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  1. Platinum Trophy Earn all available trophies for Crysis It's amazing how this game still holds up. Sure, it shows its age in a few aspects - namely the controls - but it's still a beautiful game with a cool story and exciting gameplay. Playing the apex predator role never gets old. Play it on performance mode on a PS5, turn off motion blur, crank the thumbstick sensitivity to the max and you got yourself a great blockbuster experience here. I chose to get the Platinum across two playthroughs: first I played it on Normal and went all guns blazing and blowing sh!t up while killing every last bad guy in sight. Then I finished it off with a stealth-heavy playthrough on Delta difficulty. I had a lotta fun with both approaches.
  2. Joke's on you! I got upgraded for free from PS Now. And I got that with 50% off. 😝 But yeah, it's pretty poor at this point. I have 2 classics in my wishlist and that's it.
  3. Hell yeah! Rest easy now. Tomorrow you finish the fight.
  4. Right! How could I forget Otometal My Life? Game was a ton of fun, but the Platinum is kind of a full-time job. I'll start by playing Kiwami 2 and see in what state of mind I get out of that.
  5. Don't wanna burst your bubble dude, but I played the trial years ago - was considering buying it then - and the game felt very clunky and sluggish. Probably even worse now compared to current shooters. Zero is harder than Kiwami 1? Sheesh! Probably gonna stay away from it than. Kiwami already kicked my ass with the Climax Battles + having to learn Mahjong + that ridiculous car chase in Legend Mode.
  6. Here it is: From PS Blog post: Yakuza Zero Yakuza Kiwami Yakuza Kiwami 2 Dead by Daylight Ghost Recon Wildlands Bugsnax Metro Exodus Trials of Mana UNO Monopoly Madness Monopoly Plus I'm happy with the Yakuza games, but that's a whole lot of old/inexpensive games. A few more repeats too (Yakuza Kiwami, Dead by Daylight, Bugsnax).
  7. It's Savior. I learned my english from those who speak it the worst.
  8. 😂 priceless. Stop fooling around and get it done, maggots.
  9. @Sailar91 I missed your post on the previous page and was completely oblivious to this: I really enjoyed Yakuza Kiwami when it came to Plus a few years ago. I'll definitely try to find time to play Kiwami 2 and Zero. It's kind of weird that they keep sending PS4 remasters to the Premium Catalog though. Probably a way to balance out the short amount of PS1/2/3 games. Should we expect a full Extra/Premium August lineup announcement this wednesday?
  10. More Powerful Than You ThinkComplete all trophies in South Park: The Fractured But Whole What a fun and well made game! The story is great with some very funny moments and the turn-based combat is super engaging. It's also challenging enough to keep us interested from start to finish.
  11. You actually sound like Kim Ki-taek.
  12. I do feel a bit nostalgic about a few early PS3 exclusives like Resistance, MotorStorm, Uncharted and Heavenly Sword and how groundbreaking those games looked and felt. Amazing enough to turn me from an extremely casual player to an avid gamer. 'member this?
  13. Orgy of Power Use all Allies' Ultimate powers once during the game, except the Coon's Been lovin' this game's turn-based combat system. Attacks and powers are totally kewl and outrangeous.
  14. From Push article: "While you can’t buy it just yet – no release date is mentioned..." It will indeed be rather ironic if they try to make money out of this.
  15. This guy even hides the smaller leaks like easter-eggs. This info as been there for more than a week: Anyways, what I really want from Ubi+ is Immortals Fenyx Rising and The Division 2.
  16. Hot damn. Music is pretty dope too. 🐺
  17. The main campaign is a 6/10. It has a few good moments. Could have been a 8/10 easily if they focused on doing it right, instead of cramming an introduction to the online game-as-a-service gameplay. The platinum is grindy and tedious. Not fun at all. The game largely overstays its welcome. Might be a little bit better for people who play it with friends. Meh... maybe? 💡 Consider playing Spider-Man 2018 and Guardians of the Galaxy 2021 instead, since both are missing from your list. Yeah, definitely prioritize those.
  18. "Lady Gaga has made it official. She’ll be starring opposite Joaquin Phoenix in director Todd Phillips’ sequel to Joker, the Oscar-winning, $1 billion-grossing, 2019 Warner Bros. hit based on the DC villain. In June, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that the musician was in early talks to join the sequel, which will be a musical. On Thursday, Gaga took to her Twitter account to raise the curtain on her appearance in Joker 2 — now called Joker: Folie à deux — alongside Phoenix with a short animated teaser. Phillips has been writing the script with Joker co-writer Scott Silver and Warner Bros. has given a green light. Warner Bros. has set an Oct. 4, 2024 release date. Details on Gaga’s character are still under wraps. Joker is known for his on-and-off-again abusive relationship with Harley Quinn, his psychiatrist at the Arkham Asylum mental institution who falls in love with him and becomes his sidekick and partner in crime. Phillips previously produced A Star Is Born, the 2018 remake that starred Joker producer Bradley Cooper and Gaga. It is unclear whether Phillips and company are using other DC characters or striking out on their own, as they did in many instances with the first movie." I'm down for a Stefani Germanotta take on the infamous Harleen Quinzel, but... a musical? I don't know how I feel about that.
  19. This music slaps hard. Top tier videogame moment too.