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  1. My last treasures were: Newari Figures (Silver) Lost Wrathful Deity (Crystal) I almost got every other piece of treasure today before I got these two. It got to the point where I knew which set the treasure is from before it shows the name lol but the funny thing is I got them in 15mns of each other 😂 (so technically 15mns for my last treasure.)
  2. I like your style 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    Keep going bro...

  3. “expect no reasonable discussion here, only hate.” I see. I guess everyone with their own way of thinking/seeing things. Good luck then
  4. 6 players minimum to start. 10 players max (so no randoms join.) You can use split-screen to reduce players needed to boost
  5. You should be more positive bro We know 3 out the 5 events so there’s still 2 unknown one’s..hopefully it’s what we need. Also people can still get the 2 community challenge trophies in the same month. That’s why I said it’s the best month to start the game if anyone still planning to do so.
  6. The website got updated..we’ll be having: 3 community challenges back-to-back from JUL 16 to AUG 05. Which is good for people who still needs Team Player or Together We Win trophies. 5 Mystery Portal events back-to-back from JUL 02 to AUG 05. Hopefully we’ll get a Boss Hunt and CatsVs.Dinos events or atleast one of them. This is probably the best month to start PvZ GW2 if anyone still planning to do so.
  7. These are the trophies you’ll get for completing all situations with 3 stars without any updates.
  8. No, unfortunately. Only Situations but still it will get some of the annoying/time consuming trophies out of the way.
  9. Check post #62 it was a reply to a guy claiming that they disabled trophies to keep players base playing more.
  10. They know and this is their last reply to the issue “Following the release of update 3.4 the achievements have been reported to us not being tracked, so the team is investigating. A theory on the team intentionally disabling achievements for marketing purposes just about takes the cake. We don't have any updates to share around this right now and with EA Play this weekend, we'll do our best to find out more news for you next week.Thank you for your patience.”
  11. But do u know if it’s actually in the game at the moment for sure or am I just wasting my time?
  12. Did anyone recently see I Ching Coins for Recon? It’s the only one left for me but I seriously never ever saw it, not even once. If so, where was it.. Solo, Due or Quads? Every time I open a supply stash it’s always that stupid Juneau's tag.
  13. Update 1.58 is now live. Has anyone tried to see if it unlocks?