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  1. Fallout 4. Planned but.. Planned
  2. He will hate PS5 Definite HQ Edition
  3. It will be amazing
  4. Oh, thanks! I will try this in some next weeks
  5. Finally obtained It is my eight plat for FF games, what moves me from Chocobo Trainer to Blitzball Champion
  6. Multiple characters progression counts toward this trophy. My "main" character has stuck and over 200 events are not trigger the trophy. I have created new World AND new character and 200 evens are popped on 58th event.
  7. Definitely Kingdom Hearts III
  8. Hello, I have some questions regarding this trophy/method: 1) Is any option to check how many events i've completed? 2) If it is crashed for me and if i start new world with old character - i will be able to unlock this trophy or i should create a new character as well? Thank You in advance!
  9. Is exploded with dynamite "blocks" counts toward trophy?
  10. D2 do not have any unobtainable trophies atm.
  11. But you still should start new game *Joke*
  12. Unfortunately no, looks like that 100% have cheater/dev.
  13. I am on Russian region and "In a flash" trophy in profile requires to complete ALL flashpoints in main game zones: EMZ, Io, Moon, and last one
  14. Popped at 900
  15. Hello All, I am really sad about this game trophies. I've wrote a mail to the "[email protected]" with text below: Maybe it may helps us to solve the issue. I was forgot to add that "Trophy shop" will increase sales due to "easy plat" for Trophy Hunters. Maybe together we can "fix" this game! Thank You in advance!