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  1. "Do you think we're made of money?"
  2. Yeah, just read it works like the games from Essentials. I really gotta start reading stuff to the end.
  3. From blog post: We also wanted to provide an update on the PlayStation Plus Collection that has been offered as a benefit to PlayStation Plus members on PS5 since 2020. On May 9 the PlayStation Plus Collection will no longer be offered. ❗ 😨 Gotta make time to play Crash Bandicoot while I can.
  4. Confirmed Blog post
  5. The thing that got me emotional the most was Frank being sick and wanting to die, and seing Bill anguishing about the propect of being left alone. In general I'm against giving up. But only those who've been sick can really judge how much suffering sickness brings. It might be the only thing love can't solve. I thought they dealt very well with the subject.
  6. 😂 Same. I got you buddy.
  7. Well, Tess probably had less screen time than Bill and we knew nothing about her past, nor did she have any significant arc. They are supporting characters. They did their job motivating the protagonist and getting him from where he was to where he needed to be next. Sure, I would have liked to see some of the action set pieces from the game make it to live-action, but those would cost an insane and prohibitive amount of money to shoot. I prefer the great backstory episode we got over an hypothetical one with cheaply made action. Btw, we're lucky this was already getting made when David Zaslav became WB's CEO. I bet he would never green-light such an expensive production based on a videogame. Imagine if Sony had to go to Netflix with this. We would have ended up with a Bill vs The Hunters dance-off. Lets hope enough people are actually paying to watch this so that Season 2 gets a proper budget.
  8. 100% agree. It's a rare treat to watch a satifying character arc over an hour-long episode. We still got Bill as the grumpy bitter old gun nut with his feelings locked away, but we got to see him go way beyond that. Bill's letter reinforces the final words of Tess, and foreshadow Joel's own redemption arc. I love action. But this is a drama series. And this was a damn well written, directed and performed episode.
  9. Great episode. Amazing work with Bill and Frank's story. Old-school HBO quality. Also loved the subtle way Joel's expression changes from sadness to determination here:
  10. It surely is unusual, if nothing else. They must really need fresh blood on those servers.
  11. You're right. Still, the trilogy is an "old" game that won't bring in new subscribers or additional revenue from DLC or MTX, so I'll risk saying it's unlikely. Shuhei Yoshida himself said the strategy for Plus is now to "breath new life into games", a.k.a. sell additional content. @Jeanoltt Sekiro though 🤞🤞 Would be my introduction to FromSoftware games.
  12. You're looking so thin though! 🤩 Bandicoot Trilogy? It's on The Collection (PS+ Essential, PS5 required) so it might not happen 😕
  13. Yeah, but no one should feel discouraged by this. It's a fun challenge, not a frustrating one. Anyone who has ever played a racing game can do it. Don't worry too much about being very fast, but rather on driving consistently well. I don't even remember it very well because it didn't take me too long to get it done, but I believe there's rubber banding and scripted accidents that can be somewhat exploited to win the race. After a few tries you'll notice the patterns and know how to use that knowledge to your advantage.
  14. My understanding is that this comes from promotional material that should only be available to resellers. The general public shouldn't have access to it this early. So yeah, it's a leak.
  15. PS+ Essential. Where online games go to live a second life.