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  1. For anyone wondering, I can confirm that the glitch is still doable on 1.14
  2. Top 10 games: Grand Theft Auto IV Red Dead Redemption Mass Effect The Last of Us Fallout 3 Batman: Arkham Asylum Mafia 2 Bioshock Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut God of War III The worst 5: Call of Duty: Black Ops III Beyond: Two Souls Assassin's Creed II Operation Flashpoint: Red River God of War: Ascension
  3. You should also try Model 10-A Slug. It does decent damage even from a long distance.
  4. Hi everyone, I need the Changing Lanes trophy. I'm hoping to do it this weekend sometime. Feel free to add me on PSN (Gloonix), my timezone is GMT +3. Update: got it!
  5. PS3: Call of Duty Classic. Played it on PC back in 2003, such a nostalgic playthrough... Vita: Terraria. Great game to play while commuting to work or just simply to kill time.
  6. Being a huge fan of this site, I'd like to help to make it even better. 1) Maybe it's just me, but I find it interesting to look through a trophy log sorted by trophy names from time to time. Since it's not currently possible on this site, I have to use truetrophies for that. 2) Sometimes I quit playing a game before I get a single trophy and I'm sure that I'll never get back to that game. There is an option to hide 0% games from the list of games played but they still show up in trophy advisor.
  7. Whenever I try updating my profile manually, I get 'Too many requests' error message. I also can't add my friend's PSN id for the same reason. I tried several times at different hours during the last couple of days. What's going on with the site?