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  1. Then release more later on for new characters that don't count toward the base plat. Overwatch does it, Destiny 2 does it, Spider-Man, Horizon, every game with DLC adds more trophies that don't count toward the platinum. Or don't release new trophies with the new characters.
  2. It's clear that the task of creating trophies was given to someone who doesn't care, or very little time went into it. The icons are bland and boring, trophy names are a bit dull, all in contrast to a game with very unique characters and a colossal library of IP to pick from. Trophies I expected to see: World's Greatest: Defeat Batman while playing as Superman without being knocked out. Saturday Morning: Win first place in a match with only cartoon characters (Bugs, Taz, Shagy, Tom/Jerry) Ain't I A Stinker: Throw a pie in everyone's face as Bugs Bunny Supermen: Win a team match using Superman and Iron Giant I would have gotten away with it: Win a team match using Shaggy and Velma You Stay, I Go: Get knocked out 50 times while playing as Iron Giant What we got Get 30 knock outs, 50 knock outs, 100 knock outs. Play 100 games in a party, play 500 games in a party. I'm not saying the trophies we got are terrible. They're expected for a game that is free to play they want people to keep coming back and playing. I'm fine with a free game having grindy trophies and "do Y 100 times" style trophies. But there's zero creativity for a game that should be nothing but creative. Developers know that trophies help sell games. The stats have been there for decades now and show that they increase sales. I don't want throwaway plats for games as they're just handouts, but at least make them fun and line up with your game. Cookie cutter bland trophies can take the steam and excitement out of a game, especially for peopel like us on a trophy hunting website.
  3. The only gold trophy that at least sounds hard is beat the game under 25 years. Beating it under 50 sounds like that'll be the average player. And with no difficulty setting related trophy I would assume you can play on an "easy" mode and beat it under 25 once you get the hang of the controls. It looks like a one time playthrough list. Sony first party games look a lot easier to plat since the PS5 came out (excluding Returnal and the obvious Souls games that take skill) and it seems like these exclusive/limited time exclusive indie games are doing the same thing. I wouldn't be surprised if Stray, Horizon, Forspoken and LIttle Devil are all easy plats this year.
  4. I've played about 7 missions so far and as of now the game doesn't feel like it'll be hard to get the platinum trophy for, it will just take time. I think the bigger hurdle to get the plat will be finding a full party of geared people on headsets knowing what to do and working together. Some of the harder trophies are ones where the team can't request additional ammo and you have to do it on very hard difficulty settings. I don't think this plat will be as hard to get as people make it sound like. It may take time, maybe a lot of time, but it is really fun so that's fine. With a good team it can't be that difficult.
  5. With the announcement of the Forsaken DLC being vaulted how will this effect trophies? The first time Bungie vaulted content they updated trophies already in the game to not need the vaulted raid and changed it to Strike related content. Now with a lot of DLC related trophies about to have their whole content stripped away, what will they do? We didn't get any Beyond Light trophies, so will the Forsaken trophies be replaced with Witch Queen trophies or Beyond Light? Will the Forsaken trophies just be kept as is and impossible to earn here on out? Will we ever just get new trophies? Wouldn't that be fun, especially for something as hyped up as Witch Queen.
  6. Well now you can buy max level boosts for each class. I don't know if it comes with current ilvl gear, but it does get you to max level and you can fully max out a subclass as well. It's not cheap but "time is money" so for some people it could be worth it. But if you have never played the game before you're missing out, the story for D1 was gutted, but it's still fun and a good way to introduce you to the world and gameplay.
