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  1. All i can do is start a new account, get Dark Souls 2 and retry the whole "plat no death run". Like I said, I can't prove what actually happened so that's the most I can do to prove I really done it.
  2. Zanzarro Dark Souls II Have no proof since i did this almost 4 years ago but i kept turning off my ps3 when i died to avoid getting the Die the 1st time trophy and ended up popping the Reclaim Flesh trophy exactly 3 times + getting trophies in random order even though i unlocked them with their requirements. Again, i have no proof since i did this 4 years ago and have nothing to show about this bug/glitch that happens when you turn off the console when it registers a trophy and tries to show you, you unlocked it.
  3. I have a question mates, any of you (us, the participants and the audience) wants me to upload all 7 Metal Slug's 5 continues or less runs to Youtube? Late kongratz to Zajac btw
  4. Sorry it took so long but here's the video of me reaching stage 9 in ranked mode, enjoy
  5. Velocibox 100%.  1 down, 3 to go :)

  6. We're on the same boat i guess. I'm looking forward to comeback to it again but i want to do so with active players. If you ever play it again, let me know My 1st mission would be fixing my town haha, it's full of random hybrids ¬_¬
  7. Nice list so far, fine work! My attention got caught by your ID, "Zan"reo lol similar to mine haha. Also a Nintendo fan, you play Animal Crossing by any chances?
  8. Jamestown+ Final Form Personal Difficulty: 6/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 Hardest Trophies: Bullet Heaven and The Great Revival Estimate time to plat: 15 - 32 hours After taking some vacations playing only SFV and random stuff, got my 1st hard UR plat of the year Special thank you for Zajac9999 for helping me out with The Great Revival trophy (4 controllers are required for this one...). The hardest stage for me in the Divine Gauntlet was Stage 2 at the beginning, I used the Crystal/Espada/Spread ship (easy mode), and this was my goal: Stage 1 - 0 deaths Stage 2 - 1 death maximum Stage 3 - 0 deaths Stage 4 - 0 deaths Stage 5 - 0 deaths True Final Boss - use all hearts here My final score was 5,603,070 points, placed at Rank 49 on the Gauntlet leaderboards the DLC is next Oh, and I'm also World Champion (Ducatanium) Rank in New Madrid leaderboards in the 2 players section.
  9. Add me with The Great Seal and give me The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold. I have P4G, P4A and P4AU
  10. So winning lots of trophy leagues makes me an elite eh... Great.
  11. A year later, i ranked up to be a casual (SFV plat)
  12. Interesting... So what's an elite for you then? Intrigued to know your answer.