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  1. You need 3 players for xp boosting, 7 players for the more anoying trophies. We are currently try to get 7 players for those trophies. You should join the sessión if you have 2 PS3.
  2. Im looking a boosting partner for this Game. Psn Hwoarang_21
  3. So i finished Warrior Within without using retry not even once, just rewinds and the quit option to reload a save file when i run out of sand tanks, but the trophy didnt unlock. Im doing something wrong or what?
  4. I am the unluckiest gamer in the entire universe or this damm capcom games want to break my will no matter what. After hours and hours of continues finally beat this game i have to leave my ps3 on for more than one day because i didnt want to beat this hard bosses and levels again and again but this was futile. Because i didnt get the last trophie when you beat the Wingates, this happen with 1942 game {Ace Shot) didnt unlock in the international version only in the japanese so my guess is that this is the same but the weird thing is that the first Gun.Smoke trophie unlock perfect with the international version. Also i didnt kill one of the twins when i kill Big Papa Wingate but i think everybody dies if you kill the main boss. Please help me to get out of this hell¡¡¡ Im ready for the Japanese Version....... PD. I pause the game for i few seconds after beating Papa Wingate
  5. Ace Shot didnt unlock for me, i spend more than 3 hours and when finally have 100% rate nothing happens i am very mad. Bless You in Sonson didnt unlock the first time because i was playing with the credits setting in OFF so i have to clear the game again SOLO¡¡¡¡ So now im gonna have to try japanese version or i dont know until that damm trophie unlock or it is glitched??? PD Im playing in Arcade Mode International Version by the way i dont know if this have to do with my problem.
  6. Im playing in release order, finished Vulgus and Sonson but Arcade Legend and Master didnt unlock. Also Bless You didnt unlock. please help
  7. Thanks, like you said some Insignias are hard because you need more players willing to help. Thankfully i found 3 players who help me a lot with coops Insignias.
  8. More than 2 months ago i finished and recorded a video for YouTube, took me 6 months to complete the 84 Insignias. The easy part was the Platinum starting in 18/8/2014 and finishing in 24/9/2014. That was just the training for the 84 insignias, the 400 Memory Boards for Metal Gear Zeke and the CODENAMES. In 19/10/2014 i started my second file failing miserably with the CODENAMES and after 300 hours starting from 0 for the third time. At that point i was very frustrating and i just wanted to give up and never try this again. My recomendation is that if you go for the 84 insignias dont do anything else until you have all CODENAMES Rank 5 and backup your file when you meet the requeriments for 5 Star CODENAMES that way if you fail with the CODENAMES you dont need to start from 0 like myself. Finally after all that hard work i unlocked all CODENAMES and finish all other things in 3/3/2015, no platinums for me during all that time. Special thanks for Bendybot242, Dejai305, ScienceButterfly who help me a loooot with all the coops stuff like gaining camaraderie, leveling Coops Weapons and ranking S all missions in Coops. Leveling the slingshot with 4 players is priceless!!!! Kusanagi who help me understand the CODENAME system. One other thing, my total time in Peace Walker with my 3 files, first one was for the platinum and some fun, second a failing attemp to get the 84 insignias and third the file with everything completed, is 1034 hours, like 150 hours spend AFK using the VS OPS method to gain Camaraderie using 2 PS3 and 2 copys of the game in order to do that, leaving the 2 PS3 all night and when i go to work (You need 1,000,000 points of Camaraderie for one Insignia). The fastest method to gain camaraderie is with 4 players but sometimes is hard to have 4 players willing to do that. The other hours is pure gameplay, some VS OPS time playing for real and hours watching the awesome cinematics and the cassette tapes. Finally heres the video, the first minutes is a fight with Metal Gear Zeke but with the 400 Memory Boards, so is very hard, he moves so fast. Here is my gallery of pictures with some of my best rankings in Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater, Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops and Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops Plus. http://hwoarangdoosan.imgur.com/all/#3 Sorry about my english.
  9. Hi, guys i need your help, right now im playing MGS PEACE WALKER to get all 84 insignias , this insignia is buggin me and i want to get it before i continue with the other things , because i dont want to have 350 females when i finish everything, the fastest way i discover to do this is Main Ops 21 Head for Peace Walker's Hangar, there are 2 female pow's , the mission can be done in less tan 2 minutes just using 3 smoke grenades and thats it. No weapons usages . And if you guys wanna help me out trading your females soldier's ill be thankul forever , dont worry if you like your characters i can give it back to you after i have the insignia and the TRADE only took like 5 minutes of your time. Thank you guys Sorry about my bad english If you are starting PEACE WALKER i can give you a looot of 5 Rank ítems to help you , plus the male soldier on the trade.
  10. Fallout 3 incredible hard? lool