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  1. I definitely agree with you there. Aincrad was by far the best, but then again, the original is always best. ALO was alright, I agree. Certainly didn't like it too much. The whole Leefa and Kirito thing didn't do it for me. Not really into cousin love... But the ending of ALO I actually did like. Phantom Bullet was very good IMO. Sinon was a great addition, and her story was very interesting. Excalibur and Mother Rosario were similar to Fairy Dance, but I liked them nonetheless. Especially Mother Rosario because, well... Floor 22. Really looking forward to the 3rd season too, though haven't heard much about it.
  2. Silica is one of the better characters, and I certainly like her. She certainly delivered in the "little girl needing protection/damsel in distress" department. She's got a little bit of spunk too, and she actually fights (moreso in ALO than Aincrad)
  3. I found a 2TB for my PS4 for $100. I just play too many games. What's your gamertag so I can add you?
  4. Photograph- Ed Sheeran
  5. IMO, especially for collectables in games, whether it be Uncharted, The Last of Us, etc. I always use a video guide. I don't consider it cheating. I think of it as accelerating the inevitable. Anyone can find a flashing glow on screen, but using the guide just makes it faster. If you missed one, then you'd spend all that time going through trying to find that one thing. Eventually you'll find it though, as it's impossible for that one evasive collectible to "grow legs and run away" as my grandma would say about things I would lose or couldn't find. I couldn't ever use a video to learn how to beat the game, say a tutorial, but, then again, sooner or later anyone could figure out what they're not doing to progress the game any farther. It just speeds it up. Using videos for tips on how to do better is totally okay without a doubt. What's wrong with trying to improve? In all, I can't think of a reason why video guides are a bad thing at all, they're no more than a video version of a strategy guide or anything you could find in text and pictures on ign or playstationtrophies or anywhere else.
  6. All the hate for Evolve!!! It's a fun game until you go for the plat, then it's just terribly grindy, boring, and repetitive throwing the same grenade 1000 times. If you're going solely for plats, then: Dying Light and Mordor are probably the easiest. Played Dying Light, didn't play Mordor since I'm not a Lord of the Rings fan. Gameplay wise: I've only played Dying Light and Evolve, but I've heard great things from the others. Probably Dying Light and Mordor/Far Cry
  7. A few years ago, I didn't have internet. When I finally had it again, I updated my trophy list, noticing that I had earned trophies from my games I had played in that span. However, there was an oddball. I saw that I had earned around 7% of the trophies for Dante's Inferno, a game I've never owned let alone played. I shrugged it off, and just today, coming back from 3 days inactivity, noticed that the past week, I had been earning trophies from Bioshock 1, again, a game I've never owned nor played. Just wondering if this has ever happened to anyone else ever and what I should do to prevent this from happening, and what may be causing it.
  8. I'm pretty sure it's on friend's systems. I have two friends that I played on my account at their house a few years back. I'm sure that's what it is, but I want to delink them regardless.
  9. LOLOL. I'm activated on 3 PS3s. How do I tell which is mine and which ones are the other ones?
  10. No clue what happened, but I haven't "earned" any more trophies from Bioshock since the 30th. Whatever happened, I just hope it doesn't continue to happen.
  11. Connor was a really great character. He was interesting in the sense that we knew just as much about him as he did himself. The story was interesting the way the war, his quest for knowledge and ultimately revenge on his father, and especially the settlement all intertwined together. Black Flag is great. As is Rogue. Rogue by far is an excellent story IMO, one of the best individual stories the franchise has ever seen. Glad you're playing Unity first!!! When you play Rogue, you'll have a really nice "AHA!" moment when the two games intertwine a little bit, and you won't see it coming until the very moment before it happens. His charisma is less in the Assassin's and more into Elise... in more ways than one... if you catch my drift. Character-wise I really liked him, being that he wasn't royalty or a high-ranked member of society. He was no more than a servant, yet he was this magnificent noble and saving patron to the city.