  7. Just finished it. Chapter 1-2 were good. But it was very jarring that people seemed to think their connection and loss of Gabe in chapter one (revealed in the early trailer so it's not a spoiler) was more important than what Alex was going through. In a game about emotions having time to internally focus on the loss of your brother was needed. Instead, the dead guy's sister's job was to take care of complete strangers and their feelings about your dead brother? Chapter 3 was really great with their town event, same with Chapter 4. Chapter 5 was bad. Too many times I said out loud "what is happening?" "People wouldn't react this way." The parts where Alex reflects on the past were really great, but dealing with her present-day situation was absolutely bad. Without any spoilers: Alex making her way to the final location was laughable and unrealistic, the group reaction to Alex showing up was almost like she wasn't there to half the people, their discussion, the reasoning for why Typhon was doing what they did, it was all so so bad and unrealistic in a game that's supposed to be grounded with strong relationships. Not much of it makes sense. Especially the Typhon motive. It's like they wanted a big emotional impact, but couldn't make it work and just said "uhhh how about we put it on this character to surprise the players cause reasons?" True colors is a good game and better than LiS2, but so far nothing comes close to LiS1. I think LiS1 stands out because it's more relatable we didn't go to a snooty art prep school where kids are having drunk parties with teachers at the school, but we know what it's like to be friends with some of those kids shown in the game, to be picked on, to confront a bully or be bullied, to grow a friendship out of nothing, to help a classmate in troubled times, etc. Max and Chloe were always together which helped the impact of the last episode's choice become stronger. Where True Colors main connection felt like it was a daiting sim between hunky I care too much small town simple life park ranger or everything-nerd culture punk-rock no flaws indy gurrl. Even with Ryan and Steph being good characters, they didn't do more than who do you want to date? Even the impact of choices and consequences didn't feel as lasting as they did in LiS1.
  8. I don't like saying "X is a bad game" because I know the team of people who spent untold hours working on it and creating a game and story and were excited to tell that and have people experience it. It's never enjoyable to be on the opposite side for whatever project you're on and told it's terrible. Service industry, retail, food service, art, car manufacuring, medical, whatever. But LiS2 was a bad game. The brothers aren't enjoyable with each other and never really feel like they bond well enough until the game says they have to to wrap up the story. Don't get me started on the "Mother" who was really the main villain of the game but is forgiven and made to be a hero for abandoning her kids and family and has zero regrets doing it. The forgettable characters that don't last more than 20 minutes a chapter and are never heard or seen again so none of your choices matter unlike the first game where most choices from each chapter build to the next and up to the final chapter. The power the little brother had was irrelevant. He may have well just been throwing things with his hands. Where LiS1 reversing time impacted gameplay, story telling and consequences to actions or inaction and allowed you to find more options to increase dialogue choices and in a cooler way when the power was taken away made your choices that much more impactful because you couldn't rewind to get an outcome you wanted so it put more pressure on the player when talking down Kate Marsh to not jump to her death. Or when you wake up at the beginning of the final chapter in that "oh NO!" moment and can't use your powers well enough when you need them the most. Heck even the Captain Spirit preview chapter before LiS2 would have made a more interesting character/power. A kid who thought he was a superhero or could fly could have turned into a story of does the kid really have powers or is it in his mind, or what is reality. Instead we got angry unlikable brothers with an unlikable mother with zero lasting side characters and a game of choices where choices have zero affect. The only thing LiS2 did that was on par with LiS1 is that everyone from Portland is obsessed with being from Portland and that lifestyle. It seems like LiS3 has the same thing going on. I would say if they want to capture the same kind of feel and gameplay LiS1 had a good power to use would be mind control/mind reading. It would allow you to interact with people and have different types of dialogue. As well as a very ethical dilemma system of making someone do something against their will in a situation that would benefit the player at their loss or vice versa. Or do you build a relationship naturally and take risks, or force someone to like you when they don't? Do you have someone admit to committing an act and get them in trouble to save your friend from being found out only to later on learn it destroys their life? And I think there could be a good story built around that and the consequences of those actions. Anyway, LiS2 was bad. The characters, plot, theme of the game and message, powers, everything. Not good, and that's not even comparing it to the first one. If LiS2 came out first, we wouldn't have had LiS1 or True Colors or Before the storm or the upcoming TV show.
  9. About time! Thanks for the update, I'll have to jump back in and play. It's a really fun game trophies or not, but nice to know I can get the plat now.
