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  1. Yep, they're down now for good.
  2. Yep, even after patches, it is still possible to 'lock' the character between textures, just like in Terminator-Skynet like 30 years ago....
  3. Strange, never happened om my ps3 2nd gen, but I'm lately (none such last year, latest ps3 firmware poblem?) getting strange video glitches, doors and objects dissappearing, ca get in but not get out, barbecue in dilofosaur territory is gone when I come up to it - really annoying!
  4. yep, really bad game. got fooled by the cool box.
  5. C'mon, both Hellboy games were far worse. Tortured myself with 30 minutes of Damnation, then wimped out.
  6. Yep, I am at Legendary now. Heroic was glitched, but removing the 1.01 update restarted all quest issues just right and I could progress. I think I'll do Legendary without the upgrade installed... If I'm stuck - I'll report. But deleting the upgrade from game files (highest up above where you start your games) and playing wiothout it seems to restart all level issues - it restarted Mirkwood just fine for me, at least.
  7. Removing the 1.01 upgrade (highest up in the game files directory, just where all your games are) seemed to unlock my glitched Mirkwood, could progress through it, and solved all the bisarre quests not starting. After Mirkwood, I installed the patch and all was normal. Got me thru Heroic. I'll try this on Legendary.
  8. OK, forget about Farins RGP-crossbow, makes the game way too easy, spoils the fun... Use it just to glide through glitched levels, otherwise you'll be bored to tears.
  9. I am in the middle of second walkthrough, and it paradoxally seems easier than the first one, stats and armor seems to lie higher. Reassigning the stats is useful when stat effects build in armor items help to reach miimum stats for better items. It seems to be the key to maxing out the damage output. I'm now at level 24, and I have the most of skill mods. About 70% of skill levels seems to be obtainable until I run out skill points. Farins explosive bolt are perfect for crowded skirmishes, just shoot in the floor between your feet and all around take tons of damage, but not you.
  10. Ok, now I can answer this question myself... Other forum I found says: -max up to level 40 -thus 39 skill points -max gold 999'999 So no absurd leveling for legendary walkthrough
  11. Hey, About skills tree - are the points that unlock abilities limited or not? Can I become jack-of-all-trades just by progressing in the game and level up? I know of 'token of respect' to re-attribute skills, I'm just wondering if all of them will just come eventually. Thanks, RF