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  1. It looks like Sony wants everyone to start thinking of Plus as the service for online play and not a collection of games, much like Microsoft is doing with Gold. Lets see what they're thinking of doing with Now and/or their rumored partnership with Netflix. PS Now got a great lineup last month but they'll need more than that to rival Game Pass.
  2. @KAdamsy1 @JayVR82 1. Is that bug currently happening to everyone? 2. Is there any idea about what causes it? Is it avoidable? I have the game but been refraining from starting it since a friend warned me about the glitch.
  3. This is probably something similar to what happened a month ago with Fastly, the network infrastructures many online services use.
  4. It would actually be great to get an online rental/streaming service with games from different publishers for a competetive price. They have my curiosity. Lets see if they can get my interest.
  5. Two collectibles didn't register for me, so I had to replay more than half of the game since I had no way of knowing what failed. But there would be forum threads about it if the Platinum was broken, which it isn't. Yeah, some trackers may fail, but there's no need for melodrama, just replay what you need and you should solve this on your own.
  6. Not great, but not bad. This is basically a poor man's Edge of Tomorrow (it's a time jump, not a time loop, but shares very similar story beats). There's fun to be had with the action moments and there are some nice special effects. I particularly enjoyed the monsters design and animation. There are a few cheesy moments but the worst part is when the story loses momentum to include some exposition or melodramatic interactions. Unfortunatelly, Chris Pratt lacks the energy and humor levels he shows in other action franchises. On the other hand, Mass Effect fans will be happy to know that Yvonne Strahovski gives a really good perfomance, better than the movie plot deserves. It's an entertaining action/sci-fi flick. Just don't expect to have your mind blown by it.
  7. Hope it's just a bug and it gets sorted out. But, there's another guy on Reddit saying he lost access to his PS3 and PSVita PS+ games (source). Let us know how it went @SUPERVIRAL
  8. Starts strong, looking like a mix of The Bourne Identity with the action set pieces of an Uncharted game, but ends up feeling like one of the worst Pierce Brosnan's 007 movies with a twist of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It's entertaining, but pretty average. On par with the Ant-Man movies and Captain Marvel. THE GOOD: Florence Pugh is great. If she does indeed get to be the next Black Widow, she'll be awesome kicking ass and cracking witty one liners. In fact, this already feels like HER movie. David Harbour is just a funny and charming brute. Ever Anderson (Milla Jovovich's daughter) is surprisingly good as young Natasha. THE BAD: ScarJo's character feels disconnected from everything. Again, this is the Yelena Belova show. There is A LOT of telling and not showing. The plot is derivative and the villains are weak. Some of the visual effects are subpar. The movie lacks action in its second half. There's a lot of talking, half of it is just filler. THE UGLY: They changed Taskmaster and it didn't work. It feels like that horrible first take on Deadpool all over again. The dude is silent, has no proper characterization, and there's not even much of him fighting in the movie. It's still a must watch for MCU fans. Just temper your expectations. Everyone else might wanna give it a pass.
  9. I just unlocked the Moving In version of levels. Are those required for any trophy?
  10. Damn. Ubi's execs have the biggest hard-on for GAAS and MTX. Monetization is always step 1 on the board when they're brainstorming their next game. This is why I gave up on waiting for a new Splinter Cell. Probably would have to pay by the stealth kill.
  11. There is usually a timer in the games that have limited time access. It show's up in the PS Now app.
  12. Damn! 7 games being added this month. Great quality and quantity this month. From Reddit:
  13. I believe I got my first trophy while replaying the original Uncharted campaign on my first pre-2011-hack PSN account. I remember thinking "Meh. This will never catch on."
  14. If this is confirmed to be true, it is possibly the greatest PS Now month ever. Great game selection. Like others, I'll be pretty content with Judgement and Moving Out, two games I really wanted to play. Couldn't disagree more. Played it, got the plat and loved every second of it. Fun gameplay and a challenging/gratifying platinum.