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  1. This game works perfectly fine with controller. I'm a healer main and raider, playing all 3 healers and I don't have any problems using my skills with the controller. You can simply set up your hotbar how you feel comfortable. Everything else is just a matter of getting used to it. Some prefer using keyboard + mouse, some prefer using the controller. Right now the meta is Astrologian + Scholar. Damage in this game is predictable, so there is no reason to bring all the healing spells Whitemage got, because it is simply not needed. However, Whitemage is a great option for starting as a healer, because it is easier and more straightforward to play. Astrologian got the card system which might be confusing at first, but is a lot of fun, it also switches between being a regen and a shield healer. Scholar is more about preventing damage than actually healing and has less healing tools than whm, but used correctly it is a really efficient healer. It also got a fairy to manage. That said, every content in this game can be cleared by every class, so just play what is fun for you
  2. I'm using the spreadsheet you linked and so far everything worked out (I'm currently in the palace in November). I really like it, because you see everything you need to know without too much unnecessary text. However, I don't think the sheet mentions the strength arcana (or it was just a side note and I missed it), so don't forget to get that one.
  3. How long is this sale up?
  4. Nice, the same old trophy list. Might get the plat a second time ... or not. Maybe for #100, but that's still far away (i currently have 68).
  5. Touhou Genso Wanderer 1,83% Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Overall I really enjoyed this game. At first it was a bit confusing because of the amount of different items and abilities / seals there are and I wasn't sure what was useful and what was not. But in the end I had a lot of fun fusing and reincarnating my weapon and armor. The trophies aren't too difficult, some just take time. For example creating all items, seriously, why did i have to create 23892 Flintlocks? But if this game ever get's a sqeuel, I will play it.
  6. Luna Rabbit-chan appears on the first floor of the Animal Lunanet dungeon. Throw a Happiness Talisman (2) at it and it will level up to Lunar Rabbit rank 2. Just make sure that your Talisman is (2), using two (1) won't work.
  7. I was doing the 1000 floor dungeon and got the level while defeating enemies. Don't know if I or my partner killed them though. Mine isn't +99, so that might be the reason. I just hope I don't have to level it again after it gets its +99 points. Edit: So i got the trophy now when my weapon reached level 110. Description should be "Road of Hakurei's level reaches it's highest level" and not just 99. I also gave it the +99 points before i leveled it to 110, so I'm not sure if that is necessary or not.
  8. So I leveled my Road of Hakurei to 99, but didn't get the trophy. Is this a bug? Is there something else I have to do that isn't mentioned in the trophy description?
  9. Every class comes with a unique license board and every character can have 2 classes. They can't get the license boards of the other classes.
  10. Final Fantasy X-2 Currently at 6,36%
  11. Patinum #65 Okami HD Overall a really good game. I enjoyed collecting all the treasures, weapons etc. The story was a bit confusing but interesting. However, this game definetly has too many minigames. Especially the races got on my nerves
  12. #64 Steins;Gate Such a beautiful story After watching the anime a while back the game helped me to remember a lot again and gives more details about what is actually happening. Can't wait to play SteinsGate0.
  13. Trophy #3437 and first in 2017 Okami HD Grab Life by the Leash
  14. 3,13% Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness Platinum Trophy To be honest, why is this even ultra-rare? It's not really difficult and doesn't take longer than most other rpgs'.
  15. I got Root Letter (PSVITA) for now. But there are other games i'm interested in, such as Megadimension Neptunia VII, Persona 4 Golden, Zero Time Dilemma etc. When does the sale end?