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  1. I'm guessing it was a ps plus title at one point and people did not find it fun enough to complete especially since there is no platinum
  2. blitz1423 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 I honestly don't remember why my timestamps are so messed up, may have something to do with me playing with my save on multiple consoles. If I recorded myself doing the whole spec ops from the beginning since it's not long will I be reinstated? If not I will just hide it and probably platinum the PS4 version. Thanks
  3. Ah thanks man
  4. Are the servers down for this game? Was thinking about getting it again to finish the dlc
  5. I tend to see people make ps4 parties or use discord
  6. Yes
  7. The version of the game with all dlc is currently £3 on the EU store probably the best way to get dlc
  8. Found an easy way to get the trophy thought I would share for anyone having trouble.
  9. You only need 1 controller to get all trophies
  10. Both Evil Within plats
  11. Ah damn, thanks for the help
  12. Can I boost this game with two consoles and two controllers on both?
  13. Does anyone know if this works when you use the ps now version of the game?
  14. I will try find some decent deck lists for you probably have some saved on my game