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  1. It's a night mare of a buggy and crummy "game" the music is good and fun. But Sony needs to do more quality control and this is a great example of it.
  2. I see your sarcasm and raise you more: The motion controls are too poor for it to get GOTY. But maybe it could win something for original soundtrack as I really do enjoy Wear the Purp and find it funny. They might be able to perform at the VGA show if they ask Geoff nicely? The controller tilt movements are too buggy. I'm sure this cash cow will have more DLC songs released in the future, can we please use the D-pad as an option? And not have to get a perfect score on everything to beat a score that I highly doubt the WWA duo actually obtained themselves.
  3. I wish those kind of people had some tag next to their time stamp. "Review copy/pre release" etc. Technically I'm the first person to platinum Astro Bot which I am super super proud of as a major gaming achievement in my record books...BUUUTTT two people had review copies and got the plat days before it was released. Also irks me when streamers/gaming journalists/etc say they're the first to platinum but fail to leave off the "I also had this game ## days before everyone."
  4. Hello I'm Drew Carey and welcome to Life is Strange 2, the game that's a massive failure compared to the original and the choices don't matter. Life Is Strange was an emotional fantastic story and character driven game that had a hard hitting ending. Choices mattered in just about every episode and there was great pay off at the end with most choices leading to something worth while and character interactions mattered as well. Many of which carried over to each episode and concluded at the end of the last episode. Kate Marsh, Warren, Nathan Prescott, Victoria, even Samuel the janitor (what was he hiding? Did he know what was going on?) and other side characters were always worth taking the time to talk to and build up a relationship with. There were set goals from episode one and we knew what the game was about: impending natural disaster, missing person, troubled and dangerous classmates, mystery and drama, cause and effect, actions and consequences. And the gameplay/powers mirrored the theme of the game. Life is Strange 2 was a failure in comparison to the first and the lesser Before the Storm game. The first episode told us it's about running from the cops and bratty brothers. It also hit us over the head with "find yourself" themes every single time we spoke with a person. And the power twist in this game didn't do anything to the story or theme of the game. Kid is telekinetic and throws rocks when he's having a hissy fit. In LiS2 choices don't matter, the only difference is "is Daniel more or less violent?" Is he more of a bratty unlikeable character, or less bratty and less unlikeable? Characters are dropped just as quickly as they're introduced so your interactions with them have no value or repercussions. Fake Seth Rogan helps you at the end of the first episode never to be seen again, Captain Spirit is only in half an episode and I honestly can't tell you what difference it makes playing his free episode or not having the carry over saved data. Karen, the most hated mom/daughter in the world, somehow cares about her abandoned sons because reasons, but when asked if she feels regret about leaving her kids she says "i promised myself I'd never have any more regrets in my life." toss her off that cliff Daniel so we can move on.... the only more surprising thing about Karen was the stats page at the end of the episode showing a vast majority of players hugged her! The only thing worse than Karen in this game was the writing. People from Seattle/Oregon really love to tell people how cool that place is. Life is only worth living if you're a wandering vagrant with zero responsibilities. Most religious people are heretical zealots that misquote the Bible. Cops are bad (thankfully this part wasn't written in 2020) or they'd be down right corrupt. Everyone that's gay has a hard life. Only white southerners can be racist. National border laws are all terrible. You're stunning and brave if you walk out on your family for selfish reasons. Responsibility is a joke. Weed is always awesome and people that use it never know how to shut up about it. David from LiS showing up in the hippie park was completely out of character. Also he has Nathan Prescott's school ID in a box in his trailer, he would never have kept something like that. By the start of episode 4 I just. didn't. care. All I wanted was a skip button to find the collectibles so I could get my trophies and delete this from my console and never touch this game again. I literally contemplated if owning this platinum trophy was worse than only having 60 percent of the trophies completed because I didn't want to waste more time with this game. I'm a major fan of story games: Detroit, Beyond Two Souls, Life is Strange, Until Dawn, Heavy Rain, Wolf Among Us, Walking Dead, The Complex, Hidden Agenda etc. But Life is Strange 2 was bad. Very bad.
  5. I'm not sure of that yet. That's the last trophy I need. My guess is that it would work. Otherwise it's kind of asking you to play through start to finish without dying once.
