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  1. Yes, I consider it a fair bit: GTA V for #10, DARK SOULS for #20 and Streets of Rage 4 will be #30 for nostalgic reasons (plus being my favourite game this year).
  2. Even Panzer Dragoon Saga was only around the 20-hour mark...
  3. Very true, I been using her Trial EX version to burn through the Spirit Trials each day. She cannot be used in Endless Corridor, though. It took me a 100 summons to get Inverse Tohka (a LOT of Mana's along the way...), but I was pretty disappointed to discover that Inverse Tohka's fragments can ONLY be obtained via further summons of her in the event which will cost a fortune. So I guess she'll be staying at SS for me. 😐 With this in mind, I am mainly focusing on building Kotori and Kurumi now. By the way, I've freed up a friend slot if you fancy adding me in game (531636726).
  4. Nice. Kurumi is definitely a favourite and I am literally one Neko Token away from getting Kurumi's costume - just going to wait it out and meet the 35 date requirement. New chapter coming very soon and I noticed they added Proof of Oath badges (already!) which I think will be used for the Inverse Tokha limited event. Hoping for Mayuri very soon. πŸ™‚
  5. Just wondered if anyone else is playing and enjoying this recent mobile release? πŸ™‚ Outside of Azur Lane, I don’t have a lot of gacha game experience, but I definitely prefer focusing and getting to know a much smaller roster of characters. Also a fan of beat-em-up’s so I guess that helps. High-rolled at the start and have ended up with all the S-rank characters so far (Rookie Summon helped a lot), plus the three Kurumi Sephira from the most recent event. Just need to grab Kurumi's Neko outfit in the next couple of weeks. Kotori my favourite at the moment!
  6. The perfect console size for bed and especially VN reading.
  7. I'm curious what their take will be on games like Hearthstone (if at all). While 'loot box' is the wrong word here, randomised card packs can be purchased to boost your collection and play decks, so it is not just cosmetic stuff (although golden cards are a thing). However, buying packs can become just as addicitve with the wanting to buy 'just one more' pack for another shot at a legendary card.
  8. Well, so much for my commitment to remain free-to-play...
  9. Can confirm as well that after an update here, my profile now shows no trophy data (actual PSN account is fine and shows trophies; not hidden, either).
  10. With the EU release of the Switch Mega Mix game, I was surprised (and pleased) to see further DLC songs announced for Future Tone on PS4 for release this year:
  11. I think it is likely as there is a big cult following for the series despite the many years since the last game - most probably had a Mega Drive / Genesis in their youth (I did!) and the game clearly targets itself here. Very pleased to see the game currently third on 'Popular Games This Week' on the site. Having playing the original games a lot, I think a 7-8 is about right, but I'm sure additional strategies will come to make things easier.
  12. Great story and great decade. I remember something similar at school, although it was a teacher who brought their N64 in to demo to our assembly once.
  13. Congrats - what would be your rating for the difficulty of this platinum?
  14. I wonder if it was because assists were used which can cripple score up to a divisor of 10.
  15. Wasn't sure I would be able to get this so practised in the original game on PC first! Got 19.65, but this included a +2 missed enemy; so knew it was feasible. Got 18.35 after moving to the PS4. I found turning off the sound helped and also hip firing the first enemy in the second room (behind the sandbags / counter) shaves off a bit more.