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  1. What is the exploit for % please ? I think this is 500ms latence but no work for me...
  2. how do you have 11 upgrades ? Mine have just 10 ...
  3. I mad the multiplayer first but my trophy for have 100% of side objectives was at 100% and no trophy popped so definitely glitch. So i mad the multiplayer first and stuck on this solo
  4. Hello. Even with this glitch, i had a lot of pain with this damn sith master difficulty. How is it possible ? I'm actually an hardcore gamer and never understand why enemis are so powerful and i'm not a jedi in this mode, even with this glitch, i'm a target and i need run and escape in back for all fights because random characteres just two shots me so frustracting. Gameplay is so bad, my health is very low, i make the glitch for retake my health and 3 seconds after i'm low again.... I don't know a certain thing and how to perfectly play with this game ? Or you must play full at distance with projectimes and escape in back in many issues ?
  5. hello. Just 1 trophy (level50) has popped. How do i do ? I just instal the first part of this game but why the trophy of level 50 popped an not the rest ? I try to delete and install twice ps5 version... I need help
  6. It's not worked for me...
  7. Any tips ? Maybe restart the first level, i didn't know if they count
  8. Ubisoft....
  9. For you, what is the difficulty ?
  10. and what is the answer ? Thanks
  11. i had the same connexion problem. Win but nothing so i wait until my connexion give me my win
  12. with no difference between your kudos fail ?so it doesn't work anymore
  13. have you tried to use the ps+ back up save feature ?
  14. Hello. Any tips for procure weapons ? Because i don't have unlimited lifes in custom mode. So in free mode, there are but i dont unlock it.... So i can't have 4 weapons in 10 seconds.
  15. All is in the title. Nobody rejoin in the moto lobbys. So, my ID is "Sniper-MML"