  12. Sleeping Dogs is a great game, enjoyed every bit of it. Collectibles weren't too tedious, since they were on the map. Game looks and runs stunningly beautiful. How much better than PS3 though... couldn't tell you. Personally, AC III is one of my favorites. I never understood why people hated it so much. Bias beware though, I love the series wholeheartedly. But if the game was bad in my opinion, I'd say so. But I can't for AC III. Black Flag is a stunning game and the story and yes, post game especially is heavily depended upon your ship. I found myself singing along with the shanties they were so good. And yes, lots of 10000m journeys via ship. Unity had a lot of patches, yes. But the story is really good IMO, and Arno is a very interesting character, the most interesting since Altair and Ezio. On top of that, it's the easiest plat AC has ever seen (along with Rogue, another great game. Definitely worth getting.) GTA... It took me... 2-3 weeks to beat the story and get all the single player trophies. The gold medals on 70 missions was definitely the most time consuming, moreso than the collectibles that'll have you hopping from plane to car to bike in search of letters, bridges, and skyscrapers. I only need level 100 and heist stuff. Certainly will take me a while to do that. Unless I get a solid group together that we plug a week straight at heists. Great game though. I could tell you the missions I did for gold medals though, since I looked for ones that were really easy. The Last of Us... Oh my. Nothing but praise and more praise. Didn't own it on PS3, but was at a friend's house and watched him play some random chapter... the one with giraffes. It's a great game hands down. Story is... well... remarkable. Words can't describe. If you haven't played it before, you'll shed tears if you have a heart in the first 30 minutes of playing. MP was very fun, except getting one-shotted by a bow while wearing armor (still don't know how that's even possible and how it happens so often) MP trophies took me about 10 days. First 7 days for a whole 12 week runthrough of the camp and making sure as many people survived as possible. Last 3 days were just going into matches and leaving until I had to play 2-3 games to get a healthy camp again. Certainly sped it up. Have fun if you go for grounded mode. No problem! Anytime. Gamertag: Im2Fast_4U as you already knew. Hmu anytime online if you need anything.
  13. Child of Eden Don't ever buy a game because it has a <1% plat percentage. There's a good reason it's so low. I don't know how anyone can even play that game let alone earn the trophies. Worst $10 I've ever spent... Probably won't even try it again, but never say never (good song by The Fray btw, for anyone who gets that reference, I applaud you)
  14. I was in a similar case as yours almost two years ago. I played a lot of games, but I played them and beat them repeatedly. If a trophy popped, cool. Couldn't have cared less. Got hooked into playing non-stop Call of Duty MP 12 hours daily. Eventually I got so bored of it, I stopped playing it. For a few days I didn't play anything, just found other things to do. But then I bought inFAMOUS: Second Son, as I've loved the series from the beginning. Played through it, doing my standard inFAMOUS routine: easy/good run through followed by hard/evil run through. I happened to look at my trophy list, and saw that I was missing maybe 2 trophies. And I thought, "Why not get my first platinum?" So I did. And after that in April 2014 to now, sitting on my 32nd? plat in LEGO Star Wars 3, being finished tomorrow. I've grown to enjoy trophy hunting, even when I get so frustrated I'd want to gouge my eyes out. (I wouldn't recommend doing that). I've become so successful in a year and 4 month's time because I've thought every thing and every game that I've played out. I personally buy a lot of new games, especially my main franchises (CoD, AC), on top of the games I get excited for, whether they are made by the same guys that made an older favorite of mine (Dead Island (Riptide) and Dying Light) or brand new releases like Evolve (the most tedious, grindy platinum I've encountered, but a proud one nonetheless), Sleeping Dogs DE, etc. I hope you get the point. I think of when these games come out, and I think of their timeframes as to how long they'll take. I always like to have the main game I'm working on finished before I start a new release or any game I happen to buy. I've left a few games in the plastic to collect dust on my shelf, but worked hard to be able to open up that plastic. It's rewarding to see all the hard work come to fruition. If I'm playing a game on my PS4, I'm always in a party chat. Whatever that game is (right now, GTA V Heists/MP, hmu anyone if interested to work on stuff), that's considered my main game, whatever I spend the majority of my free day playing. Lately, at night, I found myself unable to do anything in those games, even with my friends there in the party chat. I'd rather do nothing and talk. To curb that, I started playing the smaller indy titles I'd libraried from PS+, and those were my late night games, allowing me to play a relaxing game without too much thought put into the game and able to just chill with my friends before I go to sleep. Whatever you do, just don't force yourself to do something, rather motivate yourself to do something. Evolve went from one of my most favorite games to one of my least favorite games after I began grinding for the Plat. Why? I forced myself onto the game, knowing that it wouldn't get done any faster if I didn't play it. Take a break from a game if that ever happens. I did with Evolve, and got a whole game or two platted before I went back to it and finished it. Anyways, I totally understand what you mean. Add me if you want for any more help or tips. Here's what I am doing/playing at any given moment, as to not overwhelm myself: 1-2 main games (PS3 or PS4): Currently GTA V (when friends are on) oterwise LEGO Star Wars *I tend to break games down once I'm in the finishing stages of it, like GTA I need other people for, if they're on and playing, that's what I do, if not, LEGO, or whatever else it may be. 1-2 Indies: Great games to take a break from. PS+ is a great great way to help fill this ever useful area. Definitely keep your mind on other things you'd like to do and set time frames for yourself. Don't get discouraged if you can't get one certain trophy either. Just let it be for a while and go back to it later. I'm one robbed home run away from the plat in MLB 15: The Show, but you wouldn't believe the misfortune I've had... I'll go back to it sometime soon. Maybe after my Giants decide to take control of the division from the Dodgers (for those sports fan gamers out there). Hope what I've said was in any way helpful or inspiring to a degree.
