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  1. Awesome! I just recently got into the franchise a few years ago but great games. Never gotten the chance to play the first one so definitely excited
  2. It's been so long since I played 3 and (IMO) was crap and completely forgettable so I don't remember was co op online only or was there split screen too? I agree about 1 tho, 2 would be cool to have but the first one is all I really need
  3. Same, Dead Space 1 was my first game I played and platinumed on this profile. Can't tell you how many times over I've either platinumed on alternate profiles or 100% on the 360 Side note, how do you quote multiple people on one post? I've been reading these threads for years but barely post so not sure how to do a lot of forum stuff They've been getting a little better with NFS hot pursuit remastered and (I think) Burnout Paradise. There was an article last year I think that said EA was considering remastering some old franchises. Hopefully with ME they see the money they can still make on our favorite titles
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/gamerant.com/dead-space-remasters-hint-tease/amp/ Omg, omg, omg... Please be true. This and a Resistance collection are the only collections I've been hoping for. With Visceral being disbanded years ago I have no idea how possible it even is but, thoughts?
  5. I played the PS3 version of 2 but stayed away from the Vita strictly cause it's unobtainable but what makes that trophy (power of 2) harder than Ultimate missions in the OG sigma 2? Is it just the fact online is omitted and the AI is crap?
  6. I'm assuming it's safe since it wasn't mentioned, but anyone know if Most Wanted is losing its servers? Little odd every other NFS on PS3 is but MW isn't?
  7. As far as SSS Dante i could never do it with Lady, but there is a very good YouTube video of someone doing it with Nero on the first stage. The timing is a little easier to parry each other and you get stylish points each time.
  8. Yea same, im struggling to even clear DMD mode, which I dont get. I cleared 1-4's DMD mode pretty easily, but 5 is just rage inducing. I figured Vergil would be OP so was really hoping we could just use him 😛.
  9. Will it pop the standard editions "s rank all difficulty" trophies? And would Vergil be easier than the other 3 characters? He's who I used to get all the S ranks in DMC4 SE
  10. What would you rate the difficulty? I struggled a bit on the demo, but cleared the ice cream mini games on BBS with minimal effort.
  11. According to who? Mortal Kombat is one of my favorite franchises, and the fact will get another MK11 list for PS5 gives me a reason to play it on that console instead of just playing the PS4 version. Same thing with DMC 5 and Spiderman. So to me it increases the value of PS5's releases
  12. My question is how is it going to look when you load up your list on the PS3's XMB? Will there be more space in the titles with the PS5 icons?
  13. Anyone know if that last DLC trophy pack will be on PS4?
  14. A couple quick questions. Do the events show up on your map or do you have to be close to them for it to show up and is there any where in game you can see what you've found, under stats or anything?
  15. Cmon EA, give us NFS Hot pursuit, Most Wanted and Carbon remasters... (also Dead Space HD Collection...)