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  1. Get 72 points or less in Normal Golf - 18 Holes. This mission is absolutely insane. The wind RNG also makes this 10x more worse than it already would be without. The power bar system is absolute **** too (either that or I just fail to understand how to properly use it). Does anyone have any tips/strategies or gameplay of them doing it, please? This is the only minigame mission that I seriously struggle to even think about being able to complete (well aside from Monkey Tennis: Beat a Pro CPU, but that's just more about using brute force and eventually getting lucky).
  2. All I did was ONLY use R1 throughout the whole game and spammed whenever the crosshair was roughly over an enemy (never used regular freefire mode). Can't lose your hit streak if you can't miss.
  3. This is definitely around a 9/10. Even with the jump feature, the harder marathons are extremely difficult. Not to mention all 747 missions need to be completed, which I completely underestimated. Some red goals can get absolutely insane. On top of the difficulty, there's also a shitload to do. Definitely not for the faint hearted. Nonetheless, the game has been a blast so far. But hey, at least we don't have to clear the Decathlon 36 times again. 🙂