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  1. Congrats bro, finally!!
  2. I started mine 2 years ago even though I had it as an alt since 2014 and I loved that I switched and now I won't even go back to my old account even if Sony let us delete trophies in the future. Because I have platinums in this account that there's no way in hell I would want to plat again. Benefits of a new account: 1) You can pick your milestone carefully. 2) You don't have to finish those old mistakes. 3) You don't have that (H) on your account if you consider hiding games. 4) You can re-exprience those old games that you loved once again. Cons: 1) You have to finish online trophies ASAP on any game that you start, because it might become unobtainable anytime. 2) You gonna be spending most of the time playing PS3/PS4 old games more than new titles if you want those old plats/100% again. 3) There's ALWAYS a chance that a DLC trophy can screw your 100% at any time..for instance Rambo with the unobtainable DLC trophy since it came out. - Don't ever skip a game that you believe you'll enjoy playing because you are afraid of that 100% ratio. - Even though you'll lose some of those old memories of trophies at certain times, you'll replace it with new ones So my answer is since you are thinking about it for a while now and you are more tilted towards the thought then go for it if you really want to, nobody can change your mind.
  3. When you are boosting try to play a movie or something, otherwise you gonna have been stunned!, Stunned! , You have been stunned! for the rest of your life! Here I am 2 years later and I can still hear that chick saying it in my head lol All jokes's definitely not a bad or long boost. I remember that my time was around 5-6hrs when I finished MP trophies, you can wrap it up in a couple of boosting session if you want to take it slow.
  4. So many things they can do like - Make atleast a 1 day notice before taking it down and/or e-mail us about it. - Make all DLCs as a stand-alone trophy list and not part of the main 100%. - Make developers to put an option on obtaining MP trophies for SP..just like Mass Effect where I believe you have the option of reaching level 20 online or level 60 offline. Even though it's triple the requirement but atleast we have an option for after the server closure. - Put a message on the app image or upon starting the game that some DLCs are unavailable. I can go on and on but like NERV said..if only it was a perfect world..
  5. Oh, didn't know it was already out months ago on other regions. Thanks for the heads up. The game doesn't look bad though.
  6. Whatever this is.. I have to Salute the developers and buy it.
  7. Sometimes I get the 200 protection hit when I just take a hit for my teammates even if they didn't get hooked.. I wonder if that counts?
  8. I don't think so since they technically will not be removed, they are just in rotation. But how long is the rotation? Weeks? Months? Nobody knows yet.
  9. So it must be banned for whatever reason in my country as well. Great! Thanks for your reply though
  10. Well..I think it's too late for the PS4 but here's for a PS5 remasters: 1- Resistance Trilogy 2- Killzone 2 3- MoH 2010 and/or MoH Warfighter
  11. Is it just me or this DLC is not on the EU store? I can see/buy the characters from in-game but not the actual PS Store DLC nor Silent Hill edition DLC, it's not there for me. I wanna know if it's a EU store issue or is it banned on my store.
  12. Damn man! I don't know what to say but keep trying man..maybe different servers on different days will trigger it. Yo never know. are welcome to come by my house after this panadimic shit is over and we can give it a try 😜
  13. No. You don't need to prestige to get any trophy.
  14. If I remember correctly..I got the trophy even though I joined a few minutes before the match ended. So, it doesn't have to be a fresh game.
  15. And you couldn't put that 2 days ago before I started this toxic-hole. Like seriously WHY would you camp on the first hook?