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  1. I just played the map for the first time yesterday, and I had a hypothesis on how this worked based on watching all the videos on YT. It worked my first go, no joke. Here's what I did: Two player game, one zombie left. Friend ran around in circles on the launch pad with the zombie, while I stood on the right side of the launch pad right against the railing (right side with respect to facing the lighthouse). All the videos I saw online were with people standing here when it launched, and it took both of us there, even with only me against the railing. I think its the idea of standing right against the railing and getting flung against the railing which takes you to the secret location rather than normal flinging into the air. Does not seem RNG at all, just have to stand in that spot and get flung against the railing to go flying into the secret area. Disclaimer: I did not try to replicate this due to time constraints, but would be willing to in the future and provide an update. The fact that it worked on the first attempt on the first play I had on the map was enough for me at the time, but will provide update once I get the chance. For now, I implore you all to try it in your games to get this, as I know a lot of people have been frustrated going for it.
  2. I just earned this trophy, and it also popped on my 27th gun maxed out and not the 25th... seems like the trophy is working as normal on 27 rather than 25
  3. Are the regions broad like US or UK or are they more defined like the same geographic region (which can be seen in game)? Like two people would have to have the same geographic region (Chicago for me)?
  4. Specifically the location mentioned here... Bruno is only one I need
  5. Where is the church on the map? Image or video guide would be great!
  6. I can confirm, I just did this with a friend, and this glitch does still work for those that want to. Not condoning it, but it is do-able through this medium.
  7. Can I say... the end of Mother's Rosario was so not okay. It was good, but it was that fitting ending that sucks in every way. If that makes sense. Yuuki was such a great character, I wish something other than death would've met her. Totally not cool. I liked Yuuki.
  8. I loved every horrid moment of this game. It made me think... especially after the doll house incident, "Who is the psycho? It has to be Josh, trying to get revenge!" (Totally nailed it) The Chris and Ashley "choose who you shoot" game... I didn't want to shoot either of them. So I did nothing. After all, the game tells you that sometimes doing nothing is the right thing. The amount of jump scares was... plentiful. I certainly almost pissed myself a few times. (Not exactly the greatest at handling horror movie things... thank you sister for watching Chucky in front of me when I was 3... seeing a doll walk out of a fireplace on fire saying he's going to kill them is very disturbing when you're a wee lad) I think my favorite character was Jessica or Sam. Jessica was that typical preppy, dumb blonde, yet she was also fearless... even if yelling outside caused her to fall into the mines in the first place. (If you want her to live, DON'T RUN! I learned the hard way. Especially since running from the wendigos had been working for everyone else, I thought, "Why not?" Ohh... the gore. Reminded me of a death scene from The Last of Us if you got grabbed by a Bloater *shudders at the thought* Sam was just that fearless bada** chick that also wound up having a bath scene... I absolutely couldn't stand Emily. Matt was alright as he seemed to care about what was going on around him. Until he decided to shoot the flare right away. (How stupid could he be?) Then the tower fell... Then I saw a board of sorts with the people on it and noticed that Emily's eyes were "x"ed out. I was like... I kinda figured she died from the tower crushing her into snow. Later... she's hanging by a rail and I'm like "How did you live?" But hey. Matt died by being thrown onto a hook. Oh my lord... that was gruesome. At that time, I did think it was the psycho though... I can't imagine being thrown onto a hook under your jaw and... ugh. I felt terrible when Jessica died. It looked terrible too. I really liked Mike. I found him strikingly similar to Ryan from Beyond Two Souls... no clue why. I fell in love with Ashley and Chris... maybe because I can relate to them as the "too scared of what'll happen if you say something" overthinker kinda type. I regrettably went towards the voice with Ashley looking for my fav Jess... only to be freaked the f**k out by the wendigo. Josh died from his sister. Nuff said. I had a decent ending going, kinda liked the idea of Sam and Mike together, although I did prefer Jesssica with him because they were the kind of sexcapading-highschoolers every horror film needs. I kinda felt like their relationship (Mike and Sam) was growing in the end. And then the end. Chris, Sam, Emily, and Matt are left. I have to stay still with Sam... and my dog picks his head up and knocks my controller out of my hand, and I'm left with the choice (after a very interesting wendigo vs. wendigo fight) a grueling beat-down on Mike and a flaming cabin, where Chris and Sam live, and Mike and Emily die. All in all, it was a great experience, and I am looking forward to seeing Jess reunite with Mike as well as seeing what happens when everyone lives, and everyone dies.
  9. Hey, great minds think alike, right? Right back at you I personally cannot stand when I hear people shipping Kirito and Sachi. Like no. They can say that, and I respect their opinion, but shipping them is like shipping Naruto with Hinata. (any Naruto fans???) The shy weak girl with the strong, brave one, where the shy girl is too shy to say anything and the strong, brave one isn't made aware of the shy one's feelings. Again, couldn't have said it better than myself. I don't know about anyone else, but I truly find myself smiling along with their happiness, no matter how many times I've rewatched it. How ironic that would be indeed... even moreso if some crazy lunatic made it a true deathmatch where if you die in game, you're done IRL. But hey, we're still 10 years away from 2025 so... So true... Sachi: *Runs away, hides under bridge* "I'm weak. I don't know how long I'll survive" *tears* *continuous outreaching for support* Silica: (yes she is cute... but also looks like she is 12) "Oh no!!!" My pet died, and there's these meanies that abandoned me! I'm weak!" Kirito- "Well, there's this one item that'll bring it back to life if you get it before 24 hours pass... *internal hope blossoms for Silica* "TAKE ME THERE!!! PLEASE!!!" *somehow reminds Kirito of his SISTER!* Lisbeth: *confident, cocky* "I can make you a sword. I need this really rare metal." Kirito- I'll go get it and bring it back *enraged Lisbeth...* "Oh no, mister. You're taking me with you" *worries more about skirt than big monstrous dragon or big hole* *about to proclaim love for Kirito after knowing him for like 3 HOURS in the middle of a freefall, but doesn't* Kirito just brings all the girls to the yard. But boy did he pick well in Asuna.
  10. I'm at a loss. I've tried for two days straight, and I haven't been able to complete the 6th challenge, the one where you are constantly losing health. Obviously killing the minotaurs by mashing gives you more health, yet I find myself overwhelmed at the seemingly endless amounts of enemies. Just when I think I've won and killed all the enemies, more spawn. I've even tried using a video tutorial, nothing is working.
  11. Ian, what's your gamertag? I'll add you, but I can't add you if I don't know it.
  12. I feel the exact same way. I feel as if Asuna and Kazuto are that perfect couple that any compassionate and caring person wants to be exactly like. Completely understand and totally agree. Couldn't have said it much better than myself.
  13. I definitely agree with you there. Aincrad was by far the best, but then again, the original is always best. ALO was alright, I agree. Certainly didn't like it too much. The whole Leefa and Kirito thing didn't do it for me. Not really into cousin love... But the ending of ALO I actually did like. Phantom Bullet was very good IMO. Sinon was a great addition, and her story was very interesting. Excalibur and Mother Rosario were similar to Fairy Dance, but I liked them nonetheless. Especially Mother Rosario because, well... Floor 22. Really looking forward to the 3rd season too, though haven't heard much about it.
  14. Silica is one of the better characters, and I certainly like her. She certainly delivered in the "little girl needing protection/damsel in distress" department. She's got a little bit of spunk too, and she actually fights (moreso in ALO than Aincrad)
  15. I found a 2TB for my PS4 for $100. I just play too many games. What's your gamertag so I can add you?