  6. Looks like a blast and some really fun nostalgic trophies (blow the cartridge, don't wake the parents) I can't wait. The first game was such a great time. The only problem was no plat trophy and the "beat the first level without looking" trophy. Definitely going to try to 100 percent the first one and really looking forward to my first Pixel Ripped platinum. Too bad devs can't retroactively give a game a platinum because the first Pixel Ripped deserves one.
  7. I got bored enough and wrote one. It's awaiting review and should be up shortly. Pretty easy to write out and fun.
  8. It's worth a shot. You get the toilet and octopus toy really early so it would only take 20 minutes of play not counting parts you can't skip through. I'd hate to be stuck at 91 percent (which is why I burned through a second play through just for this trophy). But I don't know anything about how this game checks for trophy completion as far as separate saves go. I would assume you have to have everyone gold at the same time which is why I had to play it all over again and made sure my snowman was gold as soon as I got to him. It seems like the game could have a few bugs where possibly any character could glitch out. So if you do another play through it wouldn't hurt to just flush them as soon as they unlock and keep them gold during the whole game.
  9. Hey gang, I've seen a few questions asking about multiple play throughs for Jane the Ripper trophy and all 170 videos. I played the game normally and when I did my first upload and beat the game I had 110 videos seen. After the credits it gave me a few options and I hit "Continue" which let me play right before the upload at 5:30 am. I followed a list of keyword searches and was able to find the other videos and hit upload again and after the ending scene I got the final trophy to pop and got the platinum. I hope this helps some of y'all to not have to feel like you need another play through. I'll put a guide together for the site and upload it since I've seen a few requests for one.
  10. If that one character is causing a problem you could play through the beginning and flush it when you meet it for the first time. It's pretty early on when you meet the octopus toy.
  11. Hey gang, I just wanted to say that I have seen other people say this trophy is glitched and I experienced it myself. I've read on other Web sites that people have had to play through the game twice and the trophy popped on the second play through. I've seen people say that you need to make all the different foods and poops gold as well as the characters. My experience was it didn't pop my first play through. And it popped on my second play through. My second play through after I unlocked Noby Noby Boy (the final character unlock) I just ran around as the Toilet and flushed everything. The only difference is that the second time I flushed the snowman as soon as he was fully made before helping the house find its buddies. In my first play through the snowman disappeared and I was never able to flush it. The second play through I didn't bother flushing the different types of foods or poops and just flushed every character as they were and the trophy popped. I know this one can be confusing so I hope this helps people.
  12. I know the Uncharted 3 Japanese copy has voices and subtitles in both English and Japanese and you can switch them up if you want to read in English but listen to Japanese, or vice versa. I was living in Japan when it came out and absolutely loved that feature. I wish all their games were like that.
  13. Mystery isn't "unfair" it's definitely a challenge but it is a challenge of skill. It took me a good amount of attempts before I beat it, with a 'B' rank. Haven't felt the need to go back to it. It's just as "unfair/unfun" as a few other of the challenge modes in the game. I forget which one but one of them has the pieces shoot down so fast it's almost instant and you're supposed to get 300 line clears, which is double Mystery's goal. Tetris has never been an "easy" game when you get past speed 8 and up. It's even hard for people on speed 4. But I'm really enjoying it a lot and can't wait for their events to start. And wouldn't mind more songs/visuals coming out later for free(?) or maybe DLC if it's priced fairly enough.
  14. VR in the demo this past weekend was a blast. Nothing too involved but it's such a beautiful trip. As far as the trophies go... I doubt I'll ever get the plat strictly because of the "SS everything." With this game being so random I imagine SS rank everything will be very hard for just about the majority of the people that play this. I wish they would have lowered it to SS rank 10 or 5 stages and give us a chance. But at the same time people deserve a platinum if you can SS everything. Plat's have been getting easier to obtain lately and while I'm going to get frustrated with this one and want it bad, I'm happy this one will take nothing short of mastering this game to get the plat. Good for the devs and congrats to all future platinum trophy owners. It'll be a very impressive one to have earned.
  15. So far only thing I've been able to find out is that the "Remastered" version guides you better. Apparently people playing the first version said they were confused or the story wasn't clear. That this new version does a better job at telling the story. Still would like someone who has played first hand to say what they experienced. But that's as far as I've found so far.