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  1. I am having trouble with this as well. I was surprised since I did not remember having any trouble in the PSP. I went back to my old PSP save and could get high scores with ease, but on the PS3 this seems totally off and harder.
  2. Besides the easy and cheap platinum trophy, is the game any fun? (Even if it is meant to be played only once (twice) for the trophies.) If it is fun I think I might get it in the future. I like trophies, but I also want to have only games that I actually like (or thought I would like).
  3. skateak just posted a link to a thread where the fix is explained.
  4. Yes, it can be the first trophy. In my profile, I have Dressed for the Occasion and then Lifetime Support. Since all you have to do is catch a monster, level it up and then release it, you don't need to advance in the story that much.
  5. I see you still need the Lifetime Support trophy. You don't need to rely on the bonus after each chapter ends. Just get that creature with a level 4 story, put it on your team and go grind for a little experience. When that monster levels up it should also get a new level in its story. Then, at level 5, you can release it and get the trophy. It will surely not take you too long.
  6. It sounds like you have had bad luck. Save before fighting it and keep trying. Reset if you waste a lot of items.
  7. I have not played online multiplayer (in case it exists), but if you play connected to someone else's game and meet the requirements for a trophy, he will get the trophy but you will not, since it is not in your own game. That is what I think this might mean.
  8. The first one.
  9. Persona, Persona 2: Innocent Sin and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. If only the two trilogies from Dragon Quest were also in PlayStation...
  10. Really dedicated to get platinum in a variety of genres (at first, I thought only action/shooters, but I see some RPGs and other genres, as well). If not at 100%, it most likely is because that game has DLC you did not care to get, since you still get the plat for the normal content.