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  1. Lol haha yeah i will
  2. Thanks i Will Hey Thanks =] Looking Forward to it. Thanks!! =D Hello haha =D Nice to meet you Azakos!! =] Thanks i will.
  3. Allright My soul level is from 252 to 326. I just need to have the weapons made from PureBladestone, PureMoonstone, and PureDarkmoonstone. I just need to borrow these weapons to have the trophy pop out and i promise to give the weapons back. If anyone can help me with this send a message to my PSN ID AndresNova and my soul level is from 252 to 326 US Server. I will really appreciate the help from anybody!! Please and thank you
  4. Hi Guys i was wondering if anybody can give me a Pure Bladestone, I am having trouble obtaining one and its not easy... Does anyone have a Spare? If anyone would like to help my PSN ID is AndresNova please and thank you
  5. Hey guys My name is AndresNova, But you can call me Andres for short lol . Nice to Meet Everybody here in the PSN Profiles and hopefully we all get along