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  1. Do anyone know if for this trophy all the kills have to be for just the humans or for both,or do I have to get 200 kills with just one or the other? I am positive I have already reached 200 kills total as the trophy states but the trophy has not popped and since I got the 50 kills with the werewolf trophy before I got the 50 kills total trophy I just need to know if I have to get 200 kills as a human alone?
  2. Hi everyone in looking for help in the form of blueray movies,as im sure everyone here know by now (I'm assuming you do) has a thing called reward passes which on completion of a pass gives you points which can than be used to purchase things off the site for example psn cards. There are plenty of passes on the website and im assuming everyone already know and use the trophy passes,but the pass i am attempting to complete is the Newbie Movie Buff pass which gives you 500 points when you register your first movie. I sadly am not a movie buff but I am hopeing someone here is and is willing to help me complete this pass and acquire the 500 points. If anyone is willing to help please message me directly on psn,all I require is one unused movie insert from one of the eligible movies on this list
  3. I am attempting to do the sony rewards movie buff pass but sadly im not that into purchasing blueray movies,i prefer to go to the cinema or stream from hulu or netflix ao i am unable to accomplish this myself. Can anyone please help me with this reward pass?
  4. Man that sucks,it took me 5years and 4ps3 and 1ps Vita before I learned my lesson,all 4 of my former ps3's either got completely destroyed or corrupted which resulted in me loseing tons of savings d data for games I was close to plating and tons of games I can never get back (I actually started to buy games on my main account as a resort of this fact) now I have PS+ for 2years and I intend to add 3more years to it also,I will never let my PS+ end because I love having my saved data backed up,that alone is the only reason I'm subbed to PS+,the free games are crap and is no longer worth having PS+,of course once I get a ps4 I will also have PS plus for inline also.
  5. This is a extremely generous thing that you are doing for the community and im sure everyone is is grateful for you doing this,i wish everyone luck.
  6. Im not gonna lie i actually would like for this to happen lol,back to back easy platinums for playing the classics that i wuld end up buying either way,this is the definition of a win win for me
  7. I have no idea what you guys are talking aboug since i never heared of this game before but i hope that this is a real game because my parents love Ms.Pacman i even bought the Mr.Pacman collection with the Ms.Pacman dlc for $25 for them which i greatly regret since it don't save the high-scores for any of the games which took away all the fun from the game for me and my family since iys the one game we all anjoy and lobe to compete with each outher in. I even bought the namco musem ps one classic that had Ms.Pacman and galaga for $6 only to find out that tbough it saved the highscores we were only able to play with the D-pad,so i wasted $31 for this one game and me and my family was unable to enjiy them,hopefully tbis Ms.Pacman is better ill hate to waste more money trying to get this game.
  8. Greag idea and im sure we all appreciate this,my ps now ends in june on the 17 so i still have a little over 2months to play these games so far i only started on rocketbirds hardboiled chicken for ps3 and a little bit of the assassin creed games.
  9. Im sure the ps3 servers won't be shutdown for atleast 2years minimum,think about how mad people will get if they bought a year of ps now when it was on sale and than the ps3 servers got shutdown sony will most likely lose alot of people to xbox(atleast the smart people) Sony is pushing ps now to hard for them to shut down ps3 servers anytime soon especially when they continue to add more games to the service,like today they just added they DMC hd collection to the ps now service and they can get more money from the ps now service a year than even the ps plus service,ps plus $50 a year,ps now $200 a year or $100 when its on sale,i have no problem paying $50 every 3months for this service though i wish i had got it when it was on sale. I guess its kinda silly when i hate paying $50 a year for ps plus and its recent crappy IGC though i only started to use ps plus consistently when i bought a pn vita.
  10. This,im sure its only because of the ps4 update that was released today.
  11. Thank you very much,even without the man this is still a incredible signature and I appreciate the work you put in
  12. I can understand why ps4 is getting alot of indies (most of them are crappy) but why is ps3 and ps vita getting F over also,both ps3 and ps vita has been out for 6+years so there is a larger library of games for them to choose from than the crappy games we been getting (with the occasional good ps3 and vita game every 2-4months) i expect more than this crap. Im primarily a ps vita player so this makes me more mad than anything since the only good ps vita game in the last couple of months has been freedom wars (in my opinion) Edit:Now i am primarily ps vita gamer as of september of last year.
  13. i second this,the one goat you should always use is the angel goat at all times,except for one of the trophies or collectibles if i recall.
  14. Well again to each his own lol.
  15. I was just scrolling down and readng the comments when i came across yours which stopped me dead in my tracks,i can't believe you dont like gravity rush,it is a incredible and unique game with a decent story (granted its not the best story but it's not the worst either) but to each his own i guess. Though i am curious as to why you didn't like it,im not saying you owe a explanation which is how some people might take this im just looking for constructive criticism.