
  9. Only 18+ And this one is cool
  10. 2 285. Wish to reduce that but jesus who is playing old games on PS3 these days :/
  11. Killzone (PS4). is not worth it (online trophies)
  12. Playing for fun not for the trophies ? I don't know
  13. Yeah, Right now I dont need other DC game but I wish they would add SUVs class like Maserati levante, Bentley bentayga, BMW X5,X6, Mercedes-Benz GLE,GLK, Range Rover sport etc....
  14. The will make Driveclub rally or boats or whatever there will be platinum just like with bikes but DCL for bikes will be in DC rally or boats list :D endless game seems to me but thats good
  15. Coz they reach the max limit of trophies on that main DRIVECLUB list. So I gues max is 128 trophies or maybe is the limit by points??