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  1. You’ll be fine, they didn’t show up either if I had collected them in my first run. Just double check your chapter progress on the main menu once in awhile to make sure everything is registering. 😄
  2. Got that maduin momento! That Sandstalker game gets easier if you keep playing and playing and start to figure the mini game out and how it works
  3. Hello everyone! Would really like that silver trophy. Please heart me @ bwithcsu20 I will gladly return the favor!!!
  4. EA turned Star Wars into crap the same way WWE turned the NWO into crap. We deserve better!!!
  5. The story is no where near as good as the ff7-ff10 games and I thought it got kind of boring but finished up alright. Kind of like ff15. But the more I played ff12 the more addicting it became. There is so much stuff to do outside the storyline that you could easily get lost in for weeks! Doing all the hunts/marks and eventually beating yiazmat is worth playing the game alone besides the story!
  6. But which Walking Dead? I take it you are talking about the Telltale one and I found that one to be great even though I'm not a fan of the series. But I bought the other one and wow it was horrible. And then rescuing a survivor trophy glitched on me and I had to continue to start over and drive back and forth on my map for hours to actually have her show up again. Terrible experience but happy to have the plat!
  7. I would love to join! Put me down for chocobo trainer? I've got plats in five games and am currently finishing up ff15. Here they are: FF13 FF13-2 FF Lightning Returns FF7 FF Type Zero
  8. Do a different game, Dragon age is amazing but eats up a lot of your time! But if your just trying to beat the storyline and not go for all the trophies it's worth a shot.
  9. Seriously? It wasn't too hard, how's that Jurassic World qoute go?!? Run!
  10. Resident Evil 5 got me back in gaming!
  11. Add trophies to these games and I'll buy them again in a second!
  12. Final Fantasy 7, 8, and 9 by far! I also think Final Fantasy 12 as well, not as popular but I had a lot of fun with it