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  2. I don't have space for 130 GB of another Call of Shit game.
  3. Are you kidding me? Before starting any game, I always check the trophy guide.
  4. I would say Burnout and NFS:Shift
  5. Nothing for me. My wallet is safe for now. Only 3 days.
  6. Seeing the %100 completion on my profile.
  7. Seems like they have added new DLCs to sale list. Is there any way to check the new list?
  8. Who the hell cares about LEGO Harry Potter games on PS4?
  9. PS VITA means more trophies. Stop talking and get one immediately.
  10. I would rather spend my birthday with friends, not games.
  11. I'm also planning to get a PS4. Even if they release new versions I would stick with the classic PS4.
  12. After reading the title I said 'That guy must have 4 hands' Seriously how the hell can somebody plat this hardcore game by himself. Waaaaowwwwww.
  13. I would also renew my premium but Paypal suspended operations in Turkey. There is nothing to do besides crying in a corner. Anyone else wanna join? Also 'trophy hunter' community consists of best player you can play a game with. I'm happy that I started collecting and found this forum. Met amazing people thanks to sessions. I have no regrets.
  14. Gimme remember me plox.