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  1. Topic. I'm struggling a lot with these! I don't have a lot of gil to spend on accessories! This is mostly for mission 54, because I got the Gold Watch from mission 64 (although I got zero star out of five and have to do it again). My characters are almost maxed out!
  2. 2/10 You get great merit for your signature tho Got ninja'd: 1000/10 Muramasa one of the best games ever dude.
  3. Banned for being absolutely wrong about my stance on this shit again. Bonus, a little rhyme: find another topic, you sound very pathetic.
  4. It's replaced with kiwis and pears. I wish my friend was gay.
  5. *(still a false accusation) They are 30-min hours. ...Console no longer recognizes me? Are you living in year 4000? I wish for a plate of bolognaise spaghetti.
  6. @-Dark Mark- @Gein
  7. Gets cancelled. FF6 is the Final Fantasy. I wish I wasn't accused of "white knighting" (whatever that means) S-E for being hyped for the FF7 Remake.
  8. Banned for being absolutely wrong.
  9. Don't be such a vegan.
  10. Kill all humans. #All lives don't matter #Fuck hash tags
  11. I fucking love this game. Seriously. I haven't beat it yet, but so far It really makes Bloodborne and Dark Souls look like easy games. Took me 2-3 weeks to complete BB/DS3, but it might take me a few months to even just beat Nioh.
  12. Drowzee dude
  13. Rudora no Hihō, dude
  14. How's it going dude? Me and Maxie would like to be part of the gang.

  15. It's been a while since I've been this drunk.
  16. 10/10 Hackerman???
  17. fuck me
  18. with B/W merchandise
  19. Franc mason level III
  20. Is my French cousin!
  21. Is a flower pot.
  22. P5 Valkyrie Profile 3 or Resonance of Fate 2
  23. Look son, another anime avatar. 3/10
  24. Pokkén