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  1. Sony has been a major partner to Square Enix for decades. IIrc it was revealed some time ago that they even bought (and later sold) a lot of the company's stock just to help them out during their worst financial fase. Also, just look at how often Square Enix titles pop up as PS Plus and PS Now titles. That being said I don't think Sony Corp has any intention of buying anything right now. They probably can't afford it and aren't interested in taking risks. Just look at their movie business. They've outsourced Spidey to Marvel (probably their most valuable asset), killed their own video streaming business and now handed it to Netflix, and have all types of distribution partnerships with MGM, Lionsgate and Universal in order to survive this age of Disney domination. They're struggling. Was just about to say that. Tencent. Tencent buys everything.
  2. No reason to be scared. Why would they ban anyone for playing something they made available to download for several days? The most they could have done was revoke licenses. They didn't. They don't care. As far as we know, they might have done this on purpose because game sales were weak and they're hoping to sell some dlc content.
  3. That happens with every game downloaded from PS Now. It will renew before those 13 days are up in fact as long as you log in to the PSN.
  4. This kind of "games" are a stain. They're a stain on the PlayStation brand. They're a stain on the gaming industry's credibility. And they end up being a stain on the gaming community, since some people spend money on this garbage. People who buy these should value their money (and time) more. And they shouldn't endorse this kind of business. The whole "vote with your wallet" thing doesn't apply solely to big companies.
  5. "Avoid Them" The dev dude who made this is giving y'all a fair warning.
  6. The true price is losing your dignity. This crap belongs in a landfill next to E.T. for the Atari 2600.
  7. I think this makes sense as a midlife PS5 title, 2 or 3 years from now. It's a critically acclaimed game but it has somewhat outdated PS3 graphics. They can keep the audio and mocap performances and just update the dated visuals. It will sell like hotcakes.
  8. No. It says they initially considered remaking the first Uncharted, but a TLoU remake was ultimately considered to be a safer investment.
  9. I started playing the campaign and I'm actually pleasantly surprised with it and having a lotta fun. I played the beta and it looks like the gameplay and presentation have been improved since then. Sure such a huge IP deserved a high quality and flawless game and this is not it. But it isn't nearly as bad as some people have said. The gameplay is actually very good and the graphics are decent. It shows that a lotta money has been put into it, even if some bad decisions were made along the way in favor of microtransactions.
  10. @Pottercito_ *Starts the game* > *Hears noise at front door* > "FBI, OPEN UP!" PlayStation Blog top story the next day: "Ladies and gentleman, we got him."
  11. Nevermind.
  12. Track design, colors, wild weather, are all very reminiscent of MotorStorm and DriveClub. Unfortunately, the driving is more like OnRush. But it's still pretty fun. 7,5/10. Yeah, it's the PS4 version. The PS5 version doesn't have a trial.
  13. Just keep an eye on the miles driven for the 1000 miles trophy. Personally, I'm gonna try to do 200 miles per day.
  14. I believe this is pretty arcady. Dirt Rally is the more sim-like series, mainline Dirt titles have always been more arcade/casual friendly. People who played it even say the game feels very in line with the Motorstorm games (part of the former Evolution Studios team worked on this game).
  15. Being a timed trial, shouldn't there be a timer under Information on the game's app? Because there isn't one. There's a similar discussion going on Reddit. One guy says he was able to finish the whole career.