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    games, NFL, MLB, NBA, WWE (kinda)
  1. Did you try Eagle's post in the following thread? Seemed to work for a few others on there. http://community.us.playstation.com/t5/PlayStation-4-Support/FIXED-quot-PS4-won-t-accept-discs-quot-issue-fixed-at-home/td-p/42737701
  2. I don't have a psp or vita and already own Millionaire so i can't use them. But i enjoy comparing trophies/profiles with others so i'll send you a friend request.
  3. It's been this way since the flagging began (or at least that's when I noticed it) and my profiles been updated a number of times since then. Thanks for the reply though.
  4. The percentages for the top 5 rarest trophies it shows on my profile page change when I click the show "more" tab. In fact 1 of the trophies should be replaced with a different trophy altogether. I'm assuming it has something to do with percentages changing due to people getting flagged. It's not a big deal or anything, just putting out there.
  5. Wait a week or two. Sly said he's working on a way for people to dispute being labeled a cheater. In the meantime...relax.
  6. The PSN Back to the future games. Episode 1- 2hours,15min Episode 2- 1hour,29min Episode 3-1hour,22min Episode 4-48min Episode 5-1hour.14min
  7. Mine is... The Whole Enchilada NBA 2K11 Ultra Rare: 0.62% No idea why it's so low.
  8. Love me some NFL. Go Falcons!
  9. 87.02% My goal is to get it over 90%
  10. Favorite platinum-Batman Arkham Asylum because it was my funnest platinum to date. Proudest platinum-Gran Turismo 5 because i'm not amazingly skilled at racing games.I just put in alot of time and effort to get it. Most rewarding trophy-Mr.Perfect on Mega Man 10.Took me a year to get it but I finally got it. Hardest Trophy-It would be Mr.Perfect...but since I already picked it i'll choose A Real Challenge from Bionic Commando Rearmed. Favorite Trophy-Resist The Fear from Batman Arkham Asylum.I loved the Scarecrow missions in this game. Most Coveted-Is That All You Got from MW2.It was my first plat and lead to these sites where i've made many friends.
  11. You can always re-download and play them as long as you are a Plus member was what he meant.
  12. Hey

    Thanks for the nice welcome Played them all except 11 and 13-2 .My favorites are 10,7,and 8.
  13. Hey

    My name is Josh, i'm 26 years old, been gaming for 21 years.I enjoy all genres of games but some of my favorite PS3 games are Final Fantasy series,Fat Princess,and Madden. I recognize some of the guys here from other sites but thought i'd say a proper hello to those of you I never met.So.....