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  1. My leet trophy: War HeroComplete all chapters on Professional. Resident Evil 5 This was actually the first game I ever 100%. I did it first on the X360 with my girlfriend. Than I returned to the PlayStation fold and did it all over again. Good times.
  2. @PhantomWarcry @HuntingFever PS Plus is definitely not required for any multiplayer functionality on PS Now games. What you're encountering is a recurrent error many people have reported on the service's subreddit. Actually, there's a recent discussion regarding this month's games: Link
  3. Those are free DLC content, right? I haven't tried the game, but I found this: Source - MGR: Revengeance coming to PS NOW "Specifically, this is the Ultimate Edition of the game, which means it comes with the two DLC chapters and different pre-order bonuses, as well as some other extras."
  4. I played it through Plus, and found it a decent and well made game. But they largely overvalued the Stampede concept. It's cool to play for a few hours but it won't hook many people. It's a fast and fun Platinum nonetheless. It breaks my heart that I'll probably never see true Motorstorm or Driveclub sequels.
  5. Just my way of saying that having to meet such a low price point and also under the current circumstances it's not unimaginable that Sony has cut some corners in manufacturing/quality control, unfortunately. Hope I'm wrong as I would like to own a PS5 sooner rather than later.
  6. Next gen hardware with SSD and Ray Tracing capability for 400$. You expected quality too? 😂
  7. After having punched the poor creature in the gut and taken its baby seal money.
  8. Guy even says in the video "Although, believe me, we never ever intended for anything like this to happen" Yeah, they're pretty convinced the consumer is stupid and would accept the game like that.
  9. No one doubts that. But the practice of releasing unfinished and broken games can't be tolerated.
  10. At this point, Hitman 4's DLC will probably ask us to beat Kane & Lynch on permadeath mode. I fail to see the appeal of this type of "expansions".
  11. ...the hell was that? There's bots here too now? Geez Cool to see Hitman getting its Platinum status back. This series always deserved it.
  12. Use the following cheat code instead: Tap the PS button > Press OPTIONS > Tap the X button over "Close Application" Bam! Problem solved.
  13. @MrTacoNinja You're wrong, but you can't see it and I frankly don't care that much. So... Happy New Year, bub.
  14. 😂 I swear I wasn't expecting you to be triggered this way. Guess you're too sensitive to handle a harmless joke. Judging by the people liking my post, maybe you should read the whole thread again, bub. Meanwhile, just chill.
  15. Well, that came outta nowhere. On topic: I'm missing death march for the plat also. Felt inspired by your comment to give it a go soon. Hang in there, brother ✌