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  1. No don't ever buy the ps vita version of borderlands it's just no worth it crush every time better get the ps3 version of the game of the upcoming for ps4 just don't spend money and a broken port game better buy soul sacrifice.
  2. Pokemon on vita would be great but I got a better one on mind well 2 First Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright as well with trophies Welcome to the world of Ace Attorney. You have just star a New Game. Long time no see Wright Confront against Edward Miles in a trail. Great work Mr. Wrong you make a Objection! with out proofs of your accusation. The best lawyers they never disappear only awaits for their return. ​Complete Chapter 1 A favor for Trucy Complete Chapter 2. She was always innocence Show the innocence of Juniper woods Themis Academy Murder Complete Chapter 3. In the space justice exist Complete Chapter 4. I'm The lawyer Phoenix Wright Complete the Chapter 5 with out mistake. We have to trust in our client Proof the innocence of Athena against accusation of apollo Justice. Regardless of the years will always be Justice Complete the Chapter 5. Mia would be proud of all of us You have unlock all the trophies in the game your are a good example of what is a good layer. Super Smash Bros for Ps Vita LOL or Super Smash bros Vs Play station All Star
  3. Dungeon Hunter Alliance I think have one of the worst controls on the vita right a side with Bounderlands 2 and Gravity Rush
  4. so is great way to star good luck shadowhood1111
  5. Ok I play along with you but I'm not that person and you confuse me with some one else but you got the Wrong person. Banned for be a Candidate be a CPU
  6. You kidding right is not that hard in special if you got the alien weapon
  7. I left My HDD open you have star the game Hyper dimensional Neptunia
  8. Banned for have blood in your body. Who are you? and my name is no something I like to share in a forum you could send me a private message .
  9. nope I see a Tortuga
  10. ? Banned because you don't know me and I don't know who you are.
  11. Banned for have robotic arm
  12. I like to laugh like Crazy with out sense
  13. 150 Dollars I'll sell my account I like to make another one
  14. Banned for have as signature the cover of one of my favorite albums. Banned for post before I did Dark jelly