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  1. This is a little 5x5 I did real quick. In the future I'll go more in depth with each album. But this is how I was feeling about my top 25 favorite albums right now. I might've forgotten some albums that I like listening to more, but may have forgotten in my haste to make this post. You may notice there's a big Radiohead bias. Yes, they're my favorite band. From left to right, top to bottom, are my favorites 1-25: 1. Kid A - Radiohead 2. Ok Computer - Radiohead 3. Illmatic - Nas 4. Loveless - My Bloody Valentine 5. Is This It - The Strokes 6. The Bends - Radiohead 7. Reasonable Doubt - Jay-Z 8. Late Registration - Kanye West 9. In Rainbows - Radiohead 10. The Queen Is Dead - The Smiths 11. Either/Or - Elliott Smith 12. Ready To Die - Notorious B.I.G. 13. The Downward Spiral - Nine Inch Nails 14. Amnesiac - Radiohead 15. Mezzanine - Massive Attack 16. Blonde On Blonde - Bob Dylan 17. ATLiens - OutKast 18. Unknown Pleasures - Joy Division 19. Nevermind - Nirvana 20. From A Basement On A Hill - Elliott Smith 21. Marquee Moon - Television 22. Grace - Jeff Buckley 23. Scum Fuck Flower Boy - Tyler, The Creator 24. Turn On The Bright Lights - Interpol 25. The Infamous - Mobb Deep
  2. Killing Floor 2. I was gunning for fastest 100% in the world since new trophies got added. I ultimately got it, but was immediately taken over by someone else like 2 days later. It took my 4 and a half days to get it. It took the other person to get it in 2 and a half days. i could've gotten it earlier, potentially staving off the person for #1, I think I could've got it in 2 and a half days as well, but I was getting burned out playing match after match. I still have the screencaps as I knew there were more trophies going to be added in the future, they did get added, like 2 months later.
  3. The grind goes by faster if you're actually having fun. It only took about 150 hours. I was averaging about 16-20k points a game without boosts. Easily averaging 35k with 2x. I primarily played Galactic Assault about 85% of the time. I was disappointed when I got to level 50, because people were describing it as a way worse grind than it was. Hopefully they add another level cap like in Battlefront 2015, but not 100, maybe around 70 or 75. But maybe that's just me. I'm going to use this event to level up some heroes and ships. Some of you look like you're having a tough time. Maybe some tips will help you guys with this. Try using the Officer. I personally stopped using the Officer a while ago (around level 30), because I thought it got points way too easily and was just cheesy overall. Use the cards Officer's Presence, Bounty Hunter, and either a Battle Command card or Turret MKII. You don't really need the Improved Flash Grenade as the basic Flash Grenade is OP. When you use the Flash Grenade you can airburst the grenade or detonate whenever you want before the fuse runs out, press the button you used to throw it (L1) as it's in the air or just when it lands. The FG can kill people if they were hit with a blaster before and does about 100 damage if you detonated it around them. I main Assault now. When you're playing GA as the Dark Side pick Bossk. If you get him early in the match, you can get 30k without boosts, if you play your cards right. Don't be too aggressive with him. Use hit and run tactics. Jump into a room when your cards refill. Take out your Grenade Launcher (R1+L1), then throw the Dioxis (L1) in before you enter, as you enter jump and throw your proxy mines as you jump over people. You're guaranteed to get at least one kill and a few assists every time you do this. That plus all the damage points you get, you should get about 1000-1200 points every time you do this. This works better in smaller to moderately sized rooms. In huge open rooms/areas, your chances of death go up exponentially. You don't have to do this every time, as waiting for the cards to refill will take a while. But I always try to pair using my Grenades with the Dioxis Cloud. Dioxis goes through walls, and reveals people to you through walls as well. Try to lead people when you shoot your grenades, because the grenades don't shoot as fast as blasters. Bossk is the only Hero that can refill their health fully, but it heals slowly. A card can help with this if you're in your Dioxis Cloud, you'll heal about 30 health per second if you have the Epic version of the card. I like to jump around and hipfire his Relby. It does about 60 damage hipfiring, if you aim and shoot with charging it only does 20 damage. A fully charged shoot while zooming does like 180 to the chest and like 250 for a headshot. Now if you get Bossk early and are too good, games will end in the first round, as the Dark Side is usually defending, because Bossk can lockdown entire halves of the map. This has become a problem for me. So instead I started letting the opposite team get the objective if they are under 25 respawns, that's the bar on the top of the screen. I advise you to do the same. Now as some people mentioned, HvV is good for getting points. Now don't use Lightsaber Heroes if you're going for points. Damage points always outweigh kill points in this mode. Blaster Heroes or Palpatine are the way to go. Stick together in HvV. If you get separated and aren't Vader, RIP to you. Add me if you want to play sometime. I play GA and HvV mostly.
