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  1. Now hear me out: inFamous as a first person VR shooter. It'll have a campaign and free roam, and also similar to Overwatch modes for PVP or team battles. Different classes are determined by different powers, smoke, concrete, neon, electricity, paper, etc. Ghost of Tsushima is now their major focus, unfortunately for me because i love the gameplay and creativity of inFamous, I don't know what the sales are for inFamous games but probably not good since they don't release them that fast. First Light was a lot of fun and a really great standalone game but we only got one? Paper Trail is my absolute favorite DLC in a game and I loved the out of game online investigating, it was the DLC for me, and I know others hated it. But for whatever reason inFamous needs some kind of touch up similar to Sumo making a Sackboy game and not a LBP4. LBP is a brilliant property and Sackboy is an instant mascot character, but LBP games don't sell as well as I believe they should. Maybe inFamous needs a side game similar to that. And I think VR needs a boost as well. If they're not going to use GoW or Horizon for a complete VR game, they can use inFamous and take less of a risk at hurting the franchise and if it doesn't take off just make another 3rd person inF game and it'll do just as fine.
  2. I had my Harm rooms finished before the first patch and got the trophy. I think their patch must have fixed and broke some at the same time.
  3. Okay white knight, provide some examples of "childish hyperbole" if you want. But when someone who has no knowledge of how closely I paid attention to this game tells me I don't know what I'm talking about, I don't think they're being adult about it. They keep saying "tons of games" without any example, or making broad statements without any kind of way to back it up. They even got confused and didn't know what they were talking about sentences before when I asked them to clarify what they meant. So doesn't sound very well thought out to me. But I guess i'm "moving goalposts" again without being told what it is i'm moving. So if people want a discussion i'll happily have that, if people want to use phrases they've heard without any substance I'll call them a kid. And yeah they're insignificant "rewards" for leveling up a faction rank. And as they are now factions are half baked and just there for filler and place holders. They sell randomized gear that could be found playing the game. There's nothing special or necessary about them as of now.
  4. Features that will be working in the future doesn't give them a pass to be horrible in the present. It should have been released in full when it was ready, or release them now without the restraints to gameplay since they're meaningless and limits gameplay in a non-competitive game that doesn't have a subscription based model. You keep making excuses for why the game isn't working and making very broad general statements. Their Beta should have been the stress test months before, not a few weeks before the game came out. It's a rushed game and I enjoy it, but I can say when a game is rushed and has broken features even if it ends up perfect later like No Mans Sky, I wont call it great today. Factions and Time Gating serve no purpose TODAY, and should be changed to improve gameplay, or taken out until they're ready. Someone understands. I completely agree with this.
  5. Good one, kid. You keep defending the game in ways you can't even do it by saying "tons of..." and never give examples. Face it, Factions, as they are now, and daily quests, as they are now, are broken and pointless. I don't care if they're going to be worth while later, because that'll probably be in a few months when people have moved on to other games. You can't tell me when it'll be worth it and valid. I paid attention to this game and knew what they were doing. But for them to implement these features without them finished is poor. It's all work and zero reward from them the way they are. It's horrible game design as of now, maybe in the future it'll be better, but that doesn't make it worth it today. Factions should have been released when they were ready. Daily quests should be refreshed when you've finished all of them the day you do.
  6. That's exactly an apt analogy for how games are released buggy and broken with missing features or features that aren't fixed and were what was advertised. A company tells you what's going to be in their product and the set price, you pay for the product but some of what was promised is missing from the product, they fix a little bit here and there and the rest is tough luck and they keep your full payment for less of what was advertised. Gaming gets away with it all the time. It's if Minutes To Midnight was advertised as a 20 song album and you buy it and find out 3 of the songs aren't playable, they fix it to where one is and you're supposed to just deal with it cause Linkin Park is already moved on to working on their next one. I didn't buy Bioshock Infinite thinking we're going back underwater because the trailer shows a city in the sky with a different theme and story. Same as Linking Park and bands all the time do press tours talking about their growth and interest in different styles for their new songs so you expect something different. If you like the new CD or not doesn't matter because you got a fully working CD for what you paid for. Avengers GAAS model was only talked about for their cosmetics. I expected an in game shop for costumes, emotes and worthless stuff that doesn't affect gameplay. Not broken factions that serve no purpose and limiting me from playing the game with limited daily assignments which stop me from fully upgrading my artifacts and helping me advance. I went into this thinking it's a Diablo style dungeon crawler focusing on replaying missions and loot grinding which is what it is. I didn't expect them to put subscription style elements into a game that doesn't require a subscription for literally no reason other than to stop you from playing certain missions that day. You don't know what you're talking about based on your previous comments where you can't define what you mean by "tons of mediums" and being confused by your own statements when you "look back" at what YOU wrote.
  7. Yeah they never said anything other than they'd have an in-game shop for cosmetic only items that wouldn't affect gameplay. According to your logic Fall Guys is just as much of a GAAS as this. Only Fall Guys doesn't limit how many crowns you can earn a day and let you purchase trash gear you can find the equal or better to playing the game. Just because it's pitched as a GAAS doesn't give them a pass when releasing a half finished product as far as factions and time gating go. As of now they're all stick and no carrot. Can you tell me when the future patch is coming that will fully complete this horrible set up? They can't even fix what's already buggy and broken with what was released. Let alone future content that's going to be just as buggy. All of this should have been fixed or taken out during the "beta" version of this game last month. Which lets be honest it wasn't a beta where they would have had time to fix problems. It was done to help boost pre-sales numbers and build buzz which kind of backfired with their rushed game.