  15. It may be that my account was on a friends' PS3... and he does have both of those games... And my system was brand new... So I would venture to say it's probably my friend. Probably an old user we used trying to play MW2 online split screen or something... Edit/addition: Still have the original system, never got rid of it.
  16. I doubt it. If they had hacked my account all that time ago, I'd've earned tons of trophies from games I've never played. This is the first time it's happened in years.
  17. This is a beautiful piece any collector or fan of the original game would want. I certainly want it. However, this is beyond overpriced. It's off the deep end. Look at The Order: 1886. That collector's edition, that came with steelbook and statue cost $80. Okay. This has a really nice box, yes, and a very nice statue. Steelbook. Similar contents all around. And it costs $200. You know what else costs $200? The Juggernog edition for Black Ops 3. That comes with a mini fridge. A mini fridge. That is well worth it. But this, no. Because of the nicer seeming quality, I could understand a $100 or even a $120 pricetag and I'd have mine pre-ordered... but at this price? There's no way. It's just not a collector's edition that is worth $200. Or in other words, it's not a figure and box I can see spending $140 extra on.
  18. White and Red chests are needed. Those that are the normal ones from past AC games and the ones that you must lockpick.
  19. Oh. I have games that I played once when my account was new and all that were just family games like Madden NFL 10 and MLB 10 The Show (I didn't have internet until 2010, but was able to earn trophies before then) I regret that they are on my trophy list when I have 0 trophies from those games. That bugs me. One game I bought because I knew how rare it was of a Plat was Child of Eden. I don't have any intention of ever... ever having plans to Plat that game. I see why it's so rare. I can't even beat the third level, and can't 100% a level for my life and so... that is my biggest regret. Some games are just meant to not be played by trophy hunters.
  20. Trophies are not disabled by the cheats. For example, some people use the Immortal cheat to complete the final Legendary battle. What the game does is it doesn't save, but trophies are still obtainable. So when they would complete the battle, I believe (I completed legit, so just a guess from what I've heard) that you'll get the trophy but not the unlocks from the battle and the battle will still be on the map.
  21. Talk to bar tenders in River Valley, and they'll pop up on the map. Go to them, and if you get enough on the map, you can fast travel to one, clear it, and go to the next and the next... so on. They respawn rather quickly, and you can keep a cycle going until the cycle pops. Got this one earlier today. Not hard. Just time consuming.
  22. I agree. I don't know why it wouldn't even recognise that you had the cheat unlocked. Certainly a bug that Ubi would surely like to hear about. If they tell you they can't help you, then unfortunately... you'd have to start a new game.
  23. I left for a while. It was a good while. For anyone that actually sits through the entire end credits, you certainly do deserve that Gold trophy. I found it fitting that for beating the game, you got two trophies. But dealing with the credits gave you a gold. Humorous I thought.
  24. For anyone looking here for help later on, I have some tips for those that don't want to use cheats from my experience from beating it. -Make sure your ship is fully upgraded. You'll need every bit of it. -Use your mortars. They are your best friend. -Always be using your Puckle guns while waiting for a reload of anything. The damage adds up over time. It's your best tool here for speeding things up. -Avoid taking broadsides. The b**** launches volleys for days... you will not survive many of them. Trust me. I learned the hard way. -If you find yourself very close to The Storm Fortress, Heavy Shot will be your go to here. -If you find yourself very close to an of the ships, if you get in front of it, drop as much Burning Oil as you can. -When the Storm Fortress launches it's mortars, be wary of the flame pools that come with them. If you need to stop in the water to avoid running in the flames, do it! -When the other two ships show up, avoid getting between the two. Use your mortars from a distance, but getting close to them is okay here so long as you aren't one shot away from death.
  25. This game has certainly blown me away. I had no information about the game at all except that it was about an Assassin-gone-Templar. I've played all the games except Liberation, and I've always picked them up at release. I played Unity first. I had no clue that they tied in to each other at all. With the glitched memory... I recognised Versailles and thought "Hmm... that's cool. This place was in Unity. And there's the balcony that Arno entered through to go to Elize. Interesting. I wonder what's up..." I didn't even think about a correlation until I was at the end and walking through the hallway and saw a little boy and girl and I heard "I'm Arno." *giggles*. This game is a masterpiece. This game should have been on next-gen. I don't know why they didn't do what they did with Black Flag and put it on both consoles. I can only imagine what it would look like with the power of a PS4. This game is great. Just about to finish up the Plat for Rogue. Just got to kill some fools with some cheats active. Hit me up if you have older AC games and want to grind some MP sometime. Have to do MP in all the games with it...