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  1. I know the Uncharted 3 Japanese copy has voices and subtitles in both English and Japanese and you can switch them up if you want to read in English but listen to Japanese, or vice versa. I was living in Japan when it came out and absolutely loved that feature. I wish all their games were like that.
  2. Mystery isn't "unfair" it's definitely a challenge but it is a challenge of skill. It took me a good amount of attempts before I beat it, with a 'B' rank. Haven't felt the need to go back to it. It's just as "unfair/unfun" as a few other of the challenge modes in the game. I forget which one but one of them has the pieces shoot down so fast it's almost instant and you're supposed to get 300 line clears, which is double Mystery's goal. Tetris has never been an "easy" game when you get past speed 8 and up. It's even hard for people on speed 4. But I'm really enjoying it a lot and can't wait for their events to start. And wouldn't mind more songs/visuals coming out later for free(?) or maybe DLC if it's priced fairly enough.
  3. VR in the demo this past weekend was a blast. Nothing too involved but it's such a beautiful trip. As far as the trophies go... I doubt I'll ever get the plat strictly because of the "SS everything." With this game being so random I imagine SS rank everything will be very hard for just about the majority of the people that play this. I wish they would have lowered it to SS rank 10 or 5 stages and give us a chance. But at the same time people deserve a platinum if you can SS everything. Plat's have been getting easier to obtain lately and while I'm going to get frustrated with this one and want it bad, I'm happy this one will take nothing short of mastering this game to get the plat. Good for the devs and congrats to all future platinum trophy owners. It'll be a very impressive one to have earned.
  4. So far only thing I've been able to find out is that the "Remastered" version guides you better. Apparently people playing the first version said they were confused or the story wasn't clear. That this new version does a better job at telling the story. Still would like someone who has played first hand to say what they experienced. But that's as far as I've found so far.
  5. I just saw this on a pretty big sale on PSN for their ongoing "Sale of the Dead." I liked the first one but never got far/finished. I was wondering what the differences are and if I should just pay the 5 bucks and play the remastered version. The only thing I've been able to find is it has "new difficulty settings" and "script changes." Does this change the ending in any way or the story? Or is it practically the same game but with a free roam mode or extra hard modes?
  6. Hey Stefan, I just got this game yesterday and it's a surprisingly relaxing fun fishing simulator game. So far it appears to take place all in a fairly large pond in a forest/hiking trail area. It doesn't take too long to row from one end to the other. Catching fish takes some time to really master but once you do it gets easier. Though the bigger fish later on really take patience and practice as they'll start breaking your line more and the lures aren't cheap to replace. It looks like there are some time/luck based trophies such as catch and release a boot. The majority of the trophies are to sell multiple fish at the same time in different pairings, and beat the "story" of it which is laid out in front of you in your guide book. I believe the only gold trophy is for taking pictures of everything with your camera which is very simple. The only minor tricky part of this trophy is you need a photo of a bear and the bear wonders around the map so you might have to wait for it to reappear. I played for about 3 hours so I don't know how close I am to finishing or how many parts there are to the story but I've enjoyed it. Not the biggest bang for your buck since it's $20 on the PSN and with their sale going on now you can get a ton of great games for that much. I'd say if you're interested pick it up and if you like fishing games it's a good time. If you looking for VR games to show off to skeptical people this wouldn't be the game for you, and if you're looking for easy trophies I'm not so sure about this one just yet.
  7. As Duck and others have said here and other places the back of the box says 1-4 players. I wouldn't be surprised to get multiplayer DLC. Most of the game draws from Playroom and Playroom VR mini games. The only thing from this game that's missing are the Godzilla people and the Cat and Mice characters. So I bet we'll see some kind of mp mini games come out sooner or later. They probably had to cut them to make the release date. It wouldn't have been able to stand a chance against Red Dead 2 or have the draw that Tetris VR has.
  8. WOW! The final mission was so much fun. The first couple missions were good intros, but then they all just kind of got repetitive even with adding new styles of ships and you'd have to figure out how to counter them. I really enjoyed this game and the flight was awesome. I will say I would love to see it with more budget/polish, a bigger team, and I just wish it had more amazing and diverse action in the whole game like the last mission did. Bravo to this small group of people who made the whole package. I can't wait to see what they do next and what other devs do with this style of game. If you're thinking of setting this game down or that you've "had enough and you get the concept" find a way to play the last level. Power through it and treat yourself to the first time you've really felt like Superman or "Earth's protector" and saved the planet from an intergalactic invasion like a total bad ass.
  9. I picked up the game during a huge sale for it (2 bucks) its actually harder and more of a full game than I thought it would be after a friend described it to me. I'm looking to do online trophy boosting since NOBODY plays it anymore and the lobbies are always at 0. Add me with a message to trophy boost and lets knock it out in one sitting so we never have to go back to it again.
  10. I hope it lasts, there's no way I can get level 4 and 5 of my legendary maxed out by tomorrow. It's already been SO much work this weekend.
  11. If anyone is still looking for him I found him in the inside/outside Purifier camp. He's huge and hard to miss as well as he'll have the boss indicator showing where he is. I was doing all the treasure rooms and when I came out he was sitting right where he wasn't minutes before I went inside. It would make me guess he's possibly on a spawn timer?
  12. That video was awesome. I didn't know you could pick the opposing team's lineup and get the trophy. I followed your strategy and it was so simple. Thanks! It was the last one I needed. Mastery CPU is rough, I would say Mastery on 6 stars is harder than the 12 star trophy.
  13. I'm sure it'll get fixed in a patch soon.
  14. I didn't realize it till it was too late but late in the game before your list Rite match there's a match where the opposing team doesn't show up. Your team still plays the match and it's over when you take the orb to the non-existing pyre on the first time. I ended up getting a trophy for finishing a match in under 3 turns. Once it hit me it was too late to go back and redo the level because it auto saved after the match. But if you're able to get trophies on this match I think it's possible to activate all 12 Titans and make this the easiest hardest trophy to get in the game. Has anyone tried this?