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  1. Just curious, if I start this game but use my old PSN EA's account..will the masks transfer over?
  2. Already mentioned it in the trophy guide comments section.
  3. I really want to start this game again on this account but I read that this is the only mission that frequently crashes, which is needed for both Tabula Rasa and DeathWish trophies, so I wanted to know for sure if there’s a fix for it. I know the devs haven’t been supporting this game like the PC version but maybe one of them went rogue and actually fixed it hahaha
  4. Anyone know if it’s fixed or not?
  5. Hey, Casual is now “Quick Play.” So i’m pretty sure that it only counts in either “Quick Play” and/or “Ranked” but NOT the other game modes as I have tried “New Comer” but nothing counted and no you don’t need to play as Recruit. The way to track it is to go to Operators > Pick the one you want to check > Details & Statistics then divide rounds won on wins and add rounds won. For instance I have 13RW with Sledge and a 1.6W/L ratio with him, so 13 divided by 1.6 = 8 + 13 = 21 so I have played 21 rounds with him.
  6. Done..enjoy 👍
  7. I got a spare theme code if anybody wants it.
  8. You should find it already installed in your avatars list, by going to Settings>Account Management>Account Information>Profile>Avatar. It came with 4 avatars.
  9. Not sure about that. But judging by how almost half a million game owners across both versions of PS4..I would say yes it will get add. But you can always delete that 0% whenever you want from your trophy collection.
  10. Hey, both versions of the game has trophies (NA & EU.) But the trophies only counts in Save The World aspect of the game, which is currently not free. But since you are downloading and only have access to the free version which is Battle don’t have to worry about trophies since I believe that even if it does get added to your trophy list, it will just set at 0%.
  11. I tried a few matches last night but no luck with randoms..I played with people that don’t know what’s going on half the time, scientists that their healing button apparently broken?, IMPs that keep dying every 3 seconds. Pleasant experience so far (woosah-woosah.)
  12. Just checked..yes it’s here and only 7hrs left for the daily & 1 day and 7hrs for the weekly. My advice, knock these out while you can before it disappears again.
  13. I guess I have to wait until this week reset and hope that it brings back the daily mission. Thanks bro 👍 Man, I should’ve got the trophy right after it got fixed, I’m so stupid, I guess no more postponing shit for me from now and on. Especially with servers closing left and right, one trophy becomes unobtainable after a certain patch or a specific event/challenge doesn’t show up anymore...WTF I have no time to play new games anymore 😂
  14. And do you by any chance know when those “Gone Dark missions” gonna disappear? Because no going back for me at this point..this stupid game already synced up my trophies. Also, what if it disappeared because the cap for the missions is 15? So did anyone finish up some of those missions and waited till the next to see if it appears? (I’m probably overthinking this shit lol)
  15. Thanks for the heads up 👍 It’s a pass for me as well, don’t want another surprise-unobtainable-DLC trophy.