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  1. This is a thread to help the players achieve most trophies of the game and if possible, discuss and share strategies to defeat areas and bosses. I will only write up trophies and stuff that are hard to do or hard to find, well then, let's begin! 1 Credit Clear: "ACE!" I do not have a good video for this but i recommend you to watch on World Rankings (inside the game), RacingFan93 1CC run. (If you wonder why he only has 1 game, is because he hid the rest of his games for personal reasons.) Here's another run: Thanks Jose for finding this "INCREDIBLE!" A very good run done flawlessly on ULTIMATE difficulty. Study this run and apply all the tricks you saw and practice solid to achieve this tedious 1CC. NOTE: this run is from Raiden IV on XBOX 360 but is the same, worry not. Double play "The Breakthrough" A 1st loop Double Play run done by Rahal-Geo, very good to help yourself with strategies but in my opinion, i highly recommend you do the OverKill 1CC's 1st then try this 1CC to know what are you going to do and preferable if you do it after the ULTIMATE OverKill run. Here is the small strategy guide that VirtualNight left us to learn a bit on how to handle certain situations while doing the loop: ARCADE Clear There is a bug with this trophy, and i found this myself...the trophy will pop even if you continue regardless of the trophy description " Clear ARCADE MODE .(No continue/Difficulty NORMAL or higher/No DUAL)" Missions: Mission 4 "Obtain 1UP!" You must take out ONLY the Red Stone Statues, the 1st Statue doesn't have a Red Stone so stay sharp and don't blow it up. The 1UP will appear when you shoot the last stone which is the one you skipped at 1st. Mission 7 "Enemy Guards Destroyed!" This might have confuse you but is quite simple, destroy all enemies including the "Sol Tower" and the trophy is yours. Special Mission 2 "Meteorite Breaker!" The strategy i found most effective is starting the Special Mission with Vulcan and Nuclear Missiles (M) and when you reach the area where 4 meteor cannons are in front of you (one on the left, then right then left then right), QUICKLY kill yourself and change to Laser and still Nuclear Missiles (M). Avoid dying at all cost and you should have over 1000 meteors shot. Still nothing? Here's another tip by Lord_of_Ra on how to do this HIS way: All missions "Sols Destruction" Miklas! Sol Towers and Miklas locations by ThanatosNinja2, Huge thanks to S4V463_F0XH0UND for finding this guide! Miscellaneous: Vulcan Fighter Laser Specialist Plasma Professional Proton Magician You only need to beat the game WITHOUT using other Main Weapon except the one you picked up 1st in the very beginning. 1UP Localization's: Stage 3 - Kill all Red Tanks (1-3 gives you a bomb, 2-3 gives you a 1UP) Special Stage 1 - Find all Fairies Stage 4 - Shoot all Red Stone Statues Special Stage 2 - 1,000 Meteors If you got anything to share or ask, feel free to post
  2. The trophy that has many players in standby to obtain the platinum because of its massive grind, Priceless (earn 1,000,000 Fight Money). I will give you the calculations to know what you have to do in order to get this trophy down and i will explain everything like you started the game from 0 so let's begin! NOTE: This guide is now updated and everything written here is based as of July 26, 2016 1.5 patch (July Update) which includes the DLC Characters Alex, Guile, Ibuki, Balrog/Boxer and Juri. I will kount the DLC characters in every possible way to earn FM so save some FM to buy them if you haven't already. Just to let you know these are the ways you kan earn FM in SFV: Story Challenges Survival Ranked and Casual Match Leveling up a character Clear Character Story Mode and you will earn: 2,000 FM 8,000 FM (because you earn 5,000 XP which levels you up to 8) Clear everyone's Character Story mode and you will earn 210,000 FM, that's 790,000 FM left! Clear General Story Mode and you will earn: NORMAL - 30,000 FM EXTRA - 50,000 FM Clear both difficulties and you will earn 80,000 FM, that's 710,000 FM left! Clear Challenge Mode and you will earn: Trials - 3,000 FM 4,000 FM (because you earn 5,000 XP which levels you up to 12) Clear everyone's Trials and you will earn 147,000 FM, that's 563,000 FM left! Demonstration - Character Demonstration - 500 FM 1,000 FM (because you earn 1,000 XP which levels you up to 13) Clear everyone's Character Demonstration and you will earn 31,500 FM, that's 531,500 FM left! Demonstration - 1,000 FM per set Watch all 3 (Beginner, Intermediate and Expert) and you will earn 3,000 FM and that's 528,500 FM left! Clear Survival and you will earn: Easy - 2,000 FM 2,000 FM (because you earn 5,000 XP which levels you up to 15) Clear it with everyone and you will earn 84,000 and that's 444,500 FM left! Normal - 5,000 FM 4,000 FM (because you earn 10,000 XP which levels you up to 19) Clear it with everyone and you will earn 189,000 FM, that's 255,500 FM left! Hard - 10,000 FM 5,000 FM (because you earn 20,000 XP which levels you up to 24) Clear it with 8 characters and you will earn 120,000 FM, that's 135,500 FM left! (So far, the most easiest characters to do Survival with are: Ryu, Ken, Cammy, Dictator, Rashid, Laura, Alex, Guile.) Hell/Extreme - 20,000 FM 5,000 FM (because you earn 40,000 XP which levels you up to 29) Clear it with 5 characters and you will earn 125,000 FM, 10,500 FM left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (If you were successful using the characters mentioned above, you kan rely on those for Hell runs) Leveling up character: 50 FM per win (Ranked and Casual Only. The amount of FM and XP you earn will change depending on your opponent's Character Level and Winstreak)You must hit Gold, win 300 matches online, level up your character to 30 if you kant beat Survival Hard like my kase with Necalli. You WILL get over 10,500 FM in that period of time and new DLC characters will be released at some point making the grind less. You kan use your FM and still get the trophy as it is cumulative. Here's the channel of Shinichi Z, Konqueror of Survival. Study what he does and apply it on battle.