  10. I LOVED Life is Strange 1, but absolutely hated Life is strange 2. I thought 2 was an absolute waste of time, the characters were garbage and there was zero lasting consequences. Also your powers had no effect on the story or choices. It's as if the powers were inconsequential in any way, where LiS1 your powers played a major role in everything. I'm worried that True Colors may be the same as how awful 2 was. I'd love to give this a chance, but a 60 dollar entry compared to just buying episodes seems like they want to lock people in and if they finish the game or not it doesn't matter because they already have your money? I think LiS1 was hands down one of the best story games for that gen but 2 was something I would make a child play for punishment for breaking a window or something. How does everything hold up in this game? Do choices and actions matter? Do the powers matter? Are relationships long term and affect story, or do people show up and leave each episode like in 2 where nothing matters?
  11. Hey gang, I just wanted to say that I have seen other people say this trophy is glitched and I experienced it myself. I've read on other Web sites that people have had to play through the game twice and the trophy popped on the second play through. I've seen people say that you need to make all the different foods and poops gold as well as the characters. My experience was it didn't pop my first play through. And it popped on my second play through. My second play through after I unlocked Noby Noby Boy (the final character unlock) I just ran around as the Toilet and flushed everything. The only difference is that the second time I flushed the snowman as soon as he was fully made before helping the house find its buddies. In my first play through the snowman disappeared and I was never able to flush it. The second play through I didn't bother flushing the different types of foods or poops and just flushed every character as they were and the trophy popped. I know this one can be confusing so I hope this helps people.
  12. That's good to know. I think mine have been very unreliable since I first started the game. I played for what seemed like an hour or two and then all my trophies started to pop EXCEPT for the tutorial one... I don't know what to do about that one. Makes me not want to try for the rest of them if I can't get the easiest one in the game to pop and then be left with 98% completion due to it. But it's a really great game. It just needs a serious patch for the trophies.
  13. Start of April Update: I'll just go ahead and say that I can NOT be bothered to finish the DLC for Control and Goat Simulator this point. It's so so bad as far as trophies go. Collecting seemingly endless collectables just for the sake of it and "finding" hidden locations just cause... my time is too valuable for that and the more I do it the more I hate this game. Goat Sim DLC is okay but it's just too much. I plan on not getting the 100 percent completion rate for these games. The only way I see myself doing it is if it's the last game I need to 100 percent everything on my list and I have nothing I want to play for fun. I also started a new job so my play time is limited more and there's plenty of FUN games out there instead of extra work. In the future I may just look for specifically platinum challenges and not 100 percent ones. The tacked on cash grab DLCs can ruin a game for me if they're not handled with care that the main game had. Again, not saying the DLC is bad, but the trophies for it are garbage. I'm going to add One Punch Man and The Pedestrian to the list thanks to the Spring Sale. I've been waiting for these to get cheaper for awhile. I wanted to add Pistol Whip but found out while playing there's some buggy trophies unfortunately because this game is a blast! And I've made some progress on I Expect You To Die which has been a lot of fun. The speed run trophies are a pain but still doable. One Punch Man (0%) The Pedestrian (0%) The Inpatient (0%) Deracine (0%) I Expect You To Die (52%) Salary Man Escape (100%) Raji: An Ancient Epic (0%) Goat Simulator (52%) Control (92%) Manifold Garden (100%) Gris (18%) The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (100%) 💯 Rain (10%) Back to the Future: The Game (7%)
