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  1. I completely forgot about Stray. You just got me pumped for it! If so many people - including me - were more than fine starting with a lore heavy Witcher 3, I'm sure you'll be ok just going ahead and enjoying a platformer like Crash 4 without worrying about the previous games. Devs wouldn't be doing their job right if they didn't make it suitable for newcomers. Plus, you don't seem to be an obsessed completionist, so just enjoy the game.
  2. I'm not a fan of autopop. I would normaly just go with the PS5 version and wouldn't touch the PS4 one. But I already played the prologue on previous gen so... might work on it after I play it on PS5. I know exactly what you mean. I won't even touch big open world games if I'm not craving for that kind of experience.
  3. It definitely depends on how you play it. It will take longer if you take your time, enjoy the view and snap a few pics 🥸📸 I also have no idea where I'm gonna find the time to plat the PS4 version I own + the PS5 I now have access through PS Plus.
  4. That's what she said!
  5. Any word if the Premium list will be updated monthly like PS Now used to be? Should we expect any new premium games in July?
  6. Super fun and imaginative scene (unlike the rest of the movie). I watched it at least 3 times when I streamed the movie. Kinda sad when you realize he didn't save Alex Summers (Havok) though. Weird choice to gloss over a character's death with such a lighthearted sequence.
  7. I loved the 1st Season. Had a feeling Season 2 would never be as special. Will never watch it. Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin are always amazing but their characters' story and dialog was also really good. Their only mistake was to cast Nancy Travis as the love interest. She has the charisma of a coat hanger.
  8. Ah man... You completely lost me at "I liked the sequel".
  9. I'm just disappointed they didn't add Knack 2 to the list. Not joking btw. Would play it if it was included.
  10. Great surprise to see Tetris Effect and The Wonderful 101 in the list.
  11. 2013 me, going through the hotel basement part in 720p and 30fps: 2022 me, going through the hotel basement part in 4K and 60fps: Don't bother updating the textures in that place, I won't even notice.
  12. Episode 6 (Finale) and overall thoughts + Hailee Steinfeld's charisma and Alaqua Cox's intensity. Hope the MCU gives them better chances to shine in the future. - Jeremy Renner's low energy. I like his character even less after this show. - Vincent D'Onofrio and Florence Pugh were criminally misused. And they were completely let down by the costume department. - Poor writing and uninteresting subplots. A sizeable chunk of the story is straight up boring. 5.5/10
  13. Episodes 3 and 4 + There are a few interesting situations and fun action sequences. - Each episode is weaker than the last. Some parts look like a fan made short film. - Uninspired script, directing and performances. Nothing feels well thought out. Ep3: 6/10 Ep4: 5/10