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  1. I've finished the game today. Texture pop in is absolutely annoying. I'm not looking out for it but I still see it all the time. If you don't notice it count yourself lucky. Towards the end of the game the framerate (when riding the bike at full speed) is truly horrible. Once the whole map opened all my trips were suffering low framerate. I would love to play a sequel where it's locked 60fps just to make the gameplay quick and fluid.
  2. You wouldn't say that if you were playing and running into issues like me. I'm playing PS4 pro on 4k HDR and episodes of texture popping and frame drops are atrocious. Sure most of the time the visuals are great but it doesn't make up for the fact that any session with the game will have these technical slowdowns which ruin the immersion. It's the most inconsistent game I've played this gen.
  3. What should I change my username to?
  4. I bumped my item discovery to 380 and got 5 Proofs in 30 min. Later got 1 in an hour and 0 in the next hour (400 ID by then). I seriously hate everything about this grind and people who came up with this broken shit should go f... themselves.
  5. Good shout, I just started ng+ and beat Crystal Sage. I don't have a clue where my Anri's Sword is even though I did the quest and got the last ending. I was so angry at all of this I totally forgot about the Crystal Rapier again. Anyway I finally got those knights to drop me two Proofs of Concord so at least I can believe it's possible. But god what am I doing with my life.
  6. This Proof of Concord business is a farce. I've farmed Anor Londo knights so much, even before going for items, just for the souls earlier in the playthrough. In all have not seen one drop. I only had a single drop somewhere else and found two. So all in all got three. I can get to 312 item discovery because don't have that rapier and can't respec cos would be killed by knights instantly. I'm giving up hope.
  7. I'm at 83 km driven on OEM wheels. Done mostly in pvp. And still no trophy! It's a useless situation when even the developer knows about a bug and still - after all this time - doesn't fix it. I got the game for free but will not buy any DLC because of this joke of a trophy. Edit: got the trophy shortly after changing the car (but using same wheels) at about 93 km. Did changing the car work? Did the stars align perfectly for the trophy to pop? No one knows! It's sucks they didn't: A) change the trophy description to "random distance" or B ) fix the fuckin tracker so it goes to 500 km and pops the trophy then.
  8. List of all cards here or here For me the last card was Harpy here
  9. "Dedicated ranger" from Road Not Taken 0.65% I enjoy having it