  14. Update #2: Subbing games: First time doing a backlog challenge and I made a mistake of adding too many of similar genres. Some are starting to feel like chores and less like a video game to play for fun. I Expect You To Die (0%) for Kentucky (hear it's buggy and I need something more engaging) Raji: An Ancient Epic (0%) for Twin Mirror (I picked too many story games and need a regular game). Updated list: The Inpatient (0%) Deracine (0%) I Expect You To Die (0%) Salary Man Escape (100%) Raji: An Ancient Epic (0%) Goat Simulator (52%) Control (92%) Manifold Garden (100%) Gris (18%) The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (100%) 💯 Rain (10%) Back to the Future: The Game (7%) Manifold Garden is one of the coolest puzzle games I've played in awhile. I'd say it's tied for third best puzzle game (with Superliminal) on the PS4 after The Witness and Tetris Effect. Really fun and crazy creative, you don't need a guide for the regular play through either. Not that long and only 2 playthroughs for the platinum trophy. Salary Man Escape was a unique game, I picked it up because I love puzzle games and lived over in Japan for a while and thought their interest with "salary men" was funny. It's Jenga with mazes. Tricky, good and challenging but nothing amazing. The puzzles are good and hard toward the end, but I wanted more "Salary Man" influence and humor and didn't get much of it. The worst part of this game is the music. The songs are fine and catchy, but they repeat over and over and over again. If you play this game put on your favorite playlists, listen to something educational, or your favorite podcasts and I promise you you'll enjoy the game more. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter was not what I was expecting. It was darker than I thought (I know, a missing child case? dark?) and gets pretty spooky at times, but such a beautiful game by such a small studio. I love "walking simulators" due to them being so heavy with story and character, and this game is a great one. It is a challenge without a guide and the game tells you there's no hand holding from the start and they mean it. A good story with a really good ending.
  15. On the forums for the EU version of this game there's mention of a guide on PSTHC but no link or anything. To help the rest of us I found the site and am happy to link it here: Salary Man Guide 100% Walkthrough. The only minor issue is it is written in French, but there are videos for every stage and bonus level. Major major thank you to the creator of the guide, RomSon_8, and additional thanks to his buddy JohnBuckeart. This was a fun but pretty challenging game I would have given up on the plat a while ago were it not for their guide. Hope this helps everyone.
  16. Update: Control is 92% and Goat Simulator is 57%. I had no idea the DLC trophies in Control are this bad. Trophies for "discovering hidden areas" should have been scrapped immediately as well as the collectable ones. They're not fun at all and the hidden areas don't bring anything new to the story, characters or lore of the game. Tthey don't introduce anything creative to the level either. It's similar to Star Wars Fallen Order to me. They had a "discover all locations" on the map style trophy which is worse than busy work. I understand kill ## with X attack/weapon as long as the number is low (100 people with shield rush in Control is too high, 10 or 20 would have been great), but I wish devs would be smarter with their trophies. They had a great idea with "Work Smarter, Not Harder" which adds fun ideas for combat and teaches the player a new trick. But I may swap out these games for something different cause right now they just feel like work. I really wish DLC wasn't included in this. I may have to swap them out for different games. On an unrelated note I did FINALLY get the Puppeteer platinum on PS3 after a 6 year gap, what a fantastic game. Such a shame it came out so close to the PS4 release and had very little promotion from Sony. If anyone is looking for a new game to play/plat I know it's on PS Now if you don't own a PS3. Though it is heavy with collectables which is a shame, but the game and story is wonderful. I'd like to get Overcooked to 100 percent myself. Is it easy to do solo? Or do you need a partner to get the plat? Eathan Carter is on my list and has been one I've wanted to play for a long time as I love the walking sims and heavy story games. Also I really enjoyed Murdered: Soul Suspect. I think it got way too much hate when it released and people expected it to be something it clearly wasn't ever supposed to be. Don't expect crazy heavy action and you should enjoy it more. I always recommend it to friends because it's constantly on sale for about 3 dollars on the PSN. It was worth 30 bucks when I got it and certainly worth a play through.
  17. A day late but would like to jump in for fun. First time doing this and I could really use motivation to clear up some space on my console. And I just need to knock out a ton of backlog games now that I have plenty of time. The Inpatient (0%) Deracine (0%) Salary Man Escape (2%) Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition (2%) Goat Simulator (0%) Control (33%) Manifold Garden (1%) Gris (18%) The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (20%) Twin Mirror (0%) Rain (10%) Back to the Future: The Game (7%)
  18. Just finished this game and came here to say this and bump the thread. What a beautiful story that'll grip you towards characters without them saying anything other than grunts and sighs. Piccolo knocked it out of the park with their first game and I will be waiting for whatever they do next.
