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  1. ➑️ That's not what you said initially: But yeah, I believe it may need a lot of extra free space to install. But I have it installed, with only about 50Gb of free space and it's been enough for it to update and all.
  2. Wait. What? πŸ˜‚ No. That's not how it works.
  3. PlayStation Japan announced the new titles joining the service this month. Headliners are: Metro Exodus Dishonored 2 (Both are temporary additions) Source: I'll update with new info for EU/US regions when available.
  4. I'm sticking with TLoU2. Good luck everyone🀞
  5. 100% working πŸ‘ I got a trophy on the alt account. At first it wasn't showing on the PS4 trophy section. But then I remembered I had to sync the PS3 trophies! πŸ˜… Old tech.
  6. @sephiroth4424 Whoa! Different results indeed! I tried it with my gf's account (same country) and it starts a separate stream with her PS3 XMB in the background and everything. Your research was probably right. It works if both accounts are from the same country, so it might work if they're from the same region too. ✌😁
  7. Oh... it just occured to me... the alt I'm trying it on is from a different region. Sorry πŸ˜₯ But I can try it on an alt from the same country. Do you want me to test it?
  8. @sephiroth4424 I have an active PS Now sub so I gave it a try. I can confirm that you can switch to an alt and play a streamed PS3 game, but you're still really logged in with your main. So, it pulls the save files from your main and pops trophies in your main. When you think about it, it's just like when you stream on a PC. The game is always running on the PSN account where you have your PS Now subscription.
  9. I think it's like this: You can play and earn trophies on an alt account from downloaded PS4 games. You can stream PS3 games on your main, change to your alt account and play them, but the trophies will pop on your main.
  10. Like many before me have pointed out in other instances, this is a trophy collecting specialized site. The anomaly is the person who goes "Hey, who cares about that trophy? Pfft..." One thousand voices are heard: "WE DO."
  11. Also true. Had that problem with v1 controllers, but never with a DS4 version2. At least they solved that issue.
  12. I had everything else done long, LONG before I reached the necessary rank 50 for the plat. (I just checked it: got to level 50 exactly 3 months after getting all other trophies!) Nothing was too challenging. Just grindy and boring. Very grindy. Seriously, I would not have played this game if I knew what a slog it is.
  13. Can someone who got the game with PS+ please check if there's a timer on it?
  14. In what planet!?
  15. LOL PlayStation Access is a pretty official source.