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  1. You actually think Sony would develop a console exclusively for those who own a 4K screen!? πŸ˜‚
  2. Kinda impossible to add you since you've blocked incoming friend requests :/
  3. That's not how it works. Mr Murray is very selective of his projects and protective of his likeness (except for that time he started as Garfield because he thought it was a Coen Brothers movie πŸ˜‚). I think they achieved a lot with a $24 million budget. Compare that to the $250 million budget of The Fate of The Furious and you'll see Zombieland was a pretty decent movie for its cost. Concerning the game, it looks like a twin stick shooter from the PS2 era. Might be fun, might be complete trash. Sweetennial Collect 100 Twinkies to celebrate 100 years of Hostess! CHA-CHING! Already making some sweet dolla bills 😎
  4. YOU /juː/ pronoun 1. used to refer to the person or PEOPLE that the speaker is addressing. Also, So, which one is it? Anyone with some common sense will advise you to keep this stuff on the down low, instead of broadcasting it to the world on YouTube for a few views as if it's something "new" that only you and friends know about. So yeah, my position stands: 1. You guys discovered nothing; 2. Please delete your video. Oh! And thank you for considering me a badass, you really got my number there. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
  5. People have been doing this for days. You discovered nothing. On the other hand, putting this on YouTube will only make it get patched sooner rather than later. Wanna do something useful? Delete it.
  6. Say wut!? They look pretty spectacular to me.
  7. Timothy vs the Aliens is a PS+ IGC bonus for Portugal and Spain. The game is cute, has a Platinum. I'll probably try it out. πŸ˜ƒ Links: Trophy List | PS Store
  8. @lhardwood Do you think they'll reveal a Community Calendar for May (containing bonus XP events) at the start of the next week?
  9. Does anyone know if there's any bonus XP going on this weekend? It beeing May the 4th and all... I checked the official boards and only spoted the thread concerning the new unlockable Princess Leia skin. Would snatch my BF2 plat this weekend if they had multiple XP going on. πŸ€”
  10. @PatinumNumemon Trophies are easy peasy. This game would be worth playing even if it didn't have trophies. It's really fun and addictive. Been playing it way past getting 100% on the trophies. Other full price AAA games would be lucky to have such finely tuned gameplay. Also, even though this game is its own thing, mixing concepts and bringing new ideas to the genre, you'll still be rewarded from having experience from other BR and fast paced shooters. You gotta try this one out!
  11. The best thing about Fortnite is that you can turn it off and go play Apex Legends πŸ˜€ @PatinumNumemon Seriously, if you're into the Battle Royale genre, do yourself a favor and go play Apex (if you haven't already). Superb gameplay. Very, very fun to play. It will for sure help you take a refreshing break from that grind you're undertakingπŸ‘
  12. πŸ˜€πŸ‘ Thanks for the info Hard... Wood... 😢 I was hoping for some XP boost. Still at level 30 something and already tired of playing the same maps/modes. Gotta get that platinum tho!
  13. I see you got 100% cleared on both those games 😏 Guess I was right, you'll be getting those plats 😌
  14. Yeah, I tried turning off the sound and it did not work for me at all. Don't overthink it. I didn't take notice of score/failed prompts. Just enjoy the nutty song, try to mimic the rhythm and you'll get it eventually. I was baffled I got it so quickly and I think I even got 960. It's not so much a matter of skill, it's more about practice/repetition. I bet you're gonna get this plat πŸ˜‰
  15. πŸ˜„ No need to hate me man! If I got it, so can you! Trust me on this. It's just a matter of practice. After a while your muscle memory kicks in and it's like you're on autopilot. You'll just get in the flow of the rhythm and do the button presses instinctively. Go get that platinum πŸ‘