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  1. Will give that a go thanks mate
  2. Anybody else having an issue where your progress won’t save at all ? I’m on the ps4 version but if I quit the game when I come back on nothing saves and makes me restart the game from the beginning. Super frustrating
  3. None of my missions even save, so if I quit the game and come back on I have to restart the whole game. Absolute fucking joke.
  4. The best tips I can give you would be: - Choose Rocky (His overall stats are really nice) - Stand your ground - Avoid moving around the ring, it just makes things more complicated - Wait for your opening (Let him throw punches until he leaves an opening then attack his chest or head, whichever is open) - Punch in small bursts (Your character can get tired pretty quickly meaning you will be doing no damage just exposing yourself) - Always be blocking (Unless you are throwing punches of course ) And yeah the accuracy to real boxing is way off but the game is still fun once you get a feel for how everything works imo
  5. I'm sick of hearing about this dumb fuck.
  6. $90 on the AU store, lul git fucked.
  7. Need someone for Disc Jam 50 wins, shouldn't take too long. Hmu if interested: https://psnprofiles.com/session/166991-disc-jam

  8. Episode 2 is releasing on the 24th of January
  9. Absolute legend, cheers boss.
  10. Possible anyone could make some Deus Ex ones? Would be greatly appreciated it
  11. No worries mate, best of luck
  12. I had trouble with Rhino but I played through the whole story on Champion difficulty and then realized those trophies can be done in free play. I played as Rocky and found every opponent on Champion a breeze.
  13. You do realize most of the people who complained that trophy was too difficult were a different set of people to the ones complaining it's now too easy right. Also if people want to buy a multiplayer game day one it's because they want to play the game, just because you might dislike multiplayer games doesn't mean the rest of us do. Why the fuck would we be playing it lol, trophies might be the only thing you care about in video games but a lot of us actually enjoy playing mp games for what they are.
  14. The problem is when the game released everyone was required to earn the trophies by finding certain items and completing those challenges. Respect to those who did it, I only managed to get two before taking a break and made plans to return later. But pretty much they fucked everyone who did do it by now giving the trophy to everyone for free without stating they had plans to do this or release them for free to begin with.
  15. What a bunch of cheeky cu*ts