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  1. Yeah, too bad is didnt have a sequel ;(
  2. Well, servers are "down", so.... yeah... why? why make game that only limited people can play at the time? AND expect to more people to buy to not able to play it?
  3. just pick it all up to your back
  4. So, there is post game? Like after you beat it you can continue or you just load save from before point of no return?
  5. Not rly survival game... more like walking simulator (adventure game with stealth elements)
  6. Isnt that easy... now i cant get Trick Shot ;(
  7. For some reason i cant get Back from the dead ;(
  8. Im at mission 9 and i think i had enough I just want Front Mission to comeback....
  9. there are first aid kits and medkits
  10. Yeah, the rest is playing Battle Royale games
  11. Its kind like Dark Souls but with guns
  12. 3rd Birthday? This game isnt garbage, just very average
  13. Xbox is smart.... just get as many as possible games backward compatible
  14. The game plays fine with DS3 and Move
  15. I did, thanks