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  1. Hi Sheriff, looking at your profile you seem to be very keen on sports in general! Do you ever get to any games in the elite league at all? I'm a Coventry blaze and Vegas golden knights fan
  2. So far I think it's fantastic. Only complaint is that the game came with only 10 maps, I'm already bored of a couple of them. I don't know why they had to wait until December to add the remaining maps.
  3. I've just finished the lunar gateway mission. So far so good. It's definitely held my interest longer than any CoD campaign since Black Ops 2
  4. I thought the whole "leaderboards coming soon" thing was a joke at first. Although I think maybe in CoD 5 you couldn't access them until level 4/5. I've won 8 games but only one as mvp
  5. Won 7 games and still nothing for me. Only joined 1 in progress if that makes any difference at all