  19. The trophy system is on the verge of breaking down. Games like this with actual skill and talent put behind it should have a plat if games like My Name is Mayo and SO SO many other trash games have all gold trophies and a platinum you can get within 30 minutes, some of which you don't even have to beat the game to get the plat. I think gold/silver and bronze rarity should be live scaling based on how many people actually have earned them but that's another topic. Raji was a game I was very excited about. I love mythology and folktales and was excited to get a game about Indian characters similar to God of War or Black Myth: Wukong and how they dive into stories and myth. It's upsetting it doesn't have a plat but I will be picking it up and getting the 100 percent. But this is a clear sign the people at Sony and whoever is behind their trophy system need to clean up their act and get serious. Their trophy system is going to become as pointless and Xbox's gamer points which now are just meaningless numbers. Soon gold, silver and even platinum trophies will have little value supporting them and what used to be an accomplishment behind each one. All to sum it up: Raji deserves a plat no matter how many trophies it has when so many garbage cash grab games are littering the PSN all with platinum trophies. Shame on whoever works at Sony that was communicating with the devs of this game and didn't push them for silver, gold and a platinum trophies when "games" like the countless POWGI cash grabs and Inksplosion have plats and gold trophies (and few to zero bronze trophies).
  20. I did them solo without an issue (just watch any number of YouTube guides on what to do and where to go in order) and I also did them co-op with a friend. The interesting part is that it could be easier/harder with or without a second player depending on the stage. The first two areas are easy both ways and a guide isn't necessary. Where it gets difficult is the third area with going back and forth between the two yards. Even with co-op and using a guide it can take multiple attempts due to the really finicky AI. The forth area could be easier with co-op but only if you're not getting the attention of the Pub employees. My friend and I had a hard time escaping with the glass mugs to toss in the river due to the camera angles and you can only get so far from each other before one of you have to move close to the other. This makes escaping very difficult and restricts movement causing you to get caught. Sometimes one player can play interference and help the other escape but it doesn't work all the time.
  21. Came here to further promote this PSN Community group. Destiny's Destiny community is active all day long, countless raids throughout the day and they're always looking for people to fill in spots, just be geared and know what to do as the people who run these raids aren't "Trophy Hunters" and they're hardcore Destiny 1 players and playing because they really do love this game. I ran into two groups one were upset when I came in a raid 10 light levels below, and the other group who were running a raid for mostly first timers and were really fun and nice. So it's luck of the draw. Watch some easy YouTube videos on the raids and boss fights. The Crota raid is super easy with a geared team who knows what to do and fairly easy to do without dying. King's Fall is kind of long but super fun and pretty easy when you get used to raiding in a FPS.
  22. Me and a friend just played this game on MP for the first time for each of us. Only one of us got the trophies though. I don't know if it's glitched or since it started as a single player game that might not let the second player get trophies too? Just something to be aware of if anyone else out there is trying to get them.