  3. I have a question mates, any of you (us, the participants and the audience) wants me to upload all 7 Metal Slug's 5 continues or less runs to Youtube? Late kongratz to Zajac btw
  4. Sorry it took so long but here's the video of me reaching stage 9 in ranked mode, enjoy
  5. Velocibox 100%.  1 down, 3 to go :)

  6. We're on the same boat i guess. I'm looking forward to comeback to it again but i want to do so with active players. If you ever play it again, let me know My 1st mission would be fixing my town haha, it's full of random hybrids ¬_¬
  7. Nice list so far, fine work! My attention got caught by your ID, "Zan"reo lol similar to mine haha. Also a Nintendo fan, you play Animal Crossing by any chances?
  8. Jamestown+ Final Form Personal Difficulty: 6/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 Hardest Trophies: Bullet Heaven and The Great Revival Estimate time to plat: 15 - 32 hours After taking some vacations playing only SFV and random stuff, got my 1st hard UR plat of the year Special thank you for Zajac9999 for helping me out with The Great Revival trophy (4 controllers are required for this one...). The hardest stage for me in the Divine Gauntlet was Stage 2 at the beginning, I used the Crystal/Espada/Spread ship (easy mode), and this was my goal: Stage 1 - 0 deaths Stage 2 - 1 death maximum Stage 3 - 0 deaths Stage 4 - 0 deaths Stage 5 - 0 deaths True Final Boss - use all hearts here My final score was 5,603,070 points, placed at Rank 49 on the Gauntlet leaderboards the DLC is next Oh, and I'm also World Champion (Ducatanium) Rank in New Madrid leaderboards in the 2 players section.
  9. Add me with The Great Seal and give me The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold. I have P4G, P4A and P4AU
  10. So its been almost 2 years and no one has found the Route: Unknown. Here is my research: Route T: Chamber 15 upper teleporter -> Chamber 20 left teleporter -> Chamber 24 upper teleporter -> Chamber 44 (T) Route o: Chamber 15 upper teleporter -> Chamber 20 left teleporter -> Chamber 24 down teleporter -> Chamber 30 left teleporter -> Chamber 40 (o) Route r: Chamber 15 upper teleporter -> Chamber 20 left teleporter -> Chamber 24 down teleporter -> Chamber 30 right teleporter -> Chamber 43 ® Route q: Chamber 15 upper teleporter -> Chamber 20 right teleporter -> Chamber 39 left teleporter -> Chamber 41 (q) Route u: Chamber 15 upper teleporter -> Chamber 20 right teleporter -> Chamber 39 right teleporter -> Chamber 42 (u) Route e: Chamber 15 bottom teleporter -> Chamber 22 left teleporter -> Chamber 36 upper teleporter -> Chamber 45 (e) Route L: Chamber 15 bottom teleporter -> Chamber 22 left teleporter -> Chamber 36 bottom teleporter -> Chamber 38 (L) NOTE: Chamber 22 right teleporter leads to Route L If you look carefully at the trophy image you will see this same image at after you clear Chamber 10. You will be warped to a small room with Blue Vacuum (don't know how to call it), a moving panel with a Cross inside of it and the Teleporter on a step at your you might ask yourself what does that room has to do with Route: Unknown? Well...don't you think it's suspicious? Why would the developers make a warping room just to add a Little Girl to the party? The Little Girl obviously has something to do with Route: Unknown...but what it could be...? I say that Route: Unknown has something to do with the Main Menu, Chamber to add Little Girl to party (Chamber "Unknown" since it doesn't have a number) and Chamber 22 because both teleporters can lead you to Chamber L; fishy one for me is right teleporter for some reasons, why would they lead to same Route? Every endings has a different one depending of which Route you took but i don't think that has something to do with Route: Unknown. One of the developers gave 2 small but useful hints about Route: Unknown to liviuXD (a member of and were: To clear early and to conquer all basic routes has no relation Please worry about the whole game system If you have any hints please post, i will keep researching to see what happens Also, "Please worry about the whole game system", i beat Route L with the rear camera on but nothing happened...maybe there's a secret on the rear camera?
