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  1. *each (you kinda mislead me with the 2 + 3 😕) I think I'll just wait for the trilogy pack to go on sale.
  2. Yeah. It has that late 90's/early 2000's blockbuster score feel to it. It's simultaneously epic and desperate. Perfectly sets the mood for the game's plot.
  3. I'm kinda embarrassed to admit but... I really started vibing to Otometal My Life when going for the Yakuza Kiwami platinum.
  4. Read Dead Redemption 2 uses its brilliant soundtrack sparingly, but when the music kicks in... it packs an emotional punch. I just made my way back home during Chapter V. A beautiful, melancholic ride to the sound of Unshaken.
  5. Lineup confirmed by PlayStation Blog here. The Last of Us Part II (until Jan/3/2022) Fallout 76 Desperados III Amnesia: Collection Yet Another Zombie Defense HD Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Victor Vran: Overkill Edition (already available in Europe) PlayStation Access announcement:
  6. This one is definitely going into Shyamalan's cringe collection. In many ways it's like watching The Happening for the first time: the premise is mildly interesting, you get somewhat invested, but you can't stop noticing characters don't talk or act like normal human beings and the movie delves into uninteresting and irrelevant minutiae while sidestepping a few opportunities to focus on more meaningful concepts. Shyamalan doesn't even deliver in terms of cinematography. The editing is jarring and the camera work is pretentious, distracting and downright dumb. The worst part is watching competent actors performing like amateurs under Shyamalan's self-indulgent direction. Barely watchable, yet fascinating.
  7. To be fair, between The Truman Show, The Lego Movie and Ready Player One there isn't much novelty in this movie's plot, but I still had a great time watching it. There are lots of funny situations, cool references and unexpected cameos to look out for that make it really entertaining. Ryan Reynolds plays the role with his usual blend of comedy and heart and Jodie Comer demonstrates she has a lot of range and is someone to keep an eye on beyond her great Killing Eve performance. Great dumb fun.
  8. The story is serviceable and the vfx are appropriate for a relatively low-budget production, but I was pleasantly surprised by the amount and quality of gore and by how much they were able to do in such a constricted setting. Not the most thrilling or amazing movie in its genre but I still enjoyed it.
  9. Nothing beats flamethrowing weed fields to the beat of Make It Bun Dem in Far Cry 3.
  10. A very well directed blend of comedy and crime mystery with loads of twists, fake-outs, dark humor and meta jokes. The story and dialogue are clever and funny and the whole cast is fantastic, especially Rachel McAdams who - once again - proves she's great at comedy. An awesome piece of escapism.
  11. Could be confusing...
  12. Somebody just opened a can of whoopass!
  13. "Boy... shut the fuck up."
  14. Careful, mate. That's his time slot...