  23. Just got the plat for the game. I want to say forcing a NG+ when it's completely unneccesary (there's chapter select for that reason) hurts the enjoyment of this platinum trophy run. In doing so I got to pay more attention to the story, characters, and situations Miles is in. There's no way Miles would have survived this game. We see Peter (stronger, more experienced) get downed by Rhino and passes out. Throughout the game Miles takes an absolute BEATING that should have killed him multiple times, ESPECIALLY at the end of the game. In the final fight of the game alone he gets smashed into concrete pillars and the ground by Tinkerer. Miles then rockets himself and falls 50 stories up and lands back first onto solid ground with Tinkerer on top of him. They're both fine and able to get up with no injury. Miles then absorbs countless amounts of electricity which would have melted his skin and exploded his organs. Miles then violently explodes and plummets who knows how many hundreds of feet up (because the explosion would have wiped out Harlem so we can only assume the height of his fall is around the length of Harlem or half if the building was in the middle of Harlem) Miles then lands in rubble with concert, shatter glass and broken rebar all around. He gets up without a scratch and swings away. The first Spider-Man was more realistic with injuries and more believable lasting effects. Peter got worn out and stayed that way for a good while. Was it perfect in the first game? No, but at least there were signs of fatigue and fear of injury and tension. A good counter to this is the Daredevil Netflix show. DD gets worn out, beaten up and you fear for him, you get anxious, sure he's not going to die cause its his show....but he could, right? With Miles he's indestructible, zero tension, zero reason to cheer him back up on his feet like in Spider-Verse, "Spider-Man always gets back up." Also, everyone is a super genius at the age of 15? Genke reengineers Peter's suit and reprograms it, they're constantly hacking everything and knows the answer to everything Miles needs answered. Phin designs technology on the level of Ironman at his best, she makes a sword with the ability to cut through Rhino's armor when he's been wanting a way out of it for presumably years now and nobody has been able to cut it off? And Miles is around as genius as the rest of them. It was way way overdone with a "kidz rule" vibe where they're doing things that Elon Musk has yet to do. When I was 15 I was playing Smash Bros tournaments with friends eating pizza, not hacking city files about building layouts and plumbing networks and reengineering super suits. This being said Haley was wonderful and the best. Cheerful, sweet, believable. Haley, Teo and the older lady who had her supplies stolen were great side characters. Rio for the first half of the game was really great and fun but when she finds out Miles is Spider-Man I lost interest in her. Aunt May was much better at being a character and mother to Spider-Man than Rio was with their reactions to discovering the identity and dealing with their sons. While these things are big issues I can't ignore to me, I really enjoyed Miles and Genke as characters and their friendship. Having Miles know Phin is Tinkerer the first time they meet was great and not the overdone reveal at the end. I enjoyed the Christmas aesthetic, JJJ was brilliant again, the side missions did a fantastic job at developing relationships. And overall the story was pretty good, I think the first Spider-Man was much better and am glad Insomniac was able to tell their own version. It'll be nice to see more character drama and bigger and more villains in the sequel. This was a fun game overall but not well written.
  24. This is also why I don't think they'll change the trophy requirements for ones out now for soon to be vaulted content. It costs them money every time they change and update their game and they have to get it approved by Sony/MS etc. They can stick to in-game triumphs, seals and badges without any additional review needed by their platforms. I think Bungie/Destiny does in-game trophies 100x better than any game. Earning t-shirts, rings, key chains, hoodies, etc is such a blast, yeah you still need to buy the shirt or the 10 dollar toy or whatever, but everyone of us here would buy a platinum trophy replica from Sony once we earned it in the games for LittleBigPlanet, God of War, Uncharted or the rest.
  25. Now hear me out: inFamous as a first person VR shooter. It'll have a campaign and free roam, and also similar to Overwatch modes for PVP or team battles. Different classes are determined by different powers, smoke, concrete, neon, electricity, paper, etc. Ghost of Tsushima is now their major focus, unfortunately for me because i love the gameplay and creativity of inFamous, I don't know what the sales are for inFamous games but probably not good since they don't release them that fast. First Light was a lot of fun and a really great standalone game but we only got one? Paper Trail is my absolute favorite DLC in a game and I loved the out of game online investigating, it was the DLC for me, and I know others hated it. But for whatever reason inFamous needs some kind of touch up similar to Sumo making a Sackboy game and not a LBP4. LBP is a brilliant property and Sackboy is an instant mascot character, but LBP games don't sell as well as I believe they should. Maybe inFamous needs a side game similar to that. And I think VR needs a boost as well. If they're not going to use GoW or Horizon for a complete VR game, they can use inFamous and take less of a risk at hurting the franchise and if it doesn't take off just make another 3rd person inF game and it'll do just as fine.