  8. Name some if there's "a ton of mediums." Sure there are mediums that will refund or replace a broken product with a working one. You can buy a broken Barbie doll and return it since it's missing a leg and get one with two legs. A new Blu ray might be scratched and you can get a working one your player can read. Same with games. But I can't remember when Jay-Z released a 12 song album and 3 of them weren't finished and one song was missing 2 minutes of bass. Only for Jay to fix one of the songs in a patch and then moved on to working on the next album without fixing the rest and said no refunds. And then Kanye and Katy Perry and Taylor Swift all did it at least once or twice, and that has been going on for years and people just go with it and accept it now.
  9. When was the first time a game you bought was recalled? Did Warner Brothers refund your purchase to Justice League? Are you going to get to watch the Snyder cut for free since you purchased a ticket to the original Justice League? Fallout 76 is still a hot mess. It was basically unplayable when it released and they refused refunds. Same with Little Big Planet 3 on launch, thankfully after stating my case to GameStop the employe refunded my purchase. But Sony didn't recall the game, they released a few patches but it's still broken. It's not what I paid for.
  10. I think the time gating and faction rank in this game should be taken away, or given purpose. It's useless as of now. It feels like Crystal Dynamics wants to adopt a subscription based model for a game that doesn't have a subscription to it. Was that the original plan? Similar to games like World of Warcraft, we have factions with reputation grinds and rewards, limited daily quests, and so on. But in subscription games they limit your ability to rank up so that you continue to pay money to play and come back time and time again and extend your subscription. Or games will limit your timed gameplay so you pay for more attempts in games like Candy Crush. They have carrots on a stick to get more money from you. Marvel's Avengers has no subscription service and has no need for these cheap tactics. They make money off the base purchase of the game, and the in-game store that sells (boring) cosmetic only items. Limiting access to gameplay in this game is only detrimental and will cause people to stop playing and stop coming back. I think it's a fun game and would like to keep playing and feeling like I can advance when I play, but once I'm done with my timed challenges and dailies there's less incentive to continue. Unlike subscription MMOs our factions don't serve a purpose. They offer randomized gear that's constantly changing. Most the time it's only a minimal upgrade in power level and even that's not worth the resources to purchase them. There's no item you need from a faction to unlock a Hive mission or artifact. There's no best in slot item they offer. They don't offer a major artifact (don't get me started on those and the time gated resources to upgrade them). There's no incentive to want to level up one faction over the other. It's busy work for the sake of busy work. Cheap padding just so they can say they have "factions." Yes each type of gear CAN offer different perks (Pym gear doesn't always spray Pym particles) but there's nothing consistent about them either. If anything faction vendors should offer tokens to add bonuses to gear you already have if anything. You should buy a token that allows gear to spray Pym particles, or adds a cryo buff, or boosts damage, etc. But needing to be rank 1-50 to buy randomized items makes no sense when it's constantly changing and isn't any better than gear you find when playing the game. Randomized loot drops serves less of a reason to farm levels or bosses as well. Even as I type this out I'm just so confused as to why this game is the way it is. You could easily make an argument that "if factions don't have any impact" why does it matter it's time gated or there's ranks to them? Personally, I played the whole campaign and more and only bought one item from a vendor. It's like they felt pressured to add factions and time gating because MMORPGS have factions, rep grinds, time gaiting, and daily quests, so they have to put that in the game... But limiting gameplay for a non-subscription game is a horrible idea. They should fix them and give them purpose, or just take them out completely. Marvel's Avengers has to be the least consistent and most confusing game I've played in awhile.
  11. Have an upvote my good sir! Nothing in this game is really "hard" to accomplish. Maybe the 100 percent a level 4 mission, but I was able to do the elite heroic hive with one character just fine With the codex pages being available from loot chests you can get the 50 needed just playing the game. Even without hunting down each one during the campaign missions. The only bad thing about this is how time gated it is for no reason at all. They're applying World of Warcraft subscription based models to a non subscription based game? I wish game devs would learn that limiting someone's ability to play the game on a daily basis isn't fun. It's more likely to turn me away from a game than keep me coming back.
  12. Same with challenges not registering again. "Defeat 10 enemies with heavy attacks" did it for about 5 minutes and i'm still at 0 percent. At this point you could justify using the date changing exploit (sparingly) since you can't get your challenges and faction dailies playing normally. What an absolute mess. Why is it that it seems like ONLY IN GAMING does a product get released so half-broken with zero repercussions? It's the same as buying a car with three tires and one headlight and half a windshield wiper. And Honda just says "it's in the mail....soon....ish...maybe?" And you wait 12 days only to get the extra headlight that shines blue, the wiper is too big and bumps into the other one and you have a tire but there's no air and the hubcap doesn't match the other three.
  13. I don't have the plat but I kinda lost interest a few weeks back. I'll jump back in this week or next week to hit rank 40. I'm currently 35 and if I don't do it now I'll never do it later. This way everything else will be obtainable in time if I decide to go for them. Other than "the trophy which must not be named." It was a really fun game at the start but certain things about it were just too unfair. Winning first place in a race only to lose the next round cause of a bad team game where half the team stand still waiting to lose or for everyone else to win for them? That has to be one of the WORST things about this game. That and being able to grab/grabbed from nowhere near the other person.
  14. Was this a joke? You realize you're on a site specifically for trophy hunting/collecting and keeping track of them?
  15. I don't know if this would be an "exploit" but if you change the date you can change which costumes appear for the vendor. And to be honest they need to make that time limit much shorter, I've been staring at horrible costumes and emotes for way too long.