  4. It's almost like we should reserve judgement on a product, before said product releases.
  5. Well to be fair, I never bought a 2K game with the intention to Platinum it... Until 2K15. I haven't done that mistake since. I genuinely enjoy the NBA 2K games. I will still play a(ny) game regardless of if I'm going to platinum it. That way the experience of the game isn't soured (too much at least). Although sometimes getting trophies or looking at guides breaks my immersion or sours the game a little bit, but rarely does that happen.
  6. '82-0' on NBA 2K15 (PS3). That would be one of two trophies in my way for getting the Platinum (0.16%). Immortal (0.43%) is easy enough, just grindy (I got Immortal before in a few other 2K's). But I stopped as I was feeling burnout from getting trophies at the time. I was getting like 200 a month for a year. That trophy was the only hurdle I thought I couldn't get over when I started 2K15. I never got around to it, although it was always in the back of my mind, at least until the servers got shut down in 2016. But alas, trophy hunter immortality was not for me. I can still get '99 Stars, 1 LeBron' (0.08%) as it's my last trophy on 2K14 (PS3) (0.06% Platinum). So immortality's still out there for me. Wish me luck for when I decide not to be lazy and get 99 Stars. I was only 22 or so games in. The 2K14 '82-0' grind was still fresh in my mind. That grind was the worst I've ever experienced and at the time I was having thoughts about gaming in general. I kind of wish I would've powered through and got it for 2K15.
  7. Well thanks for informing us.
  8. Hey thanks for looking out fam. Got 3 avatars.
  9. This game's definitely gonna be a lot easier to plat. No more trampling 25 rebels with an AT-AT outchea. The credits limit per game seems to make getting Heroes grindy AF. Hopefully they patch it or change it to be like in Battlefront 3 where there's no limit ,eg, you could get a monster 4K (40,000 XP) credits in a single game every few games without double XP wekeends if you play your challenges and everything right in Battlefront 3. They could've bumped a few Bronzes to Silver, but maybe they were trying to "balance" the objectively easy and hard trophies, ie, grinding doesn't necessarily mean hard. But Quick Strike seems really easy as I got that like 10x during the Beta in like 50 matches and it's a SIlver.
  10. Alright, thanks for looking out fam.
  11. I don't know they just glitched I guess. I was waiting for the previous trophies first in the order to pop for a while though. Because I met the requirements a long time ago. The next ones in-line popped at the same time.
  12. Titles trophies, 'First Step of A Glorious Career' and 'I Like Titles.' Momentum trophies, 'Rolling Now' and 'I Ain't Losing To Anyone.' Should I worry about being flagged? Should I delete my user profile and try to get these again? Please respond ASAP. Sometimes my systems' sync trophies automatically, even though I disabled the option in the settings. Also never forget.
  13. I've been waiting for this announcement for a long time. Very much good. Very indeed. That box art is looking sick tbh fam.
  14. It'd probably be 'Submission Technician' from UFC 2010. Win a match with a submission transition. I have other trophies that took way longer and are way rarer. But I don't consider grindy trophies to be hard. This trophy took almost 100 attempts and maybe 2 hours. But the CPU always broke the hold even on the easiest difficulty with the best submission specialist.
  15. Def gotta be God Of War: Chains Of Olympus on the PSP.