  11. So winning lots of trophy leagues makes me an elite eh... Great.
  12. A year later, i ranked up to be a casual (SFV plat)
  13. Interesting... So what's an elite for you then? Intrigued to know your answer.
  14. Wow...this site has changed a lot since the last time i signed in haha, looks really nice.

  15. I'm down. Would appreciate if someone lets me know in PSN though.
  16. Welcome to Ultra Trophy Hunters League! Hello and welcome; this is the Ultra Trophy Hunters League where you are going to test how skilled you can be! This league is based on hunting only & exclusively Ultra Rare trophies; with that said, let's get started! League Owner: Zanzarro Scoring System: · You will earn 1 point per Ultra Rare trophy you achieve · You will earn 2 points for each trophy you achieve with 0.80% - 0.99% rarity · You will earn 3 points for each trophy you achieve with 0.50% - 0.79% rarity · You will earn 5 points for each trophy you achieve with 0.49% - 0.11% rarity · You will earn 7 points for each trophy you achieve with 0.10% or less rarity · You will earn 3 points each time you achieve over 30 Ultra Rare trophies · If you complete a game and you make it to the Top 50 Faster Achievers, you receive an extra point · If you complete a game and you make it to the Top 10 Faster Achievers, you receive 3 extra points · If you complete a game and you make it to #1 Faster Achiever, you receive 6 extra points Premiere Season Special Score: If you complete a game of the “Can you do it?” list, the score you earn will be multiplied by 2 If you complete a game and you make it to the Top 10 Fastest Achievers, the value of the rarest trophy of that game will be multiplied by 2 Rankings: To win the Supreme Victor () rank, you must score 200 or more points by the end of the season To win the Score Attack Master () rank, you must score 150 or more points by the end of the season To win the Unchallenged Player ( ) rank, you must score 50 or more points by the end of the season To win the Colonel ( ) rank, you must score 40 or more points by the end of the season To win the Elite Hunter ( ) rank, you must score 30 or more points by the end of the season To win the Peasant ( ) rank, you must score 15 or more points by the end of the season Season Premiere Rankings: To win the Extreme Specialists ( ) rank, the team must score 200 or more points by the end of the season To win the Royal Players ( ) rank, the team must score 150 or more points by the end of the season To win the Hard Workers ( ) rank, the team must score 100 o more points by the end of the season To win the Ultra Peasants ( ) rank, the team must score 50 or more points by the end of the season NOTE: Score Attack Master and Supreme Victor are 2 extra ranks for the Hardcore Hunters only, not needed to win a season. Is encouraged for the players to try those ranks in Premiere seasons. Players who hit Score Attack Master and Supreme Victor scores will receive a special trophy to showcase for accomplishing such a tedious challenge. About the Can you do it? list, if you have started one of the mentioned games, I will still count your points but won’t multiply points for UR trophies earned in the past. If you complete the game, I will only multiply the points from the trophies you earned when you signed in the league.​ Can I do it? Click on each game to see their trophy list Rules & Requirements to join: Have 50 or more posts Have 10 or more Ultra Rare trophies Have at least 5 Platinum trophies Auto-pop/cross-save trophies won’t count! (eg. cross-save Metal Gear Solid 2 PS Vita) If you remain inactive without earning any Ultra Rare trophies or letting the league know about your situation, you will receive a Private Message to verify what’s wrong. If you do not respond, you will be removed once the league current season reach its end. Update your profile a day before the season checkpoint and end of season Do not hide your games, I cannot count your points if you do If by any chances you plan to stack some games (E.g. Injustice), the points you earn for each version will be judged with the 1st released game trophy list (in this case Injustice PS3). If the game is the same but have at least 1 trophy that is different from other versions (Injustice Vita) then worry not, it counts as a separate list Hackers aren't eligible to sign up Trophy buying frauds aren't eligible to sign up League Data: The league season will begin any day of each month. There will be only one checkpoint when 15 days has passed to count how many points the participants have so far; the season will end when 30 days has passed. League will accept up to 15 players, but depending on how many people join, I may increase the participants number (Max is 25). If you want to join this league but don't meet some of the requirements, message me or comment, I'll consider it. The season will have 1 or 2 weeks of break after Season ends so you can prepare for the next battle or retire. All Beginning of Season, League Checkpoint and End of Season are always at 12:00 PM GTM -4, trophies will be counted from that time till season ends at same hour. The purpose of this league is for you to dedicate time to games that are hard, and to expand your Ultra Rare trophy collection; to show others you are better than they think, and to have fun while hunting hard trophies! Participants of Summer Premiere: 1. Zanzarro 2. ReimiSaionji9742 3. HcG-_Clawz 4. zajac9999 5. man_with_wdjat 6. AlphaTrash 7. Hemiak 8. Ichiban-Hybrid 9. MStalker58 10. patrickgorman19 11. Dennis-nine-five 12. BearzookaZero 13. A1rPun 14. Maurocastronovo : 15. TheLastSurvivorD 16. Chemergy 17. Obscure_Ale 18. Meepy- 19. Team Joseph The XIII: zajac9999 Zanzarro ReimiSaionji9742 AlphaTrash MStalker58 Ichiban-Hybrid Dennis-nine-five Chemergy Meepy- Team Prinny Royal Invasion: man_with_wdjat A1rPun Hemiak Maurocastronovo HcG-_Clawz patrickgorman19 BearzookaZero TheLastSurvivorD Obscure_Ale Waiting list: If you desire to join but the season already started, you can be added here and wait until the current season ends. 1. Accepting players until June 1 Leaderboards King's of the Hill (Season Winners): Unchallenged Player(s): 2xReimiSaionji9742, Zanzarro, zajac9999, Aexzia Colonel: zajac9999 Elite Hunter(s): Aexzia, HcG-_Clawz, ReimiSaionji9742 Peasant(s): 2xZanzarro, Gasai_, 3xAexzia, effdeegee, man_with_wdjat, ReimiSaionji9742 Most Ultra Rare's Earned in a Season: (Active Members only!!) 1. zajac9999 - 53 Ultra Rare's 2. Zanzarro - 36 Ultra Rare’s 3. ReimiSaionji9742 - 35 Ultra Rare's Most Ultra Rare’s Earned in 1 Week: 1. Ranking starts this May 20 so work hard to have your name in here! 2. 3. Premiere Season winners: We shall see who win this one. #TeamJosephTheXIII
  17. Round 2 Scores: Team Joseph The XIII: zajac9999 - 60 points Zanzarro - 0 point ReimiSaionji9742 - 8 points AlphaTrash - 0 point MStalker58 - 10 points Ichiban-Hybrid - 2 points Dennis-nine-five - 9 points Chemergy - 0 point Meepy- - 38 points 127 is the total score in Round 2 Team Prinny Royal Invasion: man_with_wdjat - 10 points A1rPun - 0 point Hemiak - 3 points Maurocastronovo - 128 points HcG-_Clawz - 0 point patrickgorman19 - 5 points BearzookaZero - 0 TheLastSurvivorD - 19 points Obscure_Ale - 0 point 165 is the total score for Round 2 _________________________________________________ The winning team of the Summer Premiere Season is: Team Joseph The XIII The Captain has pushed the team to victory with an amazing amount of 629 points, congratulations! _________________________________________________ Team Joseph The XIII total scores: zajac9999 - 110 points Zanzarro - 20 points ReimiSaionji9742 - 93 points AlphaTrash - 10 points MStalker58 - 21 points Ichiban-Hybrid - 12 points Dennis-nine-five - 27 points Chemergy - 128 points Meepy- - 208 points Team Prinny Royal invasion total scores: man_with_wdjat - 33 points A1rPun - 8 points Hemiak - 8 points Maurocastronovo - 275 points HcG-_Clawz - 33 points patrickgorman19 - 10 points BearzookaZero - 9 points TheLastSurvivorD - 92 points Obscure_Ale - 0 point Sorry for not doing a proper ending to this Premiere Season, i apologies. It's no excuse but I got no yeah. This is a goodbye. I'll ask a mod to lock the League, in case someone wants to run it or something, PM me here or on PSN.
  18. I please beg to the participants a huge apology for leaving them without any news about the scores and updates...I left out and gave all my time to life and training to be a better player in Street Fighter V... I don't have access to internet right now, Chemergy had "difficulties" and kouldn't kount points either. I will do my best and post the scores by this Saturday as i'm having difficulties with internet at the moment (using a friend phone to write this), so yeah. I will also klose this league or give the title of owner to someone who will be responsible to keep this league alive...If anyone is interested in running the league, you have until Saturday to think about it, after that it will be permanently blocked (i will ask a mod to erase the league). Have a good day and thanks for understanding.
  19. Yeah but still, doesn't make sense koming up with stuff like that.
  20. Awesome! She's out in my birthday I been chatting with Brawler while we both try survival and share tips and i don't think him or no one will ever waste their time saying in which round they at and died at xx stage when they gonna abuse the "Proxy method"...
  21. #36 Mirror's Edge Catalyst

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      Congrats! I still need to play the first one. Yet another game